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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

No. 20.—The Maiden Ma (#) rubbing (away) the Disease.—To cure imperviousness of the air and arteries.

Stand firmly. If it be the air and blood vessels of the left side that are not pervious (i.e., not circulating so as to reach all points), then the right hand acts the kung, and the idea or thought is to be directed to the left. If it be the right side that is impervious, the left hand acts, and the will is to be on the right. Each side to have 5 mouthfuls of the revolving air.

Except that the hand is pointing, this Figure of Miss Ma resembles that of Miss Ts‘ao (No. 8), who is viewing the Absolute from which is evolved the two primordial or positive and negative essences, or male and female principles.

Ma Ku is one of the female celebrities of Tauist fable, a sister of the immortalized soothsayer and astrologer Wang Yuen of the Han dynasty.

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The Putchuck Flowing Air Potion.

Prescription.—Take of pan-hsia, ch‘ing-p‘i, liquorice. o-shu (#), Kampferia pandurata, betel-nut, hsiang-fu, ts‘ao-kwo (#), Amomus medium (Ovoid Chinese cardamom), pal-chïh, mu-kwa (#) Chinese quince (Pyrus Cathayensis), ginseng, ch‘ih-fu-ling, red variety mu-t‘ung, hwo-hsiang (#), Lophantus rugosus (bishopwort), ting-hsiang, cloves, flower buds of Eugenia carophyllata, orange peel, tzŭ-su, jou-kwei, hou-p‘o, mu-hsiang, mai-tung, pai-shu, ch‘ang-p‘u, Acorus calamus, ta-fu (#), betel-nut skin. Add 3 slices of ginger and 1 jujube, and make a decoction.

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