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A stroke has its origin in the magnetic field. One or more of the main feeders is put into spasm from a variety of causes. This spasm continues without relief to the point where the nerve or nerves cannot take it any longer. One violent seizure occurs and the nerves are paralyzed.

The spasm in the pelvis, the magnetic field, creates a terrific nerve tension, causing pressure. The nerves can stand only so much pressure. When they reach capacity they will short out. The electric nerve lines from the magnetic field to the subsidiary brain are overloaded from the pressure and the weakest spot on those lines is the subsidiary brain nerves. When the pressure becomes too great, a fuse blows out. Just as an ordinary light fuse severs the lead by melting, so the brain accident occurs. The fuse in the brain tissue ruptures and severs the nerve line, disrupting the circuit. A degree of paralysis is the result.

The degree of paralysis indicates the quantity of the nerve supply involved. If there is movement or motion of the affected part, some of the subsidiary nerve supply is still functioning. Sufficient amounts of the energy current are passing over the small branches to allow motion. If paralysis is severe, or the paralyzed part is completely dormant, only enough of the

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energy current is seeping through to keep the nerves alive.

I had never before seen the amount of restoration of the affected parts after a paralyzing stroke or strokes until I saw this person restore them. His explanation uncovered many mysteries. All his work is seemingly incredible but the results are before the eyes. Repairing an electric line sounds simple, but realizing this person is doing it to human bodies, I find it most inspiring. This is how he told me he releases a stroke.

First the magnetic field must be relieved from spasm so that it can draw the energy to feed the nerve wires to their normal capacity. The energy is then increased in an attempt to make it jump the space that has been disrupted. If the circuit isn't completed, he tries to make contact with the magnetic field by generating the energy in the paralyzed section, reversing the charge.

But the troubles all start in the magnetic field. The tension builds up in the pelvis and immediately registers on the heart. It can be heard in the heart vibrations and, by tension, starts the spasm, causing pressure similar to that of an over-loaded line. When the small nerves in the subsidiary brain exceed their capacity in tension, and spasm—then it happens—the same as blowing a fuse on an electric line—making a portion of that line dormant and causing a specific area to have a degree of paralyzation.

"Don't you think," he concluded, "that these strokes could be prevented by releasing pressure or spasm in the magnetic field through feeding human energy current to that area, or properly blending their compatible

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waves so that the magnetic field would remain relaxed?"

One of his patients was in the final stages of recovery from a stroke. His entire left side had been affected. He had regained almost full use of his arm and hand, speech had cleared, his mind was clear and alert, and his left leg seemed normal except for a slight drag of the foot. As he walked the foot was relaxed from the ankle but the right outer edge of the sole was dragged along the floor.

After a treatment he was asked to get up and walk across the room. The drag remained. We directed him, "Pick it up, put it down, bend it, step forward from the ball of the foot."

Slowly he did it perfectly; with normal gait he dragged it again.

"That foot is open," this person said. "All the nerves are working right."

"You know what it looks like to me," I said. "As if he had forgotten how to use it, forgotten how to step on it correctly."

"Oh," he said, light breaking. "Come here, that can be fixed."

He put his fingers on the side of the patient's head for several seconds.

"Now walk across the room, pick your foot up and step forward on it."

The patient did as directed and left the office that day with a normal stride. The correct functioning thought was sent into the magnetic field with the energy current and carried to the minor brain. When this person placed his fingers on the patient's head, he regulated the nerve balance in the brain. The controlling

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centers to the foot and leg picked up the message, carried the impulse downward and the foot responded. The circuit was re-established from the magnetic field, the major brain.

Mrs. T. had received results from this form of treatment. As her arthritic condition improved, her cousin, Captain D., watched her progress with interest and acknowledged that she was getting better. But if she believed that she was getting better because a man told her he was relaying energy current to her through his fingers, she was as mad as he was. Hokum, that's what it was.

Then the Captain had two strokes. Mrs. T. waited a while then insisted that the Captain begin the treatments. But let me tell it as the Captain told it to me.

"I was going to sea on my own ship with the Merchant Marine until 1942 when I went ashore to a desk job. I had had a bad heart for years. I don't know what it was except that the doctors said it was fast and skipped beats. I doctored all the time but it didn't change any. The following summer I developed asthma and the next year I had to lay off work and retire. The asthma kept getting worse and then I developed dropsy.

