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All life exists with the power to reproduce in kind. We are given, not only the ability to reproduce, but the task of nourishing and fueling each other through the positive and negative formation, in this way increasing the strength of our magnetic field to bring our bodies and minds to the highest level of health and vitality.

All the organs of the body, including the heart, are in reality nerve structures working as a unit by means of human energy. The magnetic field radiates energy to all parts of the body through the nerves and nerve relay centers and their branches. The brain receives the energy current, distributes it to all controlling centers and relays the impulse back along the returning nerve channels. As he explained it to me, the brain is one of the important switchboards of the body, similar to an automatic switchboard in a telephone office which receives the incoming message and relays it through the wire to its proper and specified destination. As the energy travels upward into the brain cells, we walk, talk and react as intelligent, coordinated human beings.

I have grown used to this person's reference to nerves as cords and wires. Wires is the more apt description. He demonstrated to me by placing his fingers on my body and increasing the human energy in

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one specific nerve trunk at a time. I had immediate relief from pain and proper function of the area controlled by that nerve. Sometimes it was my hip, my shoulder, my leg or my heart. I was astonished but convinced.

I remember saying, "Why, we are nothing but puppets strung on wires!"

He laughed, "Actually that is all we are and human energy through those wires operates us."

As is known, our own required energy current is taken in through the air we breathe. When the period of adolescence is passed and as we become matured adults, our body requirements change. For continued smooth functioning the nervous system requires and demands a greater supply of the human energy force, our own, plus the mating energy. This blending is created through the sex relationship with one of our properly mated wave energies, which is nature's method of keeping the magnetic field vital.

Every parent has to meet the problem of explaining sex to the growing, inquisitive child. But how many understand the purpose behind it all? Nature's purpose is reproduction of the race but even though reproduction is controlled by many, nerve fueling is imperative through normal sex life, without insulation, in order to maintain health.

If those entering into marriage are instructed in its true significance beforehand, most of the hazards can be eliminated providing they choose a compatible energy which blends with theirs. Children resulting from these marriages are, as a rule, healthy and normal.

One of the main fueling nerves in connection with

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the magnetic field in women is the clitoris nerve. This nerve is important to the magnetic field in rehabilitating and vitalizing it through natural sex life, thus enabling it to draw sufficient energy from the atmosphere through the lungs in order that the heart and other organs will receive their proportion of energy.

When the clitoris nerve is dormant it does not properly relay the fuel to the magnetic field. With a partial dormancy of the magnetic field as a result, there is insufficient distribution of the energy and nervous tension increases. Over a period of time definite symptoms appear. These are manifested in heart strain, shortness of breath symptoms, sinus, bronchial trouble, eczema, allergies, indigestion, supposedly ulcers, headaches, pain and stiffness of the neck and shoulders, as well as being put unjustly in the class of neurotic. One would be surprised at the ailments which originate from this source.

These complications also have their effect upon the nervous system of the husband. As he receives an insufficient amount of his required nerve fuel from his wife, his nervous system begins to react from starvation of nerve energy. Tension and irritability increase and friction may start in the home through under-stimulated nerves.

As a rule woman is slower to animate than man, but when stimulated, she will automatically start generating. However, she must receive the generation in return from him. He should have the wisdom to generate energy to her in order to complete the revitalization of their magnetic fields. Otherwise, she being more sensitive, will eventually cease generating to him and accept the act as a marital duty.

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Fueling of the magnetic field may also cease as a result of opposing energies. When the wave energies are not properly blended, there follows a feeling of dissatisfaction or depletion which many people don't comprehend.

Women are more likely to be victims of a partial dormancy of the magnetic field. This dormancy is usually caused by shock or injury of the clitoris nerve sustained during the first sex act. This is unintentional and is usually due to lack of knowledge of the importance these nerves play in our health.

If a man understood this importance to himself and to his wife, he would take all the care necessary to avoid shock and injury to those delicate nerves. When the clitoris is aroused all the other nerves are relaxed; muscles and tissues are receptive, and injury and pain by force are unnecessary. Nature provided for all these things but we have misunderstood and misused our wisdom. Prevention through understanding is always the best remedy and that prevention lies in teaching our children.

When it is understood that the purpose of cohabitation is replenishing the race and also feeding the nervous system, then that force is given its true value. The energy thus generated controls the machinery and when the machinery runs smoothly it can be forgotten. With properly matched wave energies this is demonstrated. The desire then assumes its proper place and, in all contacts of daily living together, the feeding goes on by radiation.

I talked with a young couple, husband and wife, and watched their progress under the theory outlined. They were an example of the consequences of opposing

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wave energies, with a partial dormancy of the magnetic field in both. He was a fire wave energy and she was an earth wave energy. Eight months before he had come as a critically ill man but today he is well and normal.

This is his experience as he told it to me.

"I was sick before I began taking these treatments. I just about couldn't go any further. I had a bad back and heart. Everything was the matter with me. I had been seeing a doctor for sometime but was just getting worse. He couldn't seem to do anything for me. I was taking shots twice a week, then every other day and finally every day but I continually grew weaker. I had reached the point where I couldn't eat or sleep.

"After the first two treatments I didn't notice much difference except that I could breathe more deeply."

He was interrupted and asked: "When was it you ate the steaks?"

