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The Grand Encampment has adopted only the Vow to be taken by its Officers, but certain ceremonies are usually observed in administering that Vow, and in installing each into his office. The following is offered to the consideration of the Grand Encampment at its Conclave of 1895:

GM.—Sir Knights, your Grand Master, and the other Grand Officers whom you have chosen, are in readiness for installation. The Grand Marshal will announce to them our readiness to install the Grand Master, and he will escort the Grand Master and the Officers elect to the East.

The Grand Marshal repairs to the room in which the Officers elect are assembled, and will escort them, in single file, to the Asylum. When they reach the door of the Asylum

GW.—The Grand Master elect, and his associate Officers, approach.

The Grand Master calls up the Grand Encampment; a March is played as they pass down the Asylum, and halt in the East, in front of chairs prepared as seats for them.

G. Mar.—Most Eminent Grand Master, the Grand Officers elect are before you, and await your pleasure.

GM.—Excellent Grand Prelate, lead us in a solemn Invocation to the Throne of Grace. Sir Knights, Uncover!

The Grand Prelate will offer the following, or some other appropriate

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Our Father, who art in Heaven, bow down Thine ear, we beseech Thee, and hearken unto the voice of our supplication. Pardon our sins, and blot our transgressions, and give unto each of us a broken and a contrite spirit.

Give unto these, Thy servants, whom we have chosen to rule over us, wisdom from on high. Give unto each the spirit of the Master, and may the words of their mouths and the meditations of their hearts be acceptable in Thy sight, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, and our Redeemer. Amen!

GM.—Sir Knights, Re-cover! Officers elect, before I can install you into your respective stations, I must receive from you a solemn Vow to be faithful to the trust about to be reposed in you. Most Eminent Grand Master elect, are you ready to take such a Vow?

He answers in the affirmative.

GM.—Very Eminent Deputy Grand Master, are you so ready?

He answers in the affirmative.

GM.—Are you all so ready?

They all say, each for himself, "I am".

GM.—Let the Grand Master elect approach the East.

Grand Marshal escorts him to the East.

GM.—Most Eminent Sir, you will now uncover, place your right hand upon your heart, and repeat after me:

The Grand Master uncovers.

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I, —, do promise and vow that I will support and maintain the Constitution and Statutes of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America, and will use my best endeavors to cause a proper observance of the same, according to the authority which is in me vested; and that I will, to the best of my ability, faithfully discharge the duties pertaining to the office to which I have been elected.

GM.—Most Eminent Sir, I now with pleasure invest you with the Jewel of your high office, the highest in the gift of the great Order of the Temple.

The GM. takes the Jewel from his own breast, goes down and places it on the breast of the new Grand Master.

GM.—One so distinguished in the Order needs no admonition from me as to how this Jewel should be worn. The interests of the Order are placed in your hands, whether for weal or woe depends upon the fulfillment of the promises you have made to yourself, and to us. This body, whose chief you now are, feels confident that you will not abuse or pervert the powers conferred upon you as Grand Master.

It is known to you that to rule well has not been the lot of all called to such duty. And it is further known to you that it is not by a strong arm, or by an iron will, that order and obedience are secured, but by holding the key to the hearts of men. We hope and believe that you now and ever will hold such a key.

You will ascend to your station in the Grand East, and receive the salutations of your Companions-in-arms.

The Grand Master is escorted to his chair by the Grand Marshal. He stands in his station.

p. 113

GM.—Most Eminent Sir, I now salute you, and proclaim you Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America!

GM.—Sir Knights, Behold your Grand Master!

The Grand Encampment will salute with the sign of the Order. The new Grand Master will make such remarks as he desires.

In. Of.—Most Eminent Grand Master, the remaining Officers elect await your pleasure.

The Grand Master will install the remainder of the Officers, or he may ask the Installing Officer to continue.

GM.—Sir Knights, Be seated!

In. Of.—Officers elect, Attention! Place your right hands upon your hearts, uncover, and repeat after me:

Same Vow as that taken by the Grand Master.

In. Of.—Present the Deputy Grand Master, and the remaining Officers elect will be seated.

G. Mar.—Most Eminent Sir, I present Very Eminent Sir —, who has been chosen Deputy Grand Master, and is now ready for installation.

In. Of.—Very Eminent Sir, you are aware that in case of incapacity of the Grand Master to act, you are to succeed to his duties. Remember that you are placed in most intimate relations with him, as head of the Order.

I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, and the Grand Marshal will conduct you to your station, on the right of the Most Eminent Grand Master.

p. 114

The Grand Marshal will present the remaining Grand Officers as the Installing Officer may direct.


In. Of.—Invest the Eminent Fratres with the Jewels of their offices. (Done by Grand Marshal.) Sir Knights, repair to your stations, and be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not!


In. Of.—Invest the Eminent Fratres with the Jewels of their offices. (Done.) Sir Knights, repair to your stations, and see that the courtesies of the Grand Encampment are extended to all worthy visiting Knights of the Order of the Temple.


In. Of.—Sir Knights, you have been chosen to responsible stations, because the Grand Encampment believed you worthy and competent. See to it that their confidence has been well reposed. Repair to your stations.


In. Of.—Place the Grand Standard in possession of its new Bearer. (Done.) Sir Knight, bear it worthily, and so display its precious emblem—in which Sign we shall all conquer—that each valiant Knight may be prompted to exclaim in the words of its gracious inscription, "Not unto us, O Lord; not unto us, but unto thy Name be the glory."

And you, Sir Knight Sword Bearer, protect that Banner at peril of your life. And if, in the vicissitudes of the next three years, it should fall from the hands of its Bearer, raise it aloft, for unto that honor you temporarily succeed.

p. 115

Sir Knight Warder, be vigilant in the discharge of your responsible duties. Look well to the avenues of the Asylum, and see that all are duly guarded.

Sir Knights, repair to your stations, and remember that zeal and vigilance are necessary prerequisites to your offices.

In. Of.—The Grand Marshal will make Proclamation. Grand Encampment, Attention!

G. Mar.—In the name and by the authority of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America, I now proclaim the Officers thereof duly elected and installed.

GM.—Grand Encampment, Be seated!

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