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p. 87


The Commandery having been duly constituted, the Officers are to be installed with the following ceremony: The Table, on which lie the Jewels, is placed in front of the Grand Commander, and the Tapers on the Triangle are lighted.

The Commandery is opened, and the Grand Commander, and his Staff, are received according to the Tactics of the Jurisdiction.

The Officers to be installed having withdrawn to another room, the ceremonies will begin thus:

GC.—Let the Officers you have chosen, and desire to have installed at this time, enter.

The Grand Marshal conducts the Officers elect into the Asylum. The Grand Commander will cause the Commandery to arise. The Officers elect will he escorted to the East in single file, and so arranged that when their left flank faces the East the Officers will be standing thus:

W. SwB. StB. Rec. Tr. JW. SW. P. CG. G. EC.

The Officers will enter with Swords at Carry, and when they have reached the East the Marshal will command—

Mar.File Right! (When in proper place) Halt! Left Face! Present Swords!

Mar. (Saluting)—Right Eminent Grand Commander, these are the Officers chosen by this Commandery, whose installation is desired at this time.

GC.—Sir Knights, Carry Swords! Return Swords! Be seated!

All obey these commands, and the Officers are seated on chairs previously located for them.

p. 88

GC.—Sir Knight Marshal, present the Eminent Commander for installation.

Marshal lakes the Commander by left arm and conducts him to the Altar, which had been placed, with the Jewels thereon, in front of the GC.

Mar.—Right Eminent Grand Commander, I have the honor to present to you Eminent Sir —, who has been elected to the office of Commander of this Commandery. I find him to be well skilled in our sublime mysteries, and observant of the noble precepts of our forefathers, and therefore I have no doubt but that he will discharge the important duties of his office with fidelity.

GC.—Eminent Sir, are you ready to subscribe to the Vow of office?

If the Commander elect answers that he is, then the Grand Commander will draw his Sword, and hold it horizontally, the edge toward the Commander elect, who will grasp the blade with his left hand, and place his right hand on his left breast.

GC.—You will repeat after me—

I, — —, do promise and vow that I will support and maintain the Constitution and Code of Statutes of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America; that I will support and maintain the Bylaws of this Commandery, and the Laws, Constitution, Rules and Edicts of the Grand Commandery under whose immediate authority I act; and I will, to the best of my knowledge and ability, faithfully discharge the various duties incumbent upon the office to which I have been elected.

GC.—Eminent Sir, having been elected to the important and honorable station of Commander of this Commandery,

p. 89

it is with unfeigned pleasure that I enter upon the discharge of the duty of installing you into office. As the head of a Christian institution you are charged with important responsibilities and duties, and it is confidently anticipated that your fidelity to these trusts will reflect honor upon yourself and credit upon your Commandery. It now becomes my duty to propose certain questions to you, to which unequivocal answers are required: Do you solemnly promise, upon the honor of a Knight Templar—

I. That you will redouble your endeavors to correct the vices, purify the morals, and promote the happiness of those of your brethren who have attained this magnanimous Order?

II. That you will never suffer your Commandery to be opened, unless there be present nine regular Knights of the Order?

III. That you will not confer the Orders upon any one who has not shown a charitable disposition, or who has not made a considerable proficiency in the foregoing degrees.

IV. That you will promote the general good of our Order, and on all proper occasions be ready to give and receive instructions, and particularly from the General and State Grand Officers?

V. That, to the utmost of your power, you will preserve the solemnities of our ceremonies, and behave, in open Commandery, with the most profound respect and reverence, as an example to your brethren?

VI. That you will not acknowledge or have intercourse with any Commandery that does not work under a constitutional warrant or dispensation?

VII. That you will not admit any visitor into your Commandery who has not been knighted in a Commandery legally constituted, without his first being formally healed?

p. 90

VIII. That you will pay due respect and obedience to the instructions of the General and State Grand Officers, particularly relating to the several Lectures and Charges, and will resign the chair to them, severally, when they may visit your Commandery?

IX. That you will support and observe the Constitution of the Grand Encampment of the United States, and the Statutes and Regulations of the Grand Commandery under whose authority you act?

X. That you will bind your successor in office to the observance of the same rules to which you have now assented?

Do you submit to all these things, and do you promise to observe and practice them faithfully?

The Eminent Commander assents. Grand Commander returns his Sword.

