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It was interesting to me to see what this person would do when he received his first sleeping sickness case. The patient's wife accompanied him for his first treatment to interpret because his speech was too difficult to understand. When he was stricken it was diagnosed as sleeping sickness and he was hospitalized, attended by two doctors—a general medical man and nerve specialist.

"I questioned, "How sick were you?"

"I was very sick. I had a fever of 102° and my throat was very swollen. Swallowing was difficult and speaking was almost impossible. I had a very hard time forming words and when I got them out, no one could understand them. Breathing was a great effort. I could not breathe deeply and I still cannot.

"They gave me penicillin, one dose every day for ten days, which helped. I left the hospital on the tenth day. I am a little better now and have not seen a doctor for six months."

"Were you terribly drowsy and did you sleep a lot?" I questioned.

"Yes, there were periods of sleeping and periods of extreme restlessness."

This person, with a very surprised look on his face and disappointment in his voice, said, "Is that what sleeping sickness is like? It seemed to me that sleeping

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sickness would be pleasant. While you were sick you just slept it off. You could sleep all you wanted to and wake up well."

When our laughter subsided, he said, "Now let me listen to your vibrations."

There was spasm of the magnetic field, tension in the cords to the neck and tongue, a jumpy and labored heart beat and nerve depletion.

Let me give you a picture of Mr. R. as he sat there. A tall man in his early forties and, quite obviously, not well. His eyes were dull; his skin was putty white, dry and lifeless; the cords of his neck were prominent and noticeably under tension. His breathing was labored and shallow. When he spoke it was with much hesitation and considerable effort. Most words were indistinguishable and he had marked difficulty with the sounds "s" and "th."

At the end of five minutes of the energy current into the magnetic field, the spasm completely relaxed. A transformation had taken place before our eyes; color had slowly crept back to his face until all the skin was glowing and vital. Light came back into his eyes, increasing to a brilliant shine. He took long, deep breaths, filling his lungs hungrily.

This person placed his finger tips on the cords of Mr. R.'s neck. After a few moments he said: "Now, say something; talk to me."

Slowly, but quite clearly, and with only slight hesitation, he replied, "I feel very much better; I can breathe deeper and swallow more easily."

From the first treatment he has not lost his color and healthy normal appearance. Breathing has continued

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to be easier and swallowing, without effort. After his third treatment he was asked:

"As a business man, what would you say is the percentage of improvement that has taken place in your condition?"

"Before your treatments," he answered carefully, "my speech was completely blocked every evening; I could not talk at all. I would say my speech has improved fifty per cent, the swallowing one hundred per cent, and in general over all improvement, thirty-three per cent after each treatment."

When we discussed it later this person said, "It was interesting to me to know that he had had sleeping sickness, not having come in contact with it before. What do they say causes sleeping sickness?"

I told him that I didn't know much about it; that it was supposed to come from an insect bite, that you didn't catch it from another person.

He said that that seemed strange, that in listening to the vibrations there didn't seem to be any infection. They denoted magnetic field depletion, causing some facial paralysis and spasm of the neck cords.

He continued, "After the energy was sent into the magnetic field with the right frequency, the magnetic field was able to draw the energy through the lungs thus strengthening the nervous system. This enabled me to release the tension in his neck and the paralysis in his face. As you see, this was done in five minutes. If all other cases of this type are like this one, don't you think it would be easy to help them?"

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