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I am continually amazed and at a loss for words to attempt to explain the results this person gets with hearts. He doesn't have any words to tell me exactly. He just does things to them until they are right. A medical diagnosis, as to the type of heart trouble the patient has, means nothing to him. He only knows what the heart vibrations tell him.

The heart is a motor to him and he tunes it to sound. He slows it down or perks it up. He takes the gurgles and the swishes out. When it jerks he steadies it, when it pounds he cushions it, when it flops around he anchors it and when it is wild he tames it. If he finds tension or pull he traces a cord or nerve to the part of the body in spasm. He may trace it to a spasm in the calf of the leg or ankle, even the big toe, and releases the tension on the heart at that point. It doesn't make sense but it gets results. When he has finished there is a new heart in place of a worn out one. The most incredible part of it all is that the patient is unaware of any changes going on because this person has such absolute control in regulating the energy at all times. As he feeds the energy current into the rebellious nerves, they begin to react in groups independently of each other. He synchronizes the tensions in the heart and has them working in coordination and, unbelievably, this is usually accomplished within a few

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minutes. The nerves around the heart and those inside begin to react. They have to be dealt with and defeated. Each set eventually gives up the struggle; the nerves finally accept the flow of the energy current and start their coordinated control and operation. The tuning takes place periodically until the heart is under control and performing as it should. This may go on for several days until the spasms cease, and again there may be only the one struggle and the rhythm is established. Further work builds and feeds the nerves until a normal heart is the result.

Watching him work and listening to him talk, I have been convinced that he hears many delicate sounds and movements an ordinary ear or device does not hear. If so, the sounds have never been interpreted. Before he starts to work on anyone he first listens to the heart vibrations by placing his right ear on the chest of the patient. In a matter of seconds he can identify the nerves in spasm. He doesn't know how he does it; he just hears those things.

When I questioned him as to how he knew exactly which nerve to put his fingers over, he said, "Why, the vibrations just told me it was that one."

That seems to be the only explanation—vibrations must talk to him. When I finally pinned him down to a more specific explanation, this is what he told me.

"Fundamentally, all hearts are alike. It is the nerve spasms in each person that vary. The heart vibrations register nerve pull or spasm anywhere in the body. It may be in the feet, legs or brain. The nerve trunks have to be released and that relieves the tension of the heart. When the tension is gone the heart has to be tuned by balancing the energy in the nerves that

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have been struggling and fighting each other; that is, by anchoring it. Then the magnetic field has to be fed so that it can carry on the work of supply and control. If you must have a formula this is it:

"The Power, relayed through me as a mechanic, tunes the heart to sound and anchors it. It then increases the vitality of the basic control of the heart which is the magnetic field, thus increasing the flow of the life fuel to the heart. It stimulates the nerve energy to throw off the poisons through the kidneys, causing heavy flushing of the kidneys for several days."

"I can't get over the results you get by releasing tight cords in legs. It's the craziest thing I ever saw or heard but I have watched you do it and it works every time. I thought hearts were hearts and legs were legs."

"Tight leg cords are some of the worst offenders," he went on. "The leg cords pull on the magnetic field, creating the strain there, and that promptly registers on the heart. Until those legs are free from spasm and the heart is regulated, the patient should keep pretty quiet. Climbing hills and stairs causes a strain on the magnetic field and cuts the supply to the heart. If a patient has a severe heart strain it is better for him to go upstairs backward as there isn't as much strain on the magnetic field that way.

"Many people take longer to regulate than they should. After the spasms are taken out they feel pretty good. Then they go out and do some sort of work or exercise and set the nerves off into a spasm again."

"What about the different kind of heart diseases?"

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[paragraph continues] I asked. "Anginas and coronaries, for instance."

"Names don't mean anything to me. They're just all spasms pulling on the heart. There is a difference in sound in all hearts. Anyone who has had rheumatic fever usually has valves blowing. You hear gurgles and swishes that you don't hear in others. There is a very definite sound, a peculiar cluck, in the heart when there is tension from the brain. Every case of insanity or mental condition that has come to me has that funny cluck sound in the heart. When that is released the mind seems to be cleared. One was so violent that he had to be held down on the floor for me to work on him."

On the other hand I know the names but very little about the conditions. I know what a heart is doing by the feel of the pulse, and I know the emergency measures to take when anyone is having an attack, but I don't know what is going on inside. I do know that most angina sufferers are dependent upon nitroglycerine tablets, and I know the part the drug plays in the relief of the attack.

Following are two histories of typical heart cases as they were told to me.

Mr. A. had angina. He said, "I have seen seven doctors in three years and haven't had any help. One doctor gave me small tablets of nitroglycerine to kill the pain.

"It began with a heavy feeling around my heart. Then the pain would start in my chest and travel up my neck and into my head. It was severe pain, too. Then it would travel down both arms and my arms would become so heavy I could not lift them. The attacks became more frequent and more severe. I

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had to give up work and just rest all the time. When I came here first I was taking seven and eight of those little tablets a day. I had heard about this remarkable theory and decided to try the treatments. After the second treatment I could breathe very much better and deeper."

