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p. 52


The escort pleaded that the four remaining years might be devoted to deeds of more exalted usefulness. He vouched for the sincerity of the suppliant.

The prayer of the suppliant was granted, and he was admitted to the Vows.

The laying aside of the pilgrim's garb, and the sandals, staff, and scrip, was followed by the taking up of the sword and buckler, and the consecrating of the sword to the noblest of uses.


The gallant Knight sallied forth, armed with sword and buckler, ready to defend the Christian religion, or any pilgrim, or devotee, whether the same should be innocent maiden, destitute widow, or helpless orphan. Onward he pressed, with fortitude undaunted, accepting the duty of clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, and binding up the wounds of the afflicted; thus giving ample proof that he was worthy of drawing the sword he had so solemnly consecrated.

Pride and selfishness came with the accomplishment of valorous deeds, and he began to yearn for those honors and rewards that awaited the valiant Knights Templar, whom he found guarding the dangerous passes. No rewards, and no permanent honors awaited unorganized warfare. He had traveled on during three years with patience and perseverance, and during the three years last past he had given ample proofs of his courage and constancy. "Why should I longer be preparing?" he asked of his warrior escort. While he thus pleaded six years of his Preparation were accomplished, and they reached a third House of the

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[paragraph continues] Templars. Then he pleaded with his Templar companion to beseech the Commander of that House to remit the remaining year of his Preparation.

Naturally his Templar companion hesitated to make such a request, and carefully interrogated his ward. At last it was agreed that if the suppliant could declare in truth and soberness that his heart was right with man, and before God, he would vouch for him to the Commander, and present his petition for remission.

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