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Shibboleth: A Templar Monitor

by George Cooper Connor


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This is a nineteenth century 'Monitor' of the American Knights Templar. This is a Masonic organization which has its own distinctive rituals and regalia. While they are not connected directly to the Medieval Templars, they carry on the knightly ideals by charitable works, and sponsoring Masonic youth groups.

Shibboleth is similar in format and organization to other 19th century Masonic literature such as Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, including the funky woodcuts and 19th century atmosphere. Mixed in with this is historical material on the Templars, stories from the Bible, songs, poetry, sermons, a lot of blank forms for all occasions, and bits of advice. For instance, 'Hints on Templar Banquets' notes: 'Never permit smoking when ladies are present...'

Title Page
Preface to Fifth Edition
Note by the Publishers
Monitorial Instructions
Order of the Red Cross
To Open a Council of the Red Cross
The Records of our Fathers
The Journey
The Immemorial Discussion
Three Ancient Cities of Persia
Concluding Remarks
History of the Order of the Temple
History of the Order in the United States
Original Templar Grand Masters
Banners, Crosses and Paraphernalia
Officers of a Commandery
To Open a Commandery
The Work
Second House of the Templars
Third House of the Templars
Close of Seven Years of Preparation
The Banners
Historical Lecture
The Charge
To Close the Commandery
A Ritualistic Commentary
The So-Called Vision of Constantine
An Historical Fact
Dress of the Ancient Templars
The Ancient Motto
“It Is Finished”


Dedication and Consecration of Asylums
Constituting New Commanderies
Installation of Officers of a Commandery
Grand Commanderies
Installation of Grand Encampment
Templar Uniform
Burial Service
The Order of Malta

Second Appendix

Knight Templar Grand Jurisdictions of the United States
The Name of God in Twenty-Two Languages
Popular Abbreviations
Some Words Not Fully Understood
Fraternity Music
Templar Forms

Third Appendix

Reception of Grand Visitors
Hints to Eminent Commanders
Rules of Order
A Form of Divine Worship on Ascension Day, and Other Occasions
Ritual of a Commandery of Sorrow
The Christmas Observance
Form of Recorder's Minutes
Asylum, and Prelate's Hall
Hints on Templar Banquets