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Chapter Two


As a student nurse, in my first few months of training, I stood around in amazement listening to the senior nurses and medical students chatter along in medical parlance. It was then a foreign tongue to me but it was not long until I could listen intelligently and join in the conversation.

Listening to this person as he worked and talked, I experienced a similar sensation. He has evolved a lingo of his own—mechanical and electrical terms—with a few descriptive phrases tossed in for good measure. We have had many intense discussions on some of his terms. I would attempt to understand and interpret his explanation of a condition in medical terms while he struggled to comprehend my viewpoint from a medical definition. We have been surprised many times to discover finally that we were talking about the same thing.

One of his most frequent expressions is "When the signal comes . . ." This is his guide. I have seen him many times listen to the heart vibrations and feel around experimentally over several nerve centers when working on a patient. Then the expression of his face changes, he settles into an eased position and starts to feed the energy into a specified area. Then I know the energy is working through him.

In matters of business he will shape his plans. Then

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when he receives the signal, he will go into action with the inevitable successful results. To him, the use of the inner wisdom is constant and as natural as breathing.

But still I find words awkward and elusive when I try to tell of the instantaneous perception and recognition he has of each one who enters his office. A patient needs only to rise from his chair in the waiting room, walk into the inner room and this person seems to recognize his controlling energy current. He seems also to sense the stress, pain and emotion the patient is experiencing. He then places his ear over the chest and listens to the vibrations of the heart. They register the body and nerve tension and indicate to him the nerve and nerve centers in spasm. How can I analyze and break down into simple terms this ability?

There are many things in our world today that we accept without technical understanding. Some people know and can explain them but even the explanation is not always clearly understood by me, for example, radio. I know vibrations send forth the messages into the atmosphere on stated wave lengths. I know because I have been told. I turn the dials to a specified kilocycle and hear a program. I still do not understand the technicalities but I accept the fact of its existence because my radio is the proof.

That principle applies to this person. He is an animated radio station equipped with a receiving set. I had meant to be facetious the first time I applied the comparison but to my amazement I found it to be so.

Mental telepathy and psychic phenomena are well

p. 21

known terms for some of the inexplicable happenings we know and experience. But they are not phenomena. They are the inevitable fulfillment of universal wisdom in action. Being controlled by universal power and governed by universal wisdom, everyone is a universe within itself possessing a sending and receiving set.

Some of us are seemingly more highly developed than others and experience psychic wisdom more easily. It is not a gift reserved for a few. It is a wisdom whose application we have been unaware of, but the wisdom is universal and belongs to us, waiting only for our development.

There are three energy currents, functioning at different frequencies, which determine the individual. There are twelve zodiacal divisions, with their subdivisions, consisting of thirty-six human energies which make many different frequency combinations and control life as a whole. To rebuild the nerves, to relax the spasms and feed the required energy, these energies used by him in his work must match or synchronize with the patient's.

At first reading that sounds improbable until understood, but I have witnessed the use of these energy currents and experienced their sensations. I don't believe even this person's explanation helps much. According to him, he draws the necessary frequency from the atmosphere and generates it through his finger tips.

About this point I would reply, "I give up. I can't possibly tell people that and expect them to understand, let alone believe me."

He always looked a little puzzled and a little hurt. To him it is so familiar and so simple that anyone

p. 22

should be able to understand.

I questioned, "Can you find others to teach?"

"There are many people who have a strong energy current of their own for healing that can be further developed," he replied. "Some have it and are not aware of it and others are aware of it and only need instruction. All that is required is persons strong in their own energy. The patients and workers could be grouped so that the frequencies of the workers would synchronize with the human fuel wave of the patients."

"What do you mean by one being strong in his own energy?"

"A child is born with a strong or a weak nervous system," he went on. "That is determined at conception and is the result of the energies of the parents. If they are of mated frequencies and are well and strong at the time the child is conceived, that child usually has an easy birth and a strong, healthy nervous system. When he reaches marriageable age and if he marries one of correctly mated energy, natural feeding continues, health and strength increase and all the desired requisites of life are fulfilled.

"If the child is the result of mismated energy currents and the parents are nervous, discontented or not well at the time of conception, that child usually has a hard delivery due to the mother's tight nerves which are caused from inefficient energy fueling. He inherits a weak nervous system and is a victim of low energy and nerve depletion most of his life.

"The individual with a strong, healthy nervous system generates enough fuel or energy current to maintain his own requirement and automatically radiates

p. 23

a strong surplus. He is the person who is best equipped to heal. He could be instructed to direct the energy through his hands and feed nerves and release nerve spasms in a person with an energy current that blends with his own.

"This nerve building is going on all the time only it is seldom recognized or understood. For an example we'll take a masseuse. Several clients will claim the masseuse has ability to massage, relax and relieve pain. One client may be able to go several days or a week without pain returning and even be permanently relieved. Others may get little or no relief from the same masseuse. Those who receive relief have blending energies and by massage are fed, without realizing it, their required current and nerve energy from the masseuse, who is strong enough under her own energy to feed them.

"Take yourself, a nurse. There must have been times when you had more success in handling patients than others."

"That is true," I answered. "The more successful the results the more it exhausted me. At the end of such cases I usually went to bed for several days."