When he first came here he had wild vibrations in his heart. His magnetic field was in spasm. There was very little energy going to his heart, resulting in the sharp pains. Energy had to be generated into his magnetic field. When the energy, generated through this person, was tuning his heart, it put up a fight. It took about ten minutes to control the spasms before he could go home. He is responding nicely now. His heart is anchored and has just about quit fighting. He is still a little low on energy and the magnetic field has to be built until it is stronger.

"In twelve treatments," Mr. A continued, "I was very much better. My breathing was easier and I was taking less and less of the pills. First I went two days on one pill and now it has been eight days since I took the last. If I get nervously upset the pain will start, but all I need to do is rest quietly and breathe deeply and the pain goes away.

"I was walking to the post office the other morning and I had a few sharp pains. I had been swinging along, walking too fast; so I rested a minute. Then I went on slowly and I was perfectly all right again.

"I am living with my daughter and my young granddaughter. Her friends sometimes get pretty noisy and active and make me nervous, so that I have to send them away or get away from them. Then I am all right. It was suggested that I try going upstairs backward.

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[paragraph continues] It never bothers my breathing when I do. My granddaughter will watch me and say, 'Backing up again, Gramp?'

"I have had seventeen treatments now and I am so much better. I notice I am a little low on energy by the time I get here. I often have a heavy feeling in my chest but the treatment relieves that immediately. I haven't any pain to speak of and my breathing is fine. I sleep all night now. Before I began taking these treatments I was in and out of bed all night. Breathing would be hard and my heart very heavy so that I would have to get up every once in a while. I would do that several times and think, 'Guess I'll have to take Old Reliable.' So I would take a pill and get a little rest. Now I sleep all night and feel greatly improved. I feel very grateful as I have been helped immensely."

Mr. M. experienced a remarkable recovery from the hands of this person. Here is the story of his illness in detail as he gave it to me. It doesn't seem logical that he can be a well man today but he is. I have since become acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. M. and even find it hard to believe he was ever as sick as he describes.

"I was a well robust youngster," Mr. M. began, "as good as the best of them. At seven I had Bright's disease and dropsy, following just a mild case of scarlatina. The illness left me weak, thin and nervous. I was never any account so far as strength was concerned. When I was twenty-one I was six feet tall and weighed ninety-five pounds—just skin and bone. I could do some yard work in the vineyard but no field work. If I took it slow and easy I was pretty

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well but I was never able to walk fast or run. If I walked fast I got pain around my heart and sometimes it felt as if it were going to stop.

"I had periods of up and down. When I was twenty-eight years old I felt better and stronger for a time. I worked in the vineyards in the winter and spring getting the raisins dried. It was June when my work was finished and I went away on a vacation. When I arrived I decided to have a sweat bath. I thought it might rest and relax me and take the poisons out. I had the bath and went to bed early that night. About eleven o'clock I got an awful start in my heart. I felt as if I were dying. I got out of bed onto the floor. My heart pounded and everything went black. I was fading out and it felt as if my heart were stopping.

"I thrashed around on the floor to get some action in my heart, to start it beating again. The family got me into a hot bath and I came out of the attack slowly. My heart settled down but I still thought the end had come. When they got me back to bed I had a chill and shook all over.

"I was sick all that summer and winter. I had more chills but never as bad a spell with my heart as that. Then I got a little stronger. I am not a person to stay in bed. I would get up and put my clothes on even if I could go no farther than the chair in the room. I gradually got a little stronger. In February I went south and slowly recovered in the sunshine. I got back to the best level I had ever reached.

"I went along for a number of years with the usual ups and downs. I tried school and various things but

p. 46

would break down and have to give them up. I had another spell like the first but pulled out of that.

"In all those years and for all those spells I had seen doctor after doctor. I can't remember the number I saw but I never had any help from them. I would go through check-ups—blood, kidneys, heart, x-rays, physical examinations—everything. They never did find anything wrong with me nor did they help me. I was through with doctors. It seemed useless to try to find any cure. I went on by myself with those attacks. I just never expected any kind of health.

"When I was forty-one I married. That was ten years ago. I gradually picked up and had a period of where I was much better. My stomach improved and I began eating a greater variety of foods but I wasn't able to eat spicy foods. I gained weight and went up to 157 pounds, the best I ever reached.

"I was much stronger and was getting around on the ranch when I picked up a germ they called Valley Fever and for some reason it weakened me again. I was pretty sick and the old spells came back. I had terrible chills and fever. I went right down to skin and bone and all the old weakness again.

"Gradually I got over the chills but I didn't get over being cold and feeling faint most of the time. When I was lying down in bed my heart would pound and thump. It would vibrate and shake the bed. At first my wife didn't realize that it was my heart beating. She would feel the bed shaking and thought I was lying awake nervously drumming or tapping my fingers.

