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Know Your Magnetic Field

by William E. Gray


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One of the mainstays of New Thought has been the concept that diseases can be healed using mental abilities inherent in everyone. This short book describes one view of the mechanics of this in simple terms. This is far outside what conventional medicine believes to be effective, and obviously using this as a first resort would be unwise. However, it is today possible to find practicioners of this method, or something similar, in the phone book in most large cities. At the worst, the techniques described here appear to be harmless (except, possibly, to one's wallet).

Title Page and Front Matter
Chapter One. Introduction
Chapter Two. Mechanics
Chapter Three. Nerve Fuel
Chapter Four. Heart Energy
Chapter Five. Life Energy Control
Chapter Six. Spastic Conditions
Chapter Seven. Stroke
Chapter Eight. Arthritis
Chapter Nine. Sleeping Sickness
Chapter Ten. Fluid Accumulation.
Chapter Eleven. Rheumatic Fever Nerves
Chapter Twelve. Conclusion