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p. 205


The social features of the assemblies of the Knights of the Temple will not be neglected by prudent Commanders. A reception and Banquet, which include the ladies, and given at least annually, is one of the very best investments a Commandery can make.

The management of the Reception need not be commented upon, but as a Templar Banquet is somewhat unique, hints may be of value to many Commanders.

De not form a Passion Cross with the tables. That cross is a sacred symbol in the Order of the Temple, and is not associated with the hilarity usual to a Banquet. The following form is suggested. It is very desirable that the banqueters sit as compactly as possible, and close up to the Commander, so as to be easily governed at proper intervals.

Templar Banquet
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p. 206

This form allows the waiters easy access, and permits all to see the Commander, or Toastmaster.

The placing of the speakers at various points at the table is helpful to the listeners. It will be wise to seat the speakers in the places selected before the doors are thrown open.

Not more than five distinct courses, nor more than five speakers, beginning at nine and closing not later than midnight, will make the entertainment agreeable to most.

A few crisp remarks by the Commander, in introducing each speaker, may add to the brilliancy of the toast and the response. Do not he personal unless you know your speaker.

Never permit smoking when ladies are present.

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