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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

p. 137

12.—For the Middle of the Sixth Month, termed "Great Heat."—Sit all in a heap on the ground, twist the head toward the shoulders, and look like a tiger to the right and left each 3 × 5 times, etc. To cure rheumatism of the head, neck, chest, and back, cough and asthma, thirst, dulness (taking pleasure in nothing), fulness of chest, pain of the arm, palms of the hands hot, pain above the navel or the shoulder and back, cold and hot perspiration, frequent micturition, diarrhœa, skin anæsthetic, inclination to grief and crying. (See Figure).

p. 138

For the last half of the Sixth Mouth, the kung-fu is sit quite straight, extend the fingers upwards, bend them backwards, perform this 3 times, then bending them to the front in the same way in front and behind alike. To cure the loins, spine, feet and knees of paraplegic wind, and to disperse the vicious air of the bladder.

The spleen is called "Constantly Present;" designation, the "Soul's Residence;"—in form, phoenix like. It secretes the soul, resembles an upturned basin, colour like white reflected on yellow, covers the centre above the navel, in front covers horizontally the stomach, its pulse issues out of the side of the end of the big toe of the left foot just at the corner of the nail, distant about the breadth of the leaf of the chiu-ts‘ai (allium tuberosum). (See illustration).

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During the Sixth Month, the following exercise is given as directing into the right courses. Extend one foot, bring both hands to the front, and let them draw the feet 3 × 5 times. Also kneeling, both hands grasping the earth, turn the head and look, using force and looking like a tiger 3 × 5 times. This exercise can drive away the rheumatism which obstructs the spleen, and promotes digestion.

The tiger appears as the illustration of the lungs in the hung beginning the Autumnal three months. Its spirit's name is "Truly Beautiful," and its designation "Empty Completeness." It is like a tiger, and secretes the soul. It resembles the suspended bell (ching) of the Buddhists; its colour is like white reflected on red; it is placed above the heart, opposite the chest, and is of lobes. Its pulse issues from the inside of the end of the thumb of the left hand, distant from the nail over two fên, in the middle of the hollow there. (See illustration