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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

No. 27.—Ch’ên Hsi-i imitating the Cow descending from looking at the Moon (#).—To cure spermatorrhœa only.

When there is about to be an emission, let the middle finger of the left hand plug the right nostril, and let the right hand middle finger press the wei-lü (#) aperture, coccyx, (where the seminal road or vessel is supposed to be situated), and so stop the flow of the semen; revolve the air in 6 mouthfuls.

p. 181

The kung is sometimes termed—A Cow grasping the Moon.

The Shên-hiung (#) Soup.

Prescription.—Take of ginseng, kow-ch‘ï, yuen-chï, hwang-ch‘i, liquorice, kwei-shên (#) [see tang-kwei], tu-chung (roasted), pai-shu, ti-kuh-p‘i (#) root bark of Lycium chineuse, p‘o-kuh-chïh (roasted), of each the same quantity. Add 1 slice of ginger and 7 lotus seeds deprived of their core. Make a decoction with water, and take.

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