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A. C. (Ante Christum), Before Christ.

B. C., Before Christ.

A. D. (Anno Domini), Year of our Lord.

Æt., Aged.

A. V., Authorized Version.

D. V. (Deo Volente), God willing.

G. M., Grand Master.

Ibid. (Ibidem), In the same place.

Id. (Idem), The same.

I. E. (Id est), That is.

I. H. S. (Jesus Hominum Salvator, or In Hoc Salus), Jesus Saviour of men, or In Him is Salvation.

I. N. R. I. (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Judæorum), Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews.

K. T., Knight Templar.

K. M., Knight of Malta.

L. S. (Locus Sigilli), Place of the seal.

N. B. (Nota Bene), Take notice.

Nem. Con. (Nemine contradicente), Unanimously.

Ob. (Obiit), Died.

Pro Tem. (Pro tempore), For the time being.

Prox. (Proximo), Next.

Q. V. (Quod vide), Which see.

Sc. (Sculpsit), Engraved.

Ult. (Ultimo), Last.

V. (Vide), See.

Viz. (Videlicet), Namely.

Etc. (Et cetera), And so forth.

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