"That condition went on for several years. Finally, I decided to have another physical check-up and get

p. 47

some help if possible, so went to another doctor. I had a thorough check-up and examination but he could find nothing wrong; x-rays, blood tests, all were negative. My blood pressure was all right. All the doctor could find was a fast heart and the awful weakness and he didn't know what to do for that.

"Just a short time after that we went north. In the hotel I was told about this method. The one who recommended it had been helped by this person and spoke of his work very highly. She told me that he had great healing power in his hands. My mother, who was with us, called him in. I saw him work, had immediate confidence in him, and decided to have a treatment.

"The first treatment I had from him put me to bed for three days. It exhausted me. I was so relaxed I couldn't get out of bed. I had no desire to.

"He didn't have his fingers on me more than two minutes when I began to sweat. The sweat poured out from my arms and ran down my hands into puddles on the floor. It was the strangest thing I ever saw. It took me three days to gather a little strength to get out of the bed and several more days before we could start back to the ranch. By the time we got home I felt wonderful.

"All the years I had been ill my color was very bad, a pasty, yellowish hue, and my skin was dry. I always looked ill. Several days after we got home I went over the ranch inspecting everything as I hadn't been able to do for years. I didn't feel weak and I didn't get tired. My color and appearance had already started to change and improve. After that day everyone

p. 48

around the place was wondering what I had been doing.

"Ten days later I went back for the second treatment and the same thing happened all over again. He laid me out flatter than a hot cake. Anybody who could keep me in bed was doing something. I had never stayed in bed but now I didn't want to get up. I had no desire to move. He took all the starch out of me and gave me complete relaxation. A week later I was back on the ranch feeling wonderful. Everybody commented on it and I talked about it all day long.

"My foreman was a sick man. I didn't think he could last much longer. I felt so sure this form of treatment could help him that I sent him up and paid his expenses. After the first treatment he was more of a booster than I was. He is a well man today and has half the valley people going up for treatment.

"I had talked things over and I knew that I would get no place with just an occasional treatment; so I arranged my affairs at the ranch and went back to take a series of consecutive treatments. Once I got started with the regular treatments I didn't think I could go through with them. I was sick I tell you. I went through hell—no, maybe you had better not put that in. But I suffered everything. I sweat gallons as all that fluid, that body bloat, came out the pores of my skin."

This person explained that when Mr. M. came to him seeking help his vibrations indicated spasm of the magnetic field. His heart was going about 135 and it sounded like valves blowing causing a slushy sound. He had to be released from tension. The nerve energies

p. 49

had to be increased to force the poisons through his pores and kidneys. Then the valves had to be ground by building the nerves that control them.

Mr. M. continued, "I didn't know how I was going to go on with it, I was so sick. One morning when I felt I couldn't keep on I phoned my wife and she came up. After she came I felt better about everything. She took over ordering my meals, read to me and looked after me. She made me feel better—not so alone."

"He was sick when I got there," Mrs. M. took over the story. "He was like a man in the midst of a nervous breakdown. He would say to me, 'I can't stand all this. It's too much. He must cut down and skip a few treatments. He doesn't realize how sick I am and I can't stand it. I'll tell him when he comes that he must cut down. He must listen to me'."

"Yes, I remember that," Mr. M. resumed. "I was all ready to tell him when he arrived but as soon as he walked into the room I would feel better. I could feel the strength and power radiate from him and I took it in. He would start to work on me and I would never say a word.

"When I began to feel well enough to get up I felt as if I were recovering from a nervous breakdown. Things bothered me. I was relieved of the tension but my nerves were let down. I felt insecure. We began to go out of the hotel and the first few days on the street I could go only a few steps. I had to take my wife's arm and I couldn't watch moving things. It took one week before I could walk one block as my heart was still weak from the years of strain on it.

"He had to relieve the nervous tension first before

p. 50

he could build me up. Then I went right straight up. I popped up. He told me he was giving me straight building energy and in one week I didn't know myself.

"When I got back to the ranch I got right into the midst of things as it was harvest time. I didn't get tired. I didn't worry and there was cause to because of the difficulty of getting workers then. I raced all over the place and amazed everybody. I ate well and I slept soundly and awakened fresh and relaxed. In four or five weeks I had put on twenty pounds. Everybody spoke of the change in me, especially my color and the appearance of my skin. Old friends I hadn't seen in a long time hardly knew me. Everything about me improved, even my eyes. I had worn glasses and had expected to get stronger ones but didn't need to. Right now I can sit and read fine print for four or five hours and never notice it.

"I am better and stronger all the time. I go up occasionally for a few touch-up treatments to keep myself in line. This person has made me a well man. He has given me health I never had and did not ever expect to have. He has a great healing power and I believe his knowledge needs to be given out to the world and his work taught."

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