"That was after the first treatment." He laughed a little embarrassedly. "When I left here I felt hungry for the first time in years and decided a steak would taste good. I went into a restaurant and ordered it. Boy, it was good but I was still hungry so I had a second one. For weeks before that food sickened me but that day it took two steaks to fill me up. I haven't missed a meal since. I got over everything quickly. After the third visit I began to feel wonderful. I went back home entirely well after ten treatments. My work isn't easy but I went back on the job at once and I haven't had a sick day since. I brought my wife up this time and I am just having a few treatments for good measure while I am here."

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According to this theory when he first came for treatment he had a depleted magnetic field and nerve spasm and a troublesome heart. His wife is in the same condition now—depleted magnetic field, a wild heart and had had migraine headaches. They have three children but never at any time has she had a response during sex relations, according to her. Her clitoris was dormant with inevitable depletion of the magnetic field and now she has a severe heart strain. There was very little if any generation or feeding of the energy current between them. Their magnetic fields just shorted. When they are rehabilitated they will probably be relieved from their difficulties for some time because they are both of good strong stock.

"You don't know what it is going to mean having my wife well again," the husband said earnestly. "She has been in bed a good part of the time. With three little children it has been hard. My family doctor wasn't able to help her, although he told me what was the matter with both of us just as you did. He explained it a little differently than you do but he said there was nothing anybody could do about it. The doctors apparently don't know what to do for people like us. I am going to take my wife in to see him when we go back, have him check her and tell him about this work. I think he will be very interested."

The wife showed her illness; she looked frail and nervous. Her heart was "wild." I put my fingers on her pulse. It was rapid and irregular and her breathing was fast and shallow.

This person said, "That heart is too wild now to tune. For a day or two her magnetic field will have

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to be revitalized. Then her heart can be tamed and cushioned."

The third day he was ready to tune her heart.

"Put your fingers on her pulse and see what happens," he told me. I put my fingers on her wrist and he put his fingers first on her chest, the back of her neck and then between her ribs near the heart.

The quality of her pulse changed first. It became stronger and the beat firmer under my fingers. Then gradually it began to slow down and the volume improve, the beat growing regular. In about three minutes her pulse was beating at a normal rhythm and rate, her respiration slowed and became deeper and the look of strain and apprehension was erased from her face.

At the end of ten visits she was a different appearing young woman. She was relaxed, smiling and rested looking. They returned home two very happy people.

"She should go on improving and growing stronger," this person told me. "The energy current through her field will continue working for some time. All the nerve structures will receive their quota of energy now that the spasm is released from her heart, until the field again becomes depleted. It won't give her trouble for some time. Under these conditions both of them can go on without difficulty until their magnetic fields need revitalizing but they will need revitalizing from time to time because of their mismated wave frequencies. However, they aren't apt to get in that run-down condition again for some time."

In different people different sets of nerves may be affected, creating different symptoms, but the cause is

p. 36

still the same—depletion of the magnetic field and spasms from lack of properly blended fuel.

I talked with one young woman where such was the case. Her recovery was spectacular and it has completely baffled and mystified her. She told me all her symptoms and her search for help.

"I don't remember how many doctors I actually consulted but each one gave me a different opinion. I thought I had stomach trouble because I had had severe pains in my stomach for years. When I had an attack my abdomen swelled out until I could hardly breathe. Every doctor I saw wanted to operate and each one wanted to operate for a different reason. I wouldn't agree to an operation because I never felt sure they knew what was the matter with me.

"For the past year I have had severe pains in the back of my legs. Four months ago I had an attack in my back; it was torture to get around. I saw a doctor who treated me but I just got worse so I stopped the treatments. A neighbor told me about this form of treatment. She had great confidence in it and urged me to try it. I had reached the point where I didn't care any more because I had been to so many doctors and none of them helped me. I came to this person to satisfy her, not myself. I was badly swollen that day, hardly able to breathe.

"He didn't have his fingers on me for more than ten seconds when he said to me, Now where is your stomach?'

"I looked down and almost fell out of the chair. The swelling was gone! It was miraculous! It just wasn't there at all. I was flat again and could breathe deeply for the first time in three years. When I got

p. 37

outside I just stood awhile and took great, deep breaths of the fresh air.

"I think this work is wonderful. I've never known anything like it in my life. I still can't get over what happened to me. Why, all the swelling was gone, just like that—instantly. I had five treatments and in that time I had two attacks. The first one came on suddenly after dinner but by the next morning it was gone. Then I had another mild one that didn't last long. I have had none since. The pains in my legs disappeared after the first treatment and have never recurred. I am almost through with my series of treatments and I feel just wonderful."

This again is just another manifestation of nerves in spasm from lack of their required mating fuel. The depleted magnetic field affected the nerve supply to the stomach and intestines. The spasm of the nerves created a ballooning of the bowel, producing all the pain and distress she complained of. All the treatments she had from doctors did not release the nerve spasm fully and there was no matching energy current to build and feed the magnetic field and nervous system. When this person fed the correct mating fuel through his finger tips into the magnetic field, the spasm released in a matter of seconds and the abdominal swelling disappeared. It collapsed as if by magic. With the spasm and tension released she could breathe deeply, bring a full supply of her own wave into her magnetic field, blend it with the correct energy being distributed and send the mixture out over her entire nervous system. When the energy had completed its full circuit she was relieved of all pain.

The magnetic field and the branches involved were

p. 38

consequently weakened due to the length of time of the depletion of the magnetic field, thus causing spasm. The two recurring attacks she had were the result of weakened nerves not being able to retain the energy, but the attacks were milder and shorter. After the first release of the spasm it was a matter of rehabilitating the nerves to full strength for conduction of the energy current.

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