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p. 144


Acre, Ack´-er, A city of Syria of Crusade interest.

Acacia, Acay´-shi-a, An evergreen, thorny plant.

Adonai, Ay-do´-nah, Lord, used where Jehovah occurs.

Agnus Dei, Ag´-nus Dee´-i, Lamb of God.

Ahasuerus, Ay-has-yu-ee´-rus, King of Persia.

Almoner, Al´-mo-ner, One who distributes alms.

Anno Ordinis, An´-no Or´-din-is, Year of the Order.

Artaxerxes, Ar-tax-erks´-eez, King of Persia.

Barabbas, Bah-rab´-bas, One of the Robbers.

Beauceant, Bo´-see-an, Battle Flag of Templars.

Belshazzar, Bel-shaz´-zar, King of the Chaldees.

Boaz, Boh´-az, A Pillar of the Porch of the Temple.

Chapeau, Shah´-po, A hat.

Clandestine, Klan-des´-tin, Hidden, Fraudulent.

Consummatum Est, Kon-sum-mah´-tum est, It is finished.

Crux Ansata, Kroox An-sah´-ta, Cross with a handle.

Darius, Day-ri´-us, King of Persia.

Dieu Le Veut, Dyuh la Voot, God´s will.

Deus Vult, Dee´-us Vult, God´s will.

Dimit, Dy-mit´, To let go.

Eccosaise, Ay´-ko-zayze, (Rite) Scotch.

Ecbatana, Ec-bat´-ah-nah. Capital cf the Medes.

Elu, Ayl´-yu, Elect.

Emeritus, Ee´-mer-i-tus, Out of active service by honorable discharge.

Emmanuel, Em-man´-u-el, (Immanuel) God with us.

Frater, Fray´-ter, or Frah´-ter, Brother.

Fratres, Brethren.

Gavel, Gah´-vel, The mallet of a Presiding Officer.

Gethsemane, Geth-sem´-a-nee, Garden where Jesus was arrested.

Golgotha, Gol´-go-thah, A place of a skull.

Heredom, Her´-ee-dom, Holy House.

Houri, Hoo´-ree, Black-eyed nymph.

Impostor, Im-pos´-tor, One who deceives.

Insignia, In-sig´-ni-ya, A badge.

Jakin, Jah´-kin, A pillar of the Porch of the Temple. (Yahkin.)

Kabala, Kah´-bah-lah, Jewish Theosophy.

Kadosh Kadoshim, Kay-doash´ Kay-doash´-im, Holy of Holies.

Koran, Ko-ran´, Mahometan sacred book.

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Laus Deo, Laws Dee´-o, Praise God.

Legend Lej´-end, A story handed down from ancient times.

Libanus, Ly-bah´-nus, Lebanon.

Lux e Tenebris, Lux ee Ten´-e-bris, Light out of darkness.

Magdalene, Mag-day-lee´-nay, She of New Testament fame.

Magus, May´-jus, Persian Wise Mau.

Magi, May´-ji, Priest of Magian religion.

Magian, May´-ji-an, Believer in religion of the Magi.

Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, Mah´-her-shal´-al-hash-baz, Make speed to the spoil, hasten the prey.

Melita, Mel´-i-ta, Malta.

Nebuchadnezzar, Neb-uk-ad-nez´-zar, King of the Chaldeans.

Nebuzaradan, Neb-yu-zar-ah´-dan, General of Nebuchadnezzar.

Ne Varietur, Nee Var-i´-tur, To prevent change.

Omnific, Om-nif´-ik, All creating.

Palestine, Pal´-es-tine, The Holy Land.

Pro Deo et Patria, Pro Dee´-o et Pay-tree´-a, For God and my country.

Pax Vobiscum, Pax Voh-bis´-kum, Peace be with you.

Pentateuch, Pent´-ah-tuke, Five books of Moses.

Persepolis, Per-sep´-o-lis, Chief city of Persia.

Prelate, Prel´-ate, Officer of a Commandery,

Pursuivant, Pur´-swee-vant, A messenger.

Pythagoras, Py-thag´-oh-ras, A Philosopher of Greece.

Rose Croix, Roze Krwah, Rose Cross.

Satrap, Sat´-rap, A Persian Governor.

Shethar-Boznai, Shee´-thar-boz´-nay-i, Persian nobleman.

Shushan, Shoo´-shan, A Persian Capital.

Tatnai, Tat´-nay-i, A Persian Satrap, or Governor of a province.

Tetragrammaton, Tet-ra gram´ mah-ton, The concealing number Four.

Tirshatha, Tur-shah´-thah, Persian Governor of Judea.

Turcopolier, Tur-ko-po´-ly-er, An ancient Officer of Knights of Malta.

Viva Voce, Vy´-vah Voh´-see, By the living voice.

Xerxes, Zerks´-eez, King of Persia.

Zeradatha, Zer-e-dah´-thah, Ancient city of Judea.

Zerubbabel, Zer-ub´-bah-bel, Judean Prince, and Tirshatha.

Zoroaster, Zoh-roh-as´-ter, Founder of Magian religion.

Zarathrustra, Persian name of Zoroaster.

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