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The early demand for the Fifth Edition of Shibboleth, a demand the publishers scarcely anticipated in times like these, affords the author an opportunity to add several important matters to the volume, thus rendering it still more valuable to the Order of the Temple. So far as now seen this edition is a complete Monitor.

This edition contains all that appeared in the Fourth Edition, with a few errors corrected, and the Banners of Judah and Persia. There is also added a "Third Appendix," which contains directions for the Reception of Grand Officers; Hints to Eminent Commanders, and Rules of Order; Rituals for Divine Worship; Ritual of a Conclave of Sorrow; Ritual for the Christmas Observance; a Form for Recorder's Minutes; an Arrangement of Asylum and Prelate's Hall; and some Hints on Templar Banquets.

This Monitor reaches farther in its helpfulness than any that has been prepared heretofore. But it has not attempted to describe the Robes, and other equipments not universally accepted by the Order. Many requests have been made for the insertion of such descriptive matter, and the requests have been declined in the interests of peace. Such an attempt would develop acrimonious controversies.

My thanks are due, and they are hereby returned to the Fratres all over the Union, from Maine to Mexico, and the Atlantic to the Pacific, for the kind reception given the former editions of this Monitor, and for the many valuable hints received from all sources. It is the author's sincere desire to make this volume complete in all respects, and he will still be grateful for all suggestions looking to such completeness.

Chattanooga, Tenn., Feb. 10, 1894.

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