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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

No. 18.—Ko Hsien-wêng (#) opening the Thorax.—To cure the thorax of obstruction.

Stand erect, the feet placed after the Chinese figure of 8 (#); interlock the two hands, carry them to the front of the chest, rub them times without number, and move the air in 34 mouthfuls.

p. 170

Another plan is with the left hand using force directed to the left, the right hand also forcibly following the left, the head also with strength directed to the right, the eyes strongly directed to the right, move the air in 9 mouthfuls, change the hands and repeat.

The Powder for widening the Centre.

Prescription.—Take of chïh-ch‘ioh (roasted), chieh-kêng, fu-ling, pan-hsia, orange peel, hou-p‘o, hsiang-fu, sha-jên,—of each the same quantity. Add a few slices of ginger, and make a decoction.

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