GC.—Eminent Commander, having been chosen by the Knights of your Commandery to fill the most exalted station in their power to bestow, I congratulate you upon being the recipient of such honorable preferment, and now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Cross surrounded by rays of light. It is to remind you that humility, love, and pure benevolence are refulgent rays that emanate from the pure and undefiled religion of the blessed Emmanuel, and which should ever characterize the members of this Christian Order. It is to remind you of Him who died that He might give life to the world, and who is indeed the Lord and Saviour of all those who accept His guidance and obey His precepts.

I present you the Charter of your Commandery.

You will receive it as a sacred deposit, and never permit it to be used for any other purposes than those expressed in it, and safely transmit it to your successor in office.

p. 91

I also commit to your hands the Holy Bible, the great light in every degree of Masonry. The doctrines contained in this sacred volume create in us a belief in the existence of the Eternal Jehovah, the only true and living God, the Creator and Judge of all things in heaven and on earth; they also confirm in us a belief in the dispensations of His providence. This belief strengthens our Faith, and enables us to ascend the first step of the Grand Masonic ladder. This Faith naturally produces in us a Hope of becoming partakers in the promises expressed in this inestimable gift of God to man, which Hope enables us to ascend the second step; but the third and last, being Charity, comprehends the former, and will continue to exert its influence when Faith shall be lost in sight, and Hope in complete fruition. The Cross Swords, testing upon the Holy Bible, are to remind us that we should he "strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might;" that we should put on the whole armour of God, to be able to wrestle successfully against principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

I also present you the Constitution of the Grand Encampment of the United States of America, the Rules and Regulations of the Grand Commandery of this State, and the By-laws of your Commandery. You will frequently consult them yourself, and cause them to be read for the information of your Commandery, that all, being informed of their duty, may have no reasonable excuse to offer for the neglect of it.

And now, Eminent Sir, permit me to induct you into the chair of your Commandery, and in behalf of the Knights here assembled, to offer you my most sincere congratulations on your accession to the honorable station you now fill. It will henceforth be your special duty to preserve inviolate the Constitution and Laws of the Order; to dispense justice, reward merit, inculcate the almighty force and the importance of truth, and diffuse the sublime principles of universal

p. 92

benevolence. You will distribute alms to poor and weary pilgrims traveling from afar, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and bind up the wounds of the afflicted. You will inculcate the duties of charity and hospitality, and govern your Commandery with justice and moderation. And finally, my brother, may the bright example of the illustrious heroes of former ages, whose matchless valor has shed undying lustre on the name of Knight Templar, encourage and animate you to the faithful performance of every duty.

GCG.—Commandery, Attention! Draw Swords! Present Swords!

GC.—Sir Knights, Behold your Eminent Commander! Recollect that the prosperity of your Commandery will as much depend on your support, assistance and obedience, as on the assiduity, fidelity and wisdom of your Commander.

Be ye therefore diligent and faithful in the performance of your respective duties.

The new Commander having made any remarks he desired—

GCG.—Carry Swords! Return Swords!

GC.—Sir Knights, Be seated!

GC.—Prepare the remaining Officers for installation.

Mar.—Officers elect, Attention! Prepare for taking the Vow!

The Marshal will cause the odd numbers to draw their Swords. and drop them to the left, in front of the breasts of the even numbers. The even numbers will grasp the blades of these Swords with their right hands. When all is ready

Mar.—Officers elect, Uncover!

p. 93

Mar.—Right Eminent Grand Commander, the Officers elect are in proper position to take upon themselves the Vow of office.

GC.—Before proceeding to install you into your respective stations it is my duty to administer to each of you the Vow of office. Do you severally consent to take upon yourselves that Vow?

Each must assent for himself.

GC.—Then repeat after me:

I, — —, do promise and vow that I will maintain and support the Constitution and Code of Statutes of the Grand Encampment of the United States of America, the Constitution, Rules and Edicts of the Grand Commandery of — —, and that I will, to the best of my ability, faithfully discharge the duties of the office to which I have been elected.

Mar.—Officers elect, Re-cover! Carry Swords!

GC.—Sir Knights, Be seated! Sir Knight Marshal, present the Generalissimo.

Mar.—Right Eminent Grand Commander, I present Sir — —, who has been chosen Generalissimo of this Commandery, for installation.


