Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics: Page Index


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The Eight Ornamental Sections

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The Five Animals

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2.—For the Middle of the First Month, or 'Rain Water.'

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3.—Second Month, name of Solar Term,—the 'Waking of Insects'

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4.—Middle of the Second Month,—termed the 'Spring Equinox.'

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5.—Third Month,—Solar Term 'Pure Brightness.'

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6.—Middle of the Third Month,—termed 'Corn Rain.'

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7.—Fourth Month, Solar Term named 'Beginning of Summer.'

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8.—The Middle of the Fourth Month, termed 'Small Full.'

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9.—For the Solar Term of the Fifth Month, named 'Sprouting Seeds.'

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10.—The Middle of the Fifth Month, termed 'Summer Solstice.'

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11.—For the Solar Term of the Sixth Month, named 'Slight Heat.'

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12.—For the Middle of the Sixth Month, termed 'Great Heat.'

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14.—For the Middle of the Seventh Month, termed 'Stopping of Heat.'

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15.—For the Solar Term of the Eighth Month, termed 'White Dew.'

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16.—Middle of the Eighth Month, named 'Autumnal Equinox.'

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17.—For the Solar Term of the Ninth Month, called 'Cold Dew.'

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18.—Middle of the Ninth Month, termed 'Frosts Descent.'

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19.—The Solar Term of the Tenth Month, called 'Beginning of Winter.'

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20.—For the Middle of the Tenth Month, termed 'Slight Snow.'

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21.—For the Solar Term of the Eleventh Month, named 'Great Snow.'

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22.—For the Middle of the Eleventh Month, called 'Winter Solstice.'

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23.—For the Solar Term of the Twelfth Month, named 'Slight Cold.'

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No. 1—The Honourable and Real Form of the Great Pure Ancestral Teacher

page 153

No. 2.—The Venerable Prince Li playing the Lute

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No. 3.—Hsü Shên-wêng's Method of preserving the Air and opening the Passes

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No. 4.—The Immortal with the Iron Crutch pointing the Way

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No. 5.—The Maiden Immortal Ho slowly ascending to Heaven

page 159

No. 6.—Pai Yü-ch‘an seizing his Food like the Tiger

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No. 8.—The Immortal Maiden Ts’ao looking at the Figure of the Ultimate Principle of Being

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No. 10.—Ma Tan-yang's Method of using the strength of Fire for the whole Body

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No. 11.—Chang Tze-yung driving the Pestle

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No. 12.—Miss Huang-hua Sleeping on Ice

page 165

No. 13.—Yin Ching-ho's Sleeping Plan

page 166

No. 14.—Li Ch‘i-ch‘an’s Method of dispersing the Semen

page 167

No. 15.—The Maiden Chang Chên-nü fixing her Animal Spirits

page 168

No. 17.—Hsueh Tao-kwang rubbing his Heel

page 169

No. 18.—Ko Hsien-wêng opening the Thorax

page 170

No. 19.—Wang Yü-yang's Method of dispersing Pain

page 171

No. 20.—The Maiden Ma rubbing (away) the Disease

page 172

No. 21.—The Picture of Chang Kwo-lao abstracting from and adding to the strength of Fire

page 173

No. 22.—Ch’ên’s kung for obtaining his Great Sleep

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No. 24.—Han Hsiang-tse’s Figure for nourishing Man's Heart

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No. 25.—Miss Chao-ling's manner of making disease go

page 179

No. 26.—Lü Ch’un-yang’s Figure of sustaining the Pulse

page 180

No. 27.—Ch’ên Hsi-i imitating the Cow descending from looking at the Moon

page 181

No. 28.—Fu-yeu-ti-chün drawing the Sword from its Scabbard

page 182

No. 30.—Ch’ên Ni-wan’s Method of grasping the Wind's Nest

page 183

No. 31.—Ts’ao Kwo-chieu taking off his Boots

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page 185

No. 32.—Chao Shang-tsao’s Method of transferring and stopping the ching

page 186

No. 33.—The pure peaceful Heavenly Preceptor's Sleeping Kung

page 187

No. 34.—Sun Hsuen-hsü imitating the Black Dragon taking hold of his Claws

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page 189

No. 35.—Kau Hsiang-sien’s imitation of the Phoenix  spreading its Wings

page 190

No. 36.—Fu Yuen-hsü embracing the Vertex

page 191

No. 38.—Li T‘ieh-kwai the Immortal leaning on his Staff

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No. 39.—The True Jade Immortal's method of harmonizing the Hall of the Kidneys

page 194

No. 40.—Li Ye-p‘o imitating the child reverencing

page 195

No. 41.—Lan Ts‘ai-ho imitating the Black Dragon shaking his Horns

page 196

No. 42.—Hsia Yün-fêng imitating the Black Dragon in a horizontal position on the Ground

page 197

No. 43.—Ho T‘ai-ku supporting Heaven, seated

page 198

No. 44.—Liu Hsi-ku exhibiting terribly the Ferocious Tiger

page 199

No. 45.—Miss Sun Pu-erh waving the Flag

page 200

No. 46.—Chang Yao-yang imitating the Child worshipping the Goddess of Mercy

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No. 47.—Tung Fang-shuo's Method of grasping his Big Toes

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No. 48.—The Patriarch of P‘êng’s Method of brightening the Vision

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Extra Curative Kung without Prescriptions

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The Dragon Series

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The Tiger Series

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Books on Kung-fu

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Method for Acquiring the Essences of the Sun And Moon

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The Eighteen Disciplinary Records

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Divisions under the External Method

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Notes on Kung-Fu Regulating the Various Parts of the Body

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1.—The First Aspect of Wei-to

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3.—The Third Aspect of Wei-to

page 257

4.—Taking away a star and changing the Dipper for it

page 258

5.—Pulling Nine Oxen's tails backwards

page 259

6.—Pushing out the Claws and Extending the Wings

page 260

7.—Nine Devils drawing a dagger

page 261

8.—Three Plates falling on the ground

page 262

9.—The Azure Dragon stretching its Claws

page 263

10.—The Lying Tiger springing at his Food

page 264

11.—Making a Bow

page 265

12.—Wagging the Tail

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The Nine Figures to Remove Disease and Lengthen Life

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Description of Diagrams

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Physiology of Kung-fu

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Diagrams Illustrating the Physiology of Kung-fu

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