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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

No. 12.—Miss Huang-hua (#) Sleeping on Ice.—To cure consumption and extreme debility from venereal excesses.

p. 165

Lie with the left hand for a pillow, rub the abdomen with the right fist, flex the right foot a little, press the right leg upon the left a little, and as if sleeping in this manner inspire 32 mouthfuls, and move the air round in 12 mouthfuls.

The Soup of the Great Shop for strengthening the Centre (Thorax).

Prescription.—Take of ginseng, pai-shu, fu-ling, pai-shao, shu-ti [see shêng-ti] (#), hwang-ch‘i, of each 1 mace; tang-kwei, chw‘an-hiung, tu-chung (#), bark of an Euphorbiaceous tree, ts‘ung-jung (#), Æginetia Sp., ku-chï (#), legumes of Psoralea (Bauchee seeds), of each 7 candareens; liquorice, cinnamon, of each 3 candareens. Boil with ginger and jujubes, and take it at any time.

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