GC.—Sir, you have been elected Generalissimo of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Square, surmounted by a Paschal Lamb. When beholding the Lamb, let it stimulate you to have, at all times, a watchful eye over your own conduct, and an earnest solicitude for the prosperity of the kingdom of the

p. 94

blessed Emmanuel, the spotless Lamb of God, who was slain from the foundation of the world.

The Square is to remind you that the same principles of brotherly love and friendship should forever govern the members of Freemasonry and of the Orders of Knighthood. Your station is on the right of your Commander; your duty is to assist him in his various duties, and, in his absence, to preside. I charge you, therefore, to be faithful to the Sir Knights with whom you are associated; put them often in remembrance of those things which tend to their everlasting peace. Finally, "preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine;" ever remembering the promise, "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

The remaining Officers are presented in the same way by the Marshal, when the Grand Commander will deliver the Charges as follows:


Sir, you are elected Captain General of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Level, surmounted by a Cock. As the undaunted courage and valor of the Cock stimulates him to conquer his competitor, or yield himself a victim to the contest, so should you be stimulated to the discharge of every duty. You should have on "the breastplate of righteousness," so that with patience and meekness you may ever travel on the level of humility, and be so supplied with divine grace as to prevent you from selling your God or denying your Master. Your station is on the left of your Commander. Your duty, among other things, is to see that due preparation is made for the various meetings of the Commandery; that the Chambers and Asylum are in suitable array for the introduction

p. 95

of candidates and the dispatch of business. You are also to receive and communicate to the lines all orders issued by the Eminent Commander. You are to assist in Council, and, in the absence of your Commander and Generalissimo, you are to preside over the Commandery. And now, I exhort you, that with fidelity you perform every duty; and whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving; ever bearing in mind the promise, "Be not weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."


Sir, you are elected Prelate of this Commandery. I have the pleasure of investing you with this Triple Triangle, which is the Jewel of your office, and a beautiful emblem of Jehovah. Your station is on the right of the Generalissimo; your duty is to officiate at the Altar and to offer up prayers to Deity. Your Jewel is to remind you of the importance of the trust reposed in you. And may He who is able, abundantly furnish you for every good work, preserve you from falling into error, improve, strengthen, establish and perfect you; and finally greet you with, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."


Sir, you are elected Senior Warden of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Hollow Square and Sword of Justice. It is to remind you that, as the children of Israel marched in a hollow square in their journey through the wilderness, in order to guard and protect the Ark of the Covenant, so should you be vigilant in guarding every avenue from innovation and error. Let

p. 96

the Sword, therefore, be ever drawn to guard the Constitution of the Order. Your station is at the Southwest angle of the Triangle, and upon the right of the First Division. You will attend Pilgrim Warriors, comfort and support Pilgrim Penitents, and after due trial, introduce them into the Asylum. Let it be your constant care that the warrior be not deterred from duty, nor the penitent molested on his journey. Finally, let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


Sir, you are elected Junior Warden of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is an Eagle and Flaming Sword. It is to remind you to perform your various duties with justice and valor, having an eagle eye on the prosperity of the Order. Your station is at the Northwest angle of the Triangle. Your duty is to .attend poor and weary pilgrims traveling from afar, accompany them on their journey, and in due time recommend them to the Eminent Commander. You will be careful that, in addition to the pilgrim's garb, sandals, staff and scrip, their whole preparation and deportment shall be such as to cause them to be recognized as children of humility. Teach them that "Magna est Veritas, et Prævalebit," is the Motto of the Order; and although they will often find the heights of fortune inaccessible, and the thorny path of life crooked, adverse and forlorn, yet, by faith and humility–courage, constancy, patience and perseverance—they may gain admission into the Asylum above; there to enjoy the rewards that await the valiant soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, be ye perfect, always abounding in the work of the Lord, that you may be a shining light in the world. A city that is set on a hill can not be hid.

p. 97


Sir, you are elected Treasurer of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office. Your station is on the right of the Generalissimo, in front. The qualities which should recommend a Treasurer are accuracy and fidelity; accuracy, in keeping a fair and minute account of all receipts and disbursements; fidelity, in carefully preserving all the property and funds of the Commandery that may be placed in his hands, and rendering a just account of the same whenever he is called upon for that purpose. I presume that your respect and attachment to the Commandery, and. your earnest solicitude for a good name, which is better than precious ointment, will prompt you to the faithful discharge of the duties of your office.


