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Any paralyzed part of the body has an unhealthy white color and a marked coldness. I watched with great interest whenever this person brought a paralyzed arm or leg back to life. In a matter of minutes thé skin took on a healthier color tone and with my hand on the arm or leg I could feel the warmth start to radiate through it. Usually a patient's first reaction is the feeling of warmth, a warmth that starts from the finger tips of this person and travels through like the slow flowing of a river. Many patients with other conditions of illness have told me the same thing. The first evidence of improvement is returning body warmth and relief from constant coldness and chilling, and the heavy feeling leaving the afflicted area.

I commented on this fact to him. "What do you do to cause the blood to start circulating to make a paralyzed arm or leg begin to get warm again?"

"Why," he said, "it's not the blood circulating that does it. It is the electric energy circulating through the nerves."

Here we go again I thought. "I suppose you just press the right button and the lights go on all over?"

"Just about," he said but saw no humor in my remark. "The paralyzation is caused by insufficient flow of energy and when the energy goes through dormant nerves the area becomes warm."

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"Do you mean to say that the nerves do that? I thought it was a slowed-down circulation that was not bringing the body heat down to those parts. Why, isn't it the blood stream, the circulation of the blood, that keeps you warm? Don't all sorts of chemical processes heat the blood to control body temperature?"

There followed an intense discussion. I got out my textbooks and checked on what I had been taught. In return I received an enlightening lecture on human electrical engineering. These are his explanations applied to the human body.

"A paralyzed leg is dead white or even bluish white in color. It is cold to the touch and the patient complains that it is always cold and heavy. Blankets or heating appliances warm it for a little while but it does not stay warm. How could there be anything the matter with the mechanics of the circulation? All the blood is there. Cut that leg and the veins and arteries will bleed just like an ordinary leg. Can't a patient bleed to death from a paralyzed leg just as easily as from one that isn't?"

In every paralyzed case he has worked on, the energy is partially shut off from the magnetic field and there is a greater shutoff from a specified relay distributing center. He first sends a charge to the magnetic field increasing its energy, thus enabling it to distribute the energy to all parts of the body, and then generates the energy to the specified dormant nerves. He must open the circuits of the afflicted nerves by increasing the volume or intensity of the energy and putting through a heavy dose to wake up those nerves that haven't been working properly.

The heat they feel is the increased volume of the

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human energy. The human energy current is similar to any electrical current and frequency. It acts only on the human body and vice versa. The body is not geared to take mechanically generated electrical currents. The nerves will not retain them. They act only as shock.

Even though there is paralysis the nerve is still alive. Enough energy is seeping through to keep it alive but not enough to give proper energy to the part. When the nerve dies, doesn't the tissue die and gangrene set in?

When he releases the paralysis and reestablishes the energy circuit, the patient may get the greater portion of the use back. But it doesn't always last. The nerves may become dormant again, although usually not to the same extent, due to insufficient energy flowing through them. He must keep energizing them each time until the weakness is out and they are conducting the energy smoothly and evenly.

This to him is the main principle of body heat, the human electric current. The nerve wires and nerve relay centers from the magnetic field are the controls conducting life energy. The blood stream plays a dependent role to them. The red blood cells are the electrons. Each cell carries its measure of electricity and deposits it in organs and tissues. When the circuits to various parts are shut off, the electrical content of the blood cell is insufficient to produce normal body heat. The blood cells then can only maintain the health of the nerve tissues.

I have watched this principle work for years but I gave it no thought as such. A new born baby is cold, the human fetus is cold blooded, and it takes some

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time after birth for the baby's heat regulating center to establish. In the nursery we had to watch the babies' temperatures constantly to keep them warm. When a baby was cold and not a good color we always stimulated it to cry. After it had yelled a while and filled its lungs, its color was better and it was warmer.

With the first breath a baby takes it comes alive and every breath thereafter brings in more of its energy. It is the electric energy traveling through the nervous system that begins to warm it. When I made a baby cry to take in more oxygen that was what was happening. I have handled hundreds of babies and watched that process repeat. A new born baby will verify this theory.

The first breath of life is the first charge of the battery, the magnetic field. This first intake of the electric current magnetizes the lower pelvis. The electric energy taken into the lungs by breathing is carried down to the magnetic field by magnetic gravity. From the base of the lungs to the magnetic field are nerves acting as wires to conduct the energy through. With the first breath the magnetic field is magnetized instantly to one's own brand of electric current, his own specific wave length, and it is the full intake of his own wave with each breath thereafter that supplies the fuel that is generated into nerve energy.

It is the depletion of the magnetic field, not being able to draw enough energy from the lungs, that gives the feeling of shortage of breath. It is the charge to the magnetic field that allows the patient to take a deep breath, seemingly way down to the pelvis, for the first time since the original depletion or spasm occurred. With the energy going through the so-called

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nerve wires the lower abdominal muscles expand and contract rhythmically with breathing. The air passage feels open all the way down to the bottom, as the patient expresses it. The magnetic field is conducting the incoming electric or energy current, distributing it through the body maintaining body heat.

