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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

No. 4.—The Immortal with the Iron Crutch pointing the Way.—For the cure of paralysis.

This disease is supposed by the Chinese to be caused by phlegm blocking up the passages; that on the left is called tan (#), that on the right hwan (#).

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Stand firmly, point with the right hand to the right, eyes to be directed to the left, wove the air round in 24 mouthfuls. Let the left foot point to the front, look to the right and left, move the air round in 24 mouthfuls, then the right foot in front.

The Harmonizing Air Powder.

Prescription.—Take of ma-hwang (#), Ephedra vulgaris; orange peel; wu-yao (#), Daphnidium myrrha; pai-chiang-ts‘an (#), chw‘an-hiung, pai-chih, of each 1 mace; liquorice, chieh-kêng (#), Platycordon grandiflorum, dried ginger, of each 5 candareens; chih-ch‘ioh 1 mace. To be taken in boiled water, in which 3 slices of ginger have been digested.

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"The Immortal with the Iron Staff" is included by Tauist writers in the category of the Eight Immortals. His surname was Li. He is largely represented in Chinese legendary lore. No precise period is assigned to his existence upon earth. His disembodied spirit entered the body of a lame and crooked beggar, and in this shape the philosopher continued his existence, supporting his halting footsteps with an iron staff. Hence his name, T‘ieh Kwai.

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