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Spastic condition is a dreaded affliction which sometimes sets up a fear in people about to have children, knowing that it is usually caused at birth. I have watched this person work on several spastics and his work and results are thrilling and gratifying. The younger the child, the greater and faster the result.

Spastic affliction is caused by shock to the magnetic field, causing it to retain permanent spasm, thereby not drawing the required amount of energy through the lungs. The incoming energy current from the atmosphere cannot be handled by the magnetic field in sufficient quantity nor can it send the necessary nerve fuel through the nervous system. This sets up a shrinkage causing spasm of the nerves.

There are many degrees of spastic condition, at different levels of tension in children at birth, depending upon the nerve tension of the mother at delivery. It is, as a rule, easy to relieve spastic conditions if recognized a short time after birth. Almost anyone having the proper wave frequency to blend with the frequency of the afflicted child can feed the energy to his magnetic field by placing his hand on the child's pelvis, thereby releasing its spasm so that he can draw the energy through his lungs to the pelvis, thus energizing

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his nerve structure and thereby eliminating the spastic condition.

The longer the tension or spasm continues in the magnetic field, the greater the damage is to the body nerves and their structure, thereby making the tension more difficult to relieve. The younger the child the easier it is to help him by releasing the magnetic field. It is then strengthened by recharging it with human energy.

I don't think I will ever forget the first spastic that I saw him release and build. The baby was fifteen months old at the time and the mother told me that she had taken her to numerous doctors all over the state. The doctors could do nothing, only offer a thread of hope that she might grow out of the condition.

The baby's legs were straight and rigid, her little fists clenched and motionless since birth, and her head rolled about grotesquely. She had never held it up. We placed her on the desk before this person. He put his fingers over the lower abdomen, the magnetic field region, and directed the energy current through for a few minutes. She began to make restless, jerking movements.

He spoke gently to her, "You don't like it, do you?" with a smile. The energy was releasing the pelvic nerves in spasm. The nerves resent it at the start.

The restlessness stopped. Color began to creep up into her cheeks, luster to her eyes, and the waxen quality of her skin was replaced by healthy, normal pink glow. He removed his fingers, "Now, let's see you kick your legs. Pull them up—that's it—now kick them out."

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I found I was holding my breath and let it go with a deep sigh as the little legs relaxed, came up and kicked the air and the fists unclenched as she made spontaneous baby gestures.

"Hold the baby up now," he directed the mother. "Now," speaking to the baby, "raise your head. That's the way, hold it up. Fine, now doesn't that feel better?" The head wobbled, jerked a few times, then slowly came to a normal upright position in obedience to his spoken words.

"We'd like to see her in two weeks. A few more times and she should be all right."

The mother gathered the baby up, speechless at first. Then a torrent of confused words of gratitude poured out. There was wonderment, hope and thankfulness shining in her eyes.

When they had gone I turned to him and said, "That baby was not old enough to understand the words you spoke but she did just as you told her. How do you explain that?"

With a beaming smile he said, "No, she did not understand the words but her nerves responded to the vibrations of my voice."

I was beginning to get used to rabbits jumping out of hats at me, so I was not too surprised at this answer. But this rabbit turned out to be one of the strangest yet. What he told me staggered my senses. This man does not make statements that he has not proved for himself and can demonstrate. I did not then question the veracity of his words but waited for a similar situation and saw it work with my own eyes.

The next spastic baby was just a little over a year old, too young to understand more than a few simple

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words, but she obeyed the commands given her. Her legs stretched out, her fists opened and she raised her head to a normal, upright position for the first time by herself. Those words were beyond the intelligence of a normal, healthy child of that age. How could a spastic baby know what they meant? This is how he explained it to me.

Through lost knowledge the functions of the various parts of the body have been erroneously interpreted. The life force is of electric energy; consequently, the body must be mechanically constructed to conduct, transmit and be activated by the human energy current. Thought control, thought direction and discrimination are energy impulses supplied from the magnetic field to the subsidiary brain within the skull, thereby causing impulse reaction through the nerves . and their relay centers, affecting the movements at will of all parts of the human structure.

When he placed his fingers on the lower abdomen over the magnetic field of this baby, he relaxed and strengthened it, enabling it to draw more energy through the lungs. As the energy current traveled through the relays in the subsidiary brain and back, the circuit was established. With the energy current he put into the magnetic field, he sent with it the thought waves for action, the instructions for the nerves and brain to respond. The spasms were relaxed, the major brain was electrified and the minor brain ready for response. As he spoke, while generating, "Kick your legs, pull them up, kick them out, raise your head, hold it up," the vibrations of his voice, the command given in his words to the thought implanted sent the impulse upward, and the controlling

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centers went into action and responded. The little legs pulled up, kicked out, the head raised and slowly came into an upright position. The thought impulse over those controlling centers or relays was started and they began to carry on by the repetitious impulse constantly received.