"The doc put me to bed and kept me there. I was fighting for breath. I had to sit up all the time to be able to breathe, to get any air at all. He put me on digitalis, one pill four times a day. Four days later I had my strokes. The first one came at noon and the second that night. My whole left side was paralyzed. I was foggy and slow mentally, my vision was blurred and the left side of my face and mouth were completely paralyzed. My left arm and leg were dead; to

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move my left arm I had to pick it up with my right hand.

"The doctor filled me with hop to keep me quiet at first. After that he said there was nothing to do for a stroke but to keep very quiet. I was still fighting for breath and still had the dropsy. My legs and ankles were swollen big with fluid. The doc gave me pills for my kidneys and I was put on a diet. I had one quart of milk and one pound of fruit a day. I was weak from lack of food and that did nothing for my dropsy.

"I was in bed a month and when I began to get up I had to have help because I fell all over myself. I took some pretty bad falls but I wouldn't give up. I dragged my left leg and had a hard time keeping my balance—I was top-heavy. My mouth was drawn all out of shape. I couldn't get my dentures in so finally had to have them remade. I saw the doctor twice a month but didn't improve.

"My cousin was receiving remarkable relief from a long standing chronic case of arthritis by taking treatments from this person. He had also worked on my wife and helped her hearing—but I doubted whether he could do anything for me. Finally I consented to a treatment. He limbered the left leg and arm and that gave me more strength and control. He worked on my kidneys which caused large and more frequent eliminations.

"The next morning I was able to make the trip to his office although my wife had to go with me. He treated my heart and kidneys first and built me up so that I could commute daily. Eight days later I was

p. 73

much stronger and I told my wife that she could stay home. I walked two blocks alone without help and took the train across the bridge. I had quite a bit of confidence by then and handled myself very well.

"I was still taking the digitalis but it was bothering me. It just didn't agree with me so I spoke to this person and he told me to ask my doctor about it. I didn't see the doctor. I just tapered it down one pill at a time. After a few weeks I discontinued taking it entirely.

"I had a treatment every morning and at the end of six weeks I was generally better but he still hadn't gone to work on my arm or leg. He continued to build my heart and kidneys and I was getting rid of the dropsy. I was eliminating large quantities of fluid all the time from the kidneys and from perspiring. My legs were going down in size. I forgot to tell you that my left hand, the paralyzed one, had been terribly swollen with fluid. The back of it stood up at least an inch higher than the other one. Now all the fluid had gone out of it. It was normal looking again.

"My breathing was much better by then. I had only been able to get air down a short way in my chest but now it seemed that I could breathe way down to my pelvis. My chest soon cleared up entirely.

"By spring my kidneys had gone back to normal, all the fluid had gone from my legs and ankles and they were normal in size and have stayed that way. Then he began to work on my arm and leg. I took several treatments before I could get my arm up over my head, but at the end of a month I could use my arm and fingers. I could dress myself alone and I could

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put my shoes on, cross one leg over the other and tie my shoe lace.

"I was sleeping well every night, six or seven hours without waking. There was steady improvement. I postponed my treatments and took a trip north for three weeks. When I came back I began with three treatments a week. I was having more use of my arm and hand and I was no longer dragging my foot when I walked. In June I was having just one treatment a week and was doing very well. During the last week of July I drove my car for the first time since September of the year before. Before I drove it, though, I overhauled the engine. I was able to handle the tools and control my hands very well.

"This person went on a two-month vacation at the end of July and I was fine for a while. A couple of weeks before he came back I had a set-back. I got short of breath, couldn't sleep and my chest filled up. I had to take it easy. When he got back he gave me a treatment. I let down right away; I can breathe better and really sleep now. I'm feeling like myself again. My heart doesn't bother me any more and my chest is clear. There is also an improvement in my eyes. Just before the strokes I had new reading glasses and they were pretty strong. After the strokes I had a hard time seeing out of them. Now I can't see out of them at all, they are too strong. My eyes are still changing and getting stronger."

The Captain got too ambitious, causing the setback. He overtaxed his energy, setting up a tension in his magnetic field affecting the flow of energy to his heart. His heart is smooth and steady but it will take

p. 75

a while longer to make it secure. There is still a nerve tension in his arm and leg but that will automatically release after his magnetic field is strengthened so that it can draw sufficient energy to feed those nerves.

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