A weakened magnetic field means a gradual shutting off of the nerve fuel throughout. The nerves shrink from inadequate fuel supply. Their activity becomes less and less. As that happens the system slows down. All body functions are under par.

Paralysis from a stroke is a violent seizure. Depletion is a slow process with much the same results but involving the entire body. People come in with skins white or colorless. There is no natural warmth there. Eyes are dull and lifeless looking. They complain of tightness and aches all over the body, neck, back and legs. They have no pep, no energy; they can't keep warm. They are nervous and do not sleep well. Many have calcium deposits in joints. The magnetic field is gradually shutting down from starvation of its natural fuel requirement.

He charges the magnetic field by feeding the required fuel to the depleted or starved nerves. The first thing the patient notices is warmth, which is the heat of the human electric waves going through all the nerves. The energy, recognized as heat by the patient, begins to relax and release the nerves and chords and the patient gets more freedom to move around. When the nerve building is completed the tension is released, there is normal color to the skin and it is warm to the touch. He has fed and built the magnetic field with the correct mating fuel, and

p. 56

the magnetic field is now generating normally. Body heat is maintained and the entire system picks up its full activity.

When the natural mating current is lacking, people are aware of a craving. They seek to satisfy it with surplus foods. They eat, they believe, for energy and strength. What they receive from the surplus foods or drink is only a temporary surge of energy. The nerves are not being fed. In many cases allergies to food occur or indigestion. How can all the drugs and surplus foods or drinks replace the natural mating current that the nerves are craving?

I have watched the recovery of many of these types of ailments: nerve depletion, fuel and energy starvation. The pattern of recovery is interesting—interesting to the onlooker but puzzling and aggravating to the sufferer. In cases of long-standing nerve tensions, when the patient is coming out of his condition, all the symptoms of his illness and depletion repeat themselves, in reverse order.

The nervous system is sluggish and in spasm. The correct mixture of the energy current is then fed into the magnetic field. As the energy current begins to travel through the nerves, they react. The sensitivity is restored and they go through all the stages that they went through when going into the process of their slow starvation. The physical symptoms repeat as the nerves accept the energy current and a new level of vitality is being maintained. These are the disconcerting stages. The patient finds it harder to believe that he is being helped. He feels he isn't getting better. He feels exactly as he did six months, one year, two years ago.

p. 57

In these cases recovery is slow. Treatment must go on for some time, slowly building the whole nervous system back to normal strength and vitality but, when that stage is reached, all the symptoms have gradually faded out and almost everyone boasts of feeling at least ten years younger.

This person has told me that he has watched many recoveries over a period of years. When the nervous system is well built the body finds its own level. The majority of the thin people gain and those who are bloated lose without dieting. When the proper nerve energy level is reached, body chemistry and metabolism are normally regulated.

Our bodies are complete universes. We have the ability to conduct and control ourselves independently of man made requirements or restrictions. The key to life and living is the flow of energy. Conduction of the human electric current governs its function and heals or prevents its ailments. Our own direct wave from the ruling solar suns is life itself, our own solar system or magnetic field.

In talking about generation of energy he said, "The lack of knowledge on the subject is surprising. In discussing human generation most people look at me entirely blank. And yet it is in the world all about them. In animals it is natural. People see it every day and do not seem to recognize what they see. In wild animal life it functions normally. The domesticated animal is subject to the afflictions of so-called civilization. Animals understand generation of energy and use it when necessary. Have you ever gone into a barn where there are horses and cows in freezing weather? When you open the door and walk in the

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first sensation is warmth. The barn seems warm. Why? Because each healthy animal is, in generation, warming himself and throwing off enough surplus heat to be noticeable. An animal usually will not perish from the cold where a human being will. Man does not know enough to start generation to keep himself warm although he is capable of doing so.

"Wild animals seek their own mates. They select individually and instinctively keep their energy current properly blended. Animals communicate with each other by waves. They also sense our minds. They understand our spoken word by the vibratory sound and familiarize themselves with what we mean by it. We talk about a dog knowing or accepting a person by scent. It isn't all scent, it is the generation of the individual wave length the dog recognizes. Upon working with them it has been proved to my satisfaction. A dog will obey instructions given to him on the thought wave. He will receive the thought wave if he is alert. The fox is an intelligent animal. He not only can read one's mind but he has unusual reasoning power as well."

All this is in the world around us but some of us have not realized it. We seem to have lost the key. The key to unlock it is conscious generation of our energy and intelligent use of the power generated. The Power works through us, if we so desire, and will enable us to fulfill our needs. Complete flow of energy through the nervous system keeps the body in health and function. The human energy flowing through the mind opens and clears it, enabling it to reach for knowledge needed. The wave vibrations, through the mind, can be used as a method of communication.

p. 59

[paragraph continues] We can send out messages and receive them from others. Between two people of compatible signs in marriage these activities may become highly developed.

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