As the baby continues with her treatments, the muscles controlling the neck, back and legs will develop and strengthen by use and the normal progress and growth of the child will continue.

When Tommy C. was brought in both of his legs were drawn backward and twisted—a spastic paralysis from a birth injury. Tommy could not talk and was quite deaf but was as bright as a new penny. He didn't need words. His eyes and gestures left one no doubt as to his meanings. He made sounds and they ran the scale of tone and expression but he did not use his tongue and his lips to form words. Tommy's father told me his story.

"Tommy will soon be nine years old. He seemed normal at birth. We first found out he wasn't when he didn't walk. He was always good natured and seemed well until he was five months old. He had a high fever for a short time. The doctor didn't say what it was except that it was nothing serious.

"When he was three and a half we took him to a children's clinic. He was one week in the hospital for a complete examination. They told us that it was a spastic condition of the knees, perhaps from a birth injury. They wanted to operate and lengthen the cords of his legs, then put him in casts with weights on his legs. He was in a run-down condition so the operation was postponed for a year. We heard about

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an osteopath and took Tommy to him. He was going to make him walk. He used some sort of electrical treatments but didn't accomplish anything.

"The doctors ordered braces. They were made onto a pair of shoes but they were not successful. After wearing them awhile the skin on both legs was galled. He was in pain all the time so we took them off his legs.

"Oh yes, we knew then that he was deaf and could not speak. He makes sounds and noises and he points. He is bright and seems to understand everything. We were advised to have a tonsillectomy done. We did but we couldn't notice any effect from that. Then they made casts for both legs and split the casts so we could remove them. They were on for ten days and when we took them off, his legs were galled and bruised. The doctors were dissatisfied with that method of treatment and abandoned the idea.

"Tommy had picked up a bit and we were considering the idea of operating when he got whooping cough and it had to be put off again. Last September a friend recommended this form of treatment. He told us about another little spastic boy and what wonderful work had been done for him. We decided to bring Tommy up and just got here this summer. Several things prevented us, along with Tommy's getting the mumps.

"Tommy has had four treatments and I already have great hopes for more improvements. His legs have limbered up considerably and he is more active. This method of treatment is the only one that has agreed with Tommy. All the doctors just made him more miserable."

p. 66

It was only a short time after I had talked with Mr. C. that Tommy had his treatment. Great shrieks and howls penetrated from the inner room. It didn't sound to me as though this person were getting along agreeably with Tommy.

"What were you doing to Tommy to make him yell so?" I asked after they had gone.

He laughed. "You know, sometimes after the vocal cords are energized they remain lazy. By exciting them through anger they will become active. Tommy wanted to hit me and just as his hand came close, by my giving him a quick twist he would miss. He became more and more angry. Pretty soon he'll get angry enough to talk, although he'll probably swear at me first."

At the end of twelve treatments Tommy was attempting to walk by himself from one piece of furniture to another. He had even attempted stairs and had done quite well. By gripping the rungs in the banister he had accomplished several himself. With his father supporting his elbows he could mount the full flight into their house. He was also starting to talk. "Mama," "papa" and "no" were distinct. The word "airplane" was recognizable. Tommy is responding to his treatments rapidly.

When he first came he had a spasm in the magnetic field and in his leg cords, causing shrinkage of the nerves, locking his legs in the jack-knifed position. By generating the human energy through the nerves it effected a release of the tension and there is no reason why he can't have full recovery in time. After three visits his ear nerves were relieved of tension so that the energy could travel through them.

p. 67

He can hear now. His father says that he hears all small noises and can recognize an airplane by sound when he is in the house. He didn't talk before because of his deafness. There is a certain amount of laziness there. He gets along very well with his sign language but he is also using words now.

Several treatments passed before I saw Tommy again. I walked into the office and Mr. C. was sitting there. Standing by himself near a window, straight and tall, gazing down on the busy street, was Tommy. Even I was amazed.

"Has he done that before?" I asked.

"Not like that," Mr. C. told me proudly. "I think it is pretty good."

"Pretty good! I think it is wonderful," I said.

"It really is. It is wonderful," he answered quietly.

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