Sir, you are elected Recorder of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office. Your station is on the left of the Captain General, in front. The qualities which should recommend a Recorder are, promptitude in issuing the notifications and orders of his superior officers, punctuality in attending the meetings of the Commandery, correctness in recording their proceedings, judgment in discriminating between what is proper and what is improper to be committed to writing, integrity in accounting for all moneys that may pass through his hands, and fidelity in paying the same over into the hands of the Treasurer. The possession of these good qualities, I presume, has designated you for this important office, and I can not entertain a doubt that you will discharge its duties beneficially to the Commandery and honorably to yourself. And when you shall have completed the record of Your transactions here below, and finished the term of your probation, may you be admitted

p. 98

into the celestial Asylum of saints and angels, and find your name recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life.


Sir, you are elected Standard Bearer of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Plumb, surmounted by a Banner. Your station is in the West, and in the center of the Second Division. Your duty is to display, support and protect the Standard of our Order, which I now, with pleasure, confide to your valor. You will remember that it is our rallying point in time of danger; and when unfurled in a just and virtuous cause, you will never relinquish it to an enemy but with your life. Let, therefore, your conduct be such as all the virtuous will delight to imitate; let the refulgent rays which ever emanate from pure benevolence and humility, diffuse their lustre on all around, that it may encourage and animate all true and courteous Knights, and, at the same time, confound and dismay all their enemies.


Sir, you are elected Sword Bearer of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Triangle and Cross Swords. Your station is on the right of the Standard Bearer, and on the right of the Second Division when separately formed. Your duty is to assist in protecting the Banners of our Order, with a heart devoted to the principles of Faith, Hope and Charity. Holding the mystic sword that is-endowed with justice and fortitude, and tempered with mercy, you may cast your eyes upon the Standard, and recall that "In Hoc Signo Vinces" is not only an expressive Motto of our Order, but is consoling to the heart of every believer.

p. 99


Sir, you are elected Warder of this Commandery. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Square Plate, with a Trumpet and Cross Swords engraved thereon. Your station is upon the left of the Standard Bearer, and upon the left of the Second Division, when formed in line. Your duty is to sound the Assembly, announce the approach and departure of the Eminent Commander, to post the Sentinels, and see that the Asylum is duly guarded. You will, also, report all petitions from visitors and strangers. I charge you to be punctual in your attendance, and indefatigable in the discharge of your important duties; for, though yours is among the last offices in the Commandery, it is by no means the least in importance.


Sir Knight, you are appointed Sentinel. I now invest you with the Jewel of your office, which is a Square Plate, with a Battle Axe engraved thereon. Your post is that of honor as well as of danger. You will, therefore, be vigilant, challenge with spirit, examine with caution, admonish with candor, relieve cheerfully, protect with fidelity, and fight valiantly.

GCG.—Commandery, Attention! Draw Swords!


Sir Knights, to manage and conduct the concerns of a Commandery of Knights Templar with that promptitude, integrity and skill which the institution demands, will require the exercise of all the talents and perseverance of its Officers and members. Are any of you solicitous that your

p. 100

equals and inferiors should conduct themselves toward you with deference and respect? you will be sure to let no opportunity pass without furnishing them an example in your own conduct. The Officers will recollect that those moral and religious duties and precepts which they, from time to time, so forcibly impress upon the minds of others, should by no means be neglected by themselves; and the most effectual way to insure success is to let precept and example go hand in hand.

I would therefore exhort you to look well to the East, to the West, to the North, and to the South, and see that the entering avenues are strictly guarded, and that you suffer no one to pass the threshold of your Asylum but the worthy children of humility; and, at the same time, that you suffer no one to walk among you disorderly without admonition or reproof. While such is the conduct of the Officers and members, you may rest assured that this valiant, magnanimous Order will forever flourish like the green bay tree.

And now, Sir Knights, I would address you in the language of David to his beloved city, Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee.

The Marshal then proclaims the [new] Commandery in the following manner, viz.:

In the name of the Grand Commandery of the State of —, I proclaim this Commandery , by the name of — Commandery, No.—, to be legally constituted, consecrated, and the Officers duly installed.

After the necessary business is finished, the Commandery is closed.

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