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There are times, it would appear, that I am becoming an animated question mark, but the answers this person has and his demonstrable proof only whet my interest and foment new ideas and new questions. The answers he gives are new and startling to me and, on first encounter, will probably be hard for some to accept but his theories prove themselves over and over again.

During my first few months of contact with him and my early education in his work, I wondered greatly how his teachings and explanations would be accepted and believed, but watching his patients and listening to them talk changed my mind. They are all interested and bewildered but elated with the results. His explanations to date have been purposely and necessarily brief and vague. They listen intently, amazed and surprised, but never scornful. The result taking place in their bodies is proof enough for them. In conversing with many of them it appears that each one has given it considerable thought and worked out an acceptable explanation for himself based on his understanding of the human body and the general principles of electricity.

We are witnessing and sharing in tremendous developments in the field of electronics. Many developments we know and many are yet to be explored. If

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this great universal knowledge and force can be employed in mechanical progress and development, surely it will work for and through us as human beings, for we are the most awe-inspiring piece of machinery ever devised and our aliveness, our self, is the very essence of electronic force.

(I wrote the preceding paragraph in June, 1945. In putting the book into shape I was about to discard or rephrase it but changed my mind and have allowed it to stand. In August the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. After this demonstration is there anyone qualified to question what can be done?)

In conclusion, here again are his theories: All knowledge of everything in the world stems from one established force, Universal Wisdom. The wave energies blending from the three ruling solar suns maintain life; from this power comes all creation, all intelligence. All that man has brought forth in wisdom, teaching or invention—knowledge, unchanging and unalterable, containing every reason and riddle of mankind and our existence on earth—comes through on the waves. From this source comes the wisdom and development of life itself. The pattern is timeless and ageless; it always has been and always will be.

The wisdom is in the waves and could have been brought forward in any age. The Power is universal and eternal. The knowledge could be brought forth in every civilization, every century, every generation. In man's mind it comes first as a dream, a vision or an inspiration, and is then reproduced in material form. We mistakenly claim the authorship of such wisdom or invention but the form is within the universal

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design belonging to life. This form is never new; it is only remodeled. Man brings it forth and individualizes it with his own expression. Thus the idea is not the property of one mind; it is only expressed by that mind.

This Power, this storehouse, is the seemingly unknown quantity behind intelligence and reason and it is into this we tune to bring forth what we blind mortals assume to be the product of our own very superior brains. We are incapable of conceiving anything to compare with the magnificent over-all design within the universal; but the great volume of unlimited wisdom is always present, waiting to pour forth any and all things we seek and desire to accept and to use. Knowingly or unknowingly, it is into this vast pool of wisdom we tune. We have always sought the devious and mysterious explanations and have overlooked the simple ones.

We mortals operate on wave lengths from the Universal, the Trinity; these are our life waves. They are distributed, one wave from each of the ruling suns. Each of our waves is on a set length or frequency; the blending of the three waves is the Power. This sets the pattern of our individual frequency. It is the source of our personality, our identity and it is as distinct and individual as our own finger-prints.

On the strength of our wave we, similar to a planet, operate by our magnetic field through the medium and receive the knowledge we need from the vast pool of wisdom. It is given to us for our use, impartially and unstintingly, to the capacity of our desire and application. The Universal Power has no restrictions for

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any man but recognition of the Power in operation and obedience unto it.

The intelligence in operation proves itself over and over again. It gives inspiration to the mind. We remain confused and drugged by many laws and are, therefore, not open to accept the wisdom from the Power of Powers. To obtain knowledge we must seek it and then our vibrant field opens to the vast pool of wisdom.

When we are in tune with Universal Wisdom it pours wisdom out to us in unlimited quantities as rapidly as we can absorb and make it our own. Questioning is quite natural to us—we accept the prompting and make it our own when we prove its accuracy and worth—but questioning of the Universal Wisdom slows our growth and advancement.

For the answers that we seek and cannot find in the world around us most of us invariably turn inward and attempt to solve them with our own intellect, but when we are able and will reach into the true source of knowledge we receive the answers immediately. When we acknowledge and accept the source of the Power, it will continue to increase and will bring knowledge for success in our endeavors.

