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A professor with an extremely painful foot asked this person if he could help him. After a few treatments, I went along, too, as I was anxious to see the foot.

"I had what I believed to be a callous on the bottom of my left foot," the professor began, "which, from time to time, I carefully trimmed. About three years ago I cut too deeply and started an infection. My doctor treated it but it was a long, slow process; it would drain, heal for a while and be better, then open up and drain again. The swelling would go away and then return.

"About a year and a half ago it grew rapidly worse. I was put to bed and, I assure you, all this time the foot and leg were most painful. After quite a period in bed I was allowed to sit up with my foot on a chair. I might still be sitting there if I had not insisted I was going back to work.

"I have seen many doctors since then and have had many diagnoses from 'Plantar’s Wart' to 'I don't know'; and they had me in an unhappy state of confusion with their contradictions. The last doctor, for a fee of six dollars, named it 'papilloma.' I stopped there. Papilloma, I felt, was more suitable to a scholar and a gentleman. So papilloma it has remained as far as I am concerned.

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"But what's in a name? The foot and leg remained crippling and torturing. A diagnosis did no good without a cure and they all failed there. You may call it anything you choose—just go ahead with your work and get me well. I have work to do."

With a wave of his hand, he settled back into the chair, closed his eyes and sank into profound meditation or complete relaxation. I could not be sure which.

This person then explained to me:

"The appearance of the foot at first looked as though it were an infection from the old wound on the bottom, but the wound was closed at the time and there was no drainage. The foot and ankle were all out of shape and the swelling reached to about two inches below the knee cap. From the toes, over the instep including the ankle, it was terrifically swollen. The skin was stretched tight. It was fiery red and glistening, and heat was radiating from it."

"I know," I said. "I've seen swelling like that, so hot you could warm your hands over it."

The professor roused, opened his eyes and gave me an amused pitying look, "My dear young woman, you could have lit your cigarette from my foot!"

This person resumed, "The pressure from my fingers caused deep imprints to remain in the flesh. Wouldn't you surmise that that was an indication of fluid accumulation, not all infection? It coincided with his appearance, pasty skin and puffiness all over his body. His vibrations indicated a depleted magnetic field and a heavy fluid accumulation throughout the body. My intuition told me to steady his heart, build the magnetic field and not bother with the foot now.

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"By generating the energy into his heart nerves they were slowed down and cushioned. The energy released the spasms from the magnetic field and strengthened it so that it could draw the necessary energy through the lungs to feed the nervous system including the kidneys. For good measure, a charge of energy current was sent through the foot nerves."

The professor became animated again. "For that, you have my blessing," he said. "The constant and severe pain I had left me immediately and has not returned. For some of the other things, I withhold my blessings; for instance, what you did to my kidneys."

This person shook with laughter. "Do you mind repeating what you told me?"

"Not at all," the professor replied with mock seriousness. "I had three treatments in one week, at the end of which time my dignity was completely demoralized and I was transported back to my childhood. The nerves to the bladder woke up. I was quite conscious of them and their increasing frequent demands. I had to retire from all public life and was reduced to the state of a dancing child, loudly telling his mother his urgent need.

"To add to my indignities, I began to perspire. Let me correct that, I sweat! My nights were turned into hideous hours of toil; I was mopping, mopping, constantly. I changed pajamas twice a night and shifted bed linen until, by morning, there was nothing dry left in the room. I was a busy, unhappy man, but the most outrageous part was the terrible odor I had to put up with. I shall never cease to be grateful that I remained a bachelor; if not I am sure I would have

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lost my wife in the ordeal I went through for a week."

When we had finished laughing this person finally managed, "Sorry, but these descriptions are always funny. When the patients come back in they are all furious. The way people describe their reactions amuses me. 'You are ruining me; I won't have anything more to do with you!' But they always come back for more."

Then continuing more seriously, "When the magnetic field is strengthened so that the nerves can receive their proper energy, the kidneys begin to do their work and the whole system starts to eliminate the poisons. As the toxins eliminate, the patient starts to improve."

At the end of three weeks the professor was well on the road to recovery. His skin had regained a healthy, pink tone and all puffiness of the tissues had disappeared.

For the better part of a year he had lost his sense of taste. All foods seemed alike and he had no appetite. Now he was eating well and enjoying his meals with no after distress. There was a general allover improvement and feeling of well-being. The heart rate was slower and more normal, breathing much easier and his disposition had returned to normal. In the beginning of the nerve building almost everyone reacts in disposition and temperament and the professor was no exception. We were amused, knowing it to be only a brief phase of the recovery.

At the end of the second week of treatment work was started on the foot itself, in addition to the continued building. At the end of the third week the foot was one-third less in size, the swelling and puffiness

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in the leg almost all gone, the redness and heat faded entirely. The foot had some discoloration, comparable to a fading bruise. Sensitiveness and nerve sensations were increasing. The old wound which had opened during the time the fluids were being eliminated from the body was now closed and had started to fill in.

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