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The following simple rules will be about all that Commanders will find necessary in conducting the business of the Conclaves:

1. On the demand of a member, a motion must be reduced to writing.

2. A motion, when stated by the Commander, can not be withdrawn without the consent of the Commandery.

3. A motion to postpone to an indefinite time is debatable; a motion to postpone to a time definite is not debatable.

4. No amendment beyond an amendment to an amendment can be entertained.

5. A question will be divided on request of a member.

6. A proposition to be referred to a committee with instructions is debatable; if without instructions, it is not debatable.

7. A Frater voting in the majority may move to reconsider; such a motion is not debatable.

8. When a proposition is reconsidered it is before the Commandery in the exact form it was in at the moment it was voted upon.

9. Before a member is required to vote upon a paper he may require its reading.

10. When the report of a Committee is read, or received, it is the property of the Commandery, and the Committee is discharged without a vote. It may be revived.

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11. When the Commander desires the debate to cease he arises, and proceeds to take the necessary steps.

12. A proposition subject to debate is open to debate until the negative is put, unless the Commander decides the debate should cease.

The following motions are not allowable in a Conclave of Knights Templar:

To lie on the table.

The previous question.

To close, or call to rest.

The following questions are not debatable:

To read papers.

To grant leave to withdraw a proposition.

To postpone to a time definite.

To reconsider a proposition.

To commit without instructions.

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