This person depends upon the Universal Wisdom and the source of Power through him, as a mechanic, to help people with their human ails. By the knowledge, given to him, of individual frequencies of persons, he takes in the energy current from the atmosphere through his own magnetic field, distributes it through his finger tips, and thus transmits it through nerve centers in the body. He transmits only the energy current; the energy current then operates in the

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patient's body through its normal pattern. Body restoration and healing are begun.

This is the so-called Miracle Man. The title, and reference to miracles, always disturbs him. This is a gift from the Power of Powers. For himself he claims no success, no reward; he is only a receiver and transmitter of the Universal Power. His instruction and application from the Source he obediently follows and the Power does the work.

"These are not miracles," he has insisted to me. "Don't you think this is merely an application of the ancient wisdom, known as the laying on of hands, the wisdom to know how to distribute the life rays matching the frequencies of the human being with a weaker nervous system, enabling him to draw the necessary energy?

"We are all similar. When the energy current is flowing through the nervous system only healing and perfection can be the result. The energy current is the life-giving, healing and restoring force that makes the body and the mind function. It has taken me most of my life to realize that many people do not understand this. People are led and influenced into all sorts of conditions because of the inability to reason from facts and use their minds intelligently and independently."

There is proof in his every word; his patients are helped as all will testify. All the accounts of the people I have talked to and the results I have watched and checked are facts. All the methods he uses are new to me and to most of us but the fact remains, they do exist. He possesses them and uses them constantly. He literally knows nothing of symptoms of

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disease, laboratory or clinical diagnosis. He has told me, and I readily believe it, that he has treated and made well scores of conditions wherein he hadn't the faintest notion what the person had or of what happened, medically speaking, as he or she recovered.

But he did know the nerves and their branches that were not working; he knew the circuits that were not properly functioning and the organs and parts of the body that were not receiving their quota of the human energy current. When he had over-hauled the motor and had all the circuits opened up and the right amount of the right kind of energy in the motor, the patient recovered.

When I have ventured his theories into some of the less well-known and vaguer types of disease, we have only been able to guess at results; just a recital of the symptoms is no help. This is the reason. For him to know what is the matter with any person with any ailment that person must be before him, because only then are the inner workings and disfunctions revealed.

His knowledge of treating is not the result of his own conscious mind and he makes no pretense that it is. When a sick person stands or sits before him, he tunes his frequency into the higher frequency of the universal waves and is then directly controlled by the Supreme Intelligence. When that contact is made, and it is instantaneous, for it is of the speed and action of electricity, he is also in contact with the wave length of the person before him.

In split second timing that person's ailments and their source unfold through his mind. It instantly reveals the time and cause of the initial nerve irritation

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that disturbed the balance of the motor, the magnetic field. The cause and the source are localized. At the same time, the wisdom directs the application of the energy current and the pattern to follow. That direction remains as an etching and is added to, from time to time, as necessity demands.

By the time he has placed his ear over the chest of the patient, his instruction is complete. The vibrations between the beats of the heart register the location of the afflicted nerves. The number and type of vibrations verify the duration of the condition. He has sensed the cause—the heart vibrations verify the situation—he is ready to work.

His fingers go unerringly over the affected nerves and he feeds the required energy current into the indicated center. He follows implicitly the directions given. His own personal task is distributing and blending the proper amount of energy current. This is his responsibility at that time and each treatment thereafter. Once the energy current has entered the body of the patient and is circulating, his responsibility ends. The energy then acts or reacts upon the nervous system under its pattern. Then the body maintains its normal function.

When the body is strengthened by a strong, properly nourished nervous system the mind is geared accordingly. Then, possessing a great sense of ease and contentment, one's desires are normally to do good, to help his fellow men, to share good fortune and radiate thoughtfulness and kindness.

It is nerve tension that produces irritability, dissatisfaction, frustration and envy, and these in turn

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create an appetite for power, and power creates greed; and so it grows. The nerve tension is the simple hunger for the proper nerve fuel and when the sufficient amount is received the body is at ease and the mind content.