"You are an example of the delicate nervous system," he said. "You relayed energy to others of your compatible wave length but the results were exhaustion and depletion in you."

"How well I know, never having had sufficient energy to enable me to do the things I wanted to do."

This person went on with his explanations. A child born under tension inherits a weak magnetic field. However, the pelvic tensions can be released shortly after birth (enabling the child to draw more energy

p. 24

from the atmosphere, automatically revitalizing itself) by a person with the properly blended fuel who is able to convey the energy to the pelvis of the child. This would eliminate many unpleasant reactions of health. From birth and through all one's life thereafter the nervous system is constantly acted upon and influenced by the waves radiating from all human contacts.

The position of the planets at the moment of birth represents the influence exerted upon one's personality from the three ruling solar suns. The combination of the radiation from each sun, at different frequencies, establishes one's very life.

At the moment of birth the first breath taken determines the pattern of the individual. According to astrologers that individual will be a fire, earth, air or water sign. That first energy charge determines or establishes the magnetic field and individuality of one but it is influenced in many ways by contact with others of different wave energies.

There are compatible wave energies, neutral wave energies and negative wave energies and those waves or energy currents act within our field similarly to those of mechanically generated electricity in electric appliances. Compatible or matching wave energies together generate two energy currents as required for magnetic fuel. It is the contact of the two energy currents which blends the positive and negative action of the human electric energy and charges the human magnetic field.

Compatible wave energies are, as a general rule, two in kind: earth with earth, fire with fire, air with air, water with water providing the individuals are

p. 25

of a different birth month but matching frequency, although many alterations can occur by the different planetary positions.

Negative wave energies are two waves of different brands (relatively speaking, unless the exact planetary positions are known) i.e. earth with air, fire with water, etc. Their combined action causes a depletion of the magnetic field thereby causing it to lose its drawing power or human energy taken in by the lungs.

Two waves of the same wave energies are neutral: earth with earth, fire with fire, etc., when the individuals are of the same birth month and are not feeders. They, ordinarily, do not create a fuel. They blend and act as one brand. They are duplicate in type and will set up a fuel starvation in the field. With a depletion in the magnetic field the proper amount of fuel is not taken in and slow starvation of the nervous system begins and continues over a period of years.

These are the general principles. There are finer divisions and gradations when applied individually, for our own wave energy is our individualization. Each wave energy should be matched with proper percentages or proportions of the correct blend, but this is not the time nor place to go into these finer details.

Distribution of our own energy current goes on continuously from the electric energy force we breathe. By radiation we partially influence the field of every person we come in contact with and, in like manner, they influence us. This is constantly having its effect on our magnetic field, thereby affecting our nervous system.

p. 26

[paragraph continues] If our own generation is strong the cross energies from others have little or no effect on our nerves. If we are weakened or depleted, reaction is likely to set up in the magnetic field.

This is greatly emphasized on personal contact such as in handling a baby. In the growing child the needed feeding of the nerves must come by radiation from his associates. During this period his nervous system is strengthened and built up or weakened and depleted. If the child's energy current blends with that of the father or mother, he will be soothed, nourished and built up by contact with that parent. There will be harmony and understanding between the child and that parent and the child will seek instinctively to be with him or with her as much as possible. When the wave energies are in opposition, there is nervousness and friction between the child and parent. If both parents oppose his wave energy there is the possibility of a problem child. The child may be delicate, high strung and his nature a mystery to his parents.

When the child reaches school age he will select his own playmates. They may seem a motley crew but he is drawn most naturally to companions of a blended energy, which is, without his realization, fuel to him. Those associations will automatically feed this depletion. When he doesn't find the matching fuel to feed his nerves he will prefer to play alone. Perhaps he was a thin, nervous and irritable child until he started school but after a while began to improve. The reason is that his nerves are receiving their much needed fuel.

In instances where the mother's wave energy is opposed to the child's wave energy the problem is

p. 27

greater because of the closer and more prolonged contacts between mother and child. The child is apt to be nervous and difficult to deal with. Outside associates will counteract this condition to a degree. A compatible energy helps to build up and restore the irritated nerves but not sufficiently to balance the longer relationship in the home.

When that individual marries the pattern is then more or less set for his life. Marriage to a person of correctly mated energy will rapidly feed and restore the depleted nerves and in a few years’ time a tremendous change will have taken place. He will have developed and undergone a complete change in personality and conduct. With a relaxed nervous system his prospects of health and success are highly favorable. If he marries one of an opposing energy the results are, of course, the contrary. Little feeding can occur, the magnetic field is partially depleted and as a result there is starvation of the nerves. In such cases this condition sets up a restless searching and discontentment.

The greatest handicap for a child is to have his mother in an opposing energy. The child is, of course, in constant relationship with his mother, and the opposing energy thrust upon him lasts over a long period of time. Hence, in those dependent years, the greatest damage is done to the nervous system.

With this understanding it is advisable to plan, if possible, to have children born under the most favorable conditions. They should be compatible energy currents to both parents, if possible. If not, then to the mother, because of the greater period of close

p. 28

contact. Early marriage to one of a compatible energy is the greatest insurance for building a healthy body and living under the happiest and most desirable circumstances.

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