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On Mars all property is considered as belonging to God, its Creator, who provided it for the enfoldment and comfort of His creatures. No individual lays claim to property in the sense that you Earth dwellers do.

Through God's love does man inhabit a portion of the material universe, but only for a season. Man comes into material being to express life and acquire an individuality, after which he passes out of material bondage, when his place is taken by another.

At man's transition he takes with him only character, nothing else. If the things he has striven for during his material life have been but chimeras: the material things of life: the fruits of the Earth, then in that case he will find himself poor indeed. The only real wealth, the only thing worth striving for, is a knowledge of God and His Kingdom. And with us Martians a knowledge of God is the ultimate goal sought for. Hence all material things to the Martian are but expedients, soon to be forgotten.

Material wealth is an abstraction. Its usual evidence is the possession of property, which may be money, land, goods or chattels, as the case may be. In final analysis this concrete evidence of wealth is not real.

Money is nothing more or less than a stamped token entitling the possessor to so much human effort, for the real value behind money, after all, is but so much human energy or force, varying according to its quality and its worth.

Other forms of property such as goods and chattels, are the result of human endeavor and may be secured by the exchange of money, or it may be produced by the owner.

Wealth represented by lands, which were created by God for the benefit of all humankind. and not for the individual, is the so-called right-secured by barter, exchange or inheritance, to use or withhold from use, at the caprice of the owner--of a certain piece or portion of the planet. Under a legal fiction the title to land extends to the center of the Earth and to infinity in an opposite direction!

The text: "Thou shalt earn thy bread by the sweat of thy brow" has a deep significance to one who has come into a knowledge of Truth. Drones have no place in the Divine Plan. It is not only essential but mandatory, that each one do his part for the common good. The non-producing rich man is as much a drone as is the vagabond who neither toils nor spins. The Biblical test concerning the difficulty of the rich man getting into Heaven means that it is impossible for a drone or parasite to get into harmony with God.

The possession of wealth is not in itself sinful, but the possession of wealth is a corollary to selfishness. He who is unselfish will spurn wealth. The individual who accumulates beyond his needs sins against Heaven when he locks up his goods in strong boxes. The act of hoarding deprives some creature of his just portion, for God has planned there should be sufficient for all who make the effort, and a system that permits an unequal distribution of God's gifts is in opposition to the Divine Plan, and doubly pernicious is a church organization that permits it.

Only after Christ has taken up His abode in the hearts of the people of your Earth will surcease come to the suffering millions on your planet.

Happiness and selfishness are so diametrically opposed that the former is impossible unless the latter is eliminated from your world, for only real happiness comes after complete surrender to God. Surrender to God means subordination to His will. His will on Earth must be done as it is in Heaven. All must be self- conscious of this. If God's will was adhered to on your Earth what a different place it would be! Instead of a shambles it would be a paradise, the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God a fact instead of the dream of a few.

God loves all His creatures, both evolutionary and non-evolutionary. His love is infinite in extent. We are all His children. Everything has been provided for us. It is only man's selfishness that deprives any creature of his just dues. Man suffers want on account of his lack of faith in God! Before man lost his faith in God he walked and communed with angels. He could do it now if he would but listen to the Voice Within--if he would only open his heart to Christ, for help is ready whenever one asks for it in sincerity and faith.

One of the sources of great injustice to the majority of the inhabitants of your Earth is the belief in the dogma of Divine Right. This dogma includes not only the absurdity of the Divine Right of kings, but the Divine Right to the ownership of goods and land through the Creator's favoritism for a few.

This dogma is the mother of untold misery and suffering. Out of this ungodly theory has evolved your shameful caste system; your shameful economic ideas.

Your ancient feudal system of government has been but little improved upon today over its primitive status, for you still draw well-defined lines of class distinction between God's children--lines of demarcation based on wealth and natal origin. With your inhabitants, communal standing and social distinction is proportionate to the wealth of the possessor or to the wealth or social standing of ancestors.

The monstrous heresy of Divine Right is an invention of the powers of darkness and must be eliminated from your world root and branch before your progress forward is assured. God plays no favorites. His love is showered upon all alike. His gifts are for all His children. It was never the Divine intent that a favored few should bask in the sunshine of His grace while the majority suffered want and deprivation. These false ideas have been the procurers of darkness: of the Stygian gloom now overshadowing your Earth.

Spiritual darkness has not always covered your Earth. In primitive times--ages ago--eras whose history has been lost to you, man on your Earth was in harmony with his Creator. This was in the Golden Age when man and the angels of God walked hand in hand; when man communed with God, and when the Christ spirit was abiding in the hearts of the people. In this age man was spiritually developed to a degree almost unbelievable by you.

Then the time came when man listened to the temptor (his baser self), and through the workings of the law of Atavism man degenerated almost to the level of his animal prototype.

This incident in your world's history is the source of the legend of the "Fall of Man" in the "Garden of Eden." Man disobeyed God by listening to self, by giving himself over to his selfish desires. He slew his brother, figuratively speaking, when he abandoned himself to selfish ends and took advantage of his fellowman. He has been guilty of that sin ever since. IT IS NOW INHERENT IN HIS MAKE-UP; THIS SELFISH INSTINCT MUST BE ELIMINATED BEFORE HE CAN AGAIN FIND THE FATHER'S KINGDOM.

No fences or other evidences of individual ownership surround the millions of homes on Mars. No lines of demarcation divide one plot of land from another. The millions of beautiful homes--beautiful in their simplicity, for over-ornamentation such as the dwellers of your Earth practise, is not tolerated on our planet--belong to the Commonwealth. The same are allotted to the individual as a life tenure only.

The same custom prevails in the matter of personal property. Should a Martian have use for a flying machine, also used by another, or other kind of property for personal use, he does not ask the use of same in the spirit that your Earth dwellers borrow from one another. Use of the needed article is requested with the idea that it belongs to the community: that all material possessions are the common property of the entire race.


In the absence of a universal unity of purpose intelligent life on Mars would have become extinct centuries ago, when the last remnants of its oceans and seas dried up and a planetary irrigation system became necessary in order to utilize the frozen Polar moisture.

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