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The following suggestions will aid Subordinate Commanderies in receiving Grand Visitors:


The Grand Master is to be received in the Asylum with the highest honors of the Order.

The Grand Master is received by a Committee, and escorted to the quarters of the Eminent Commander.

The Asylum is put in suitable array, Banners unfurled, and the Organist at his post. All Knights in full uniform.

The Lines are formed according to the Tactics of the Jurisdiction, ready to form the Arch of Steel at the proper moment. All Officers in their stations.

The announcement, by the Grand Warder, if present, if not, by one of the Committee attending the Grand Master, is made at the door of the desire of the Grand Master to officially visit the Commandery, whereupon the Warder salutes the Eminent Commander, and says:

W.—Eminent Commander, Most Eminent the Grand Master has arrived, and desires to visit this Commandery officially.

EC.—Sir Knights Generalissimo and Captain General (these Officers arise, draw and salute), repair to the quarters

of the Most Eminent the Grand Master and escort him hither.

When the Grand Master and suite reach the open door of the Asylum—


Immediately the Organist will play "Hail to the Chief," the Banners will be drooped, and the Officers will salute.

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EC.—Form Arch of Steel.

The Grand Master enters, and passes down the avenue, the Generalissimo and Captain General one pace in rear of him, under the Arch of Steel, to the East, where the Eminent Commander receives him, standing on the lowest step of the Dais. He welcomes him in appropriate words, and hands him the Gavel. The Grand Master ascends to the Commander's station, the Eminent Commander, the Generalissimo and Captain General remain standing on the lowest step, and on the floor.

GM.—Sir Knights, Carry Swords!

He will then make such remarks as he desires, after which the Captain General will dismiss the Lines, and all are seated.


The following diagrams illustrate formations at two periods of the reception of the Grand Master:

Diagram 1.
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Diagram 1.

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Diagram 2.
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Diagram 2.

In the first diagram the Grand Master is seen moving towards the East under the Arch of Steel, the Generalissimo and Captain General one step in his rear, and the Eminent Commander awaiting his arrival on the lowest step of the Dais. The Prelate is in his station, standing, and the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, the Treasurer and Recorder are saluting. The Standard is drooped, and the Senior Warden and the Warder are saluting.

In the second diagram the Grand Master has reached the East, and, Gavel in hand, is about to command "Carry Swords."


The Grand Commander is received under the Arch of Steel, Banners drooping, and Officers saluting. Organ plays a March. He is conducted to the Asylum by an escort under command of the Generalissimo. The Grand Commander passes under the Arch of Steel to the East, where the Eminent Commander receives him, standing on the second step of the Dais, the Captain General on the lowest step.

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The Warder will announce—

The Grand Commander of ————— !


The Grand Master and the Grand Commander, and their representatives, are the only visitors that are to be received under the Arch of Steel, or that are to be recognized by any descent from the official positions on the Dais.

The Deputy Grand Master is received like the Grand Master, except the Arch of Steel, the "Hail to the Chief," and the descent from the Dais. The Knights forming the avenue present Swords, the Officers salute, and the organ plays a March.

The Deputy Grand Commander is received like the Deputy Grand Master, except the organ plays three flourishes.

All Other Grand Officers are received with the Officers and members in their regular stations, Officers saluting, members at Present, and Banners drooping. Organ will play one flourish when the visitor enters, and before the Knight escorting him begins his words of introduction. The visitor will stand in the West during the presentation, the Officers and members remaining at Salute and Present until the visitor reaches the East, when the Captain General will bring all to a Carry.

The Eminent Commander will welcome the visitor and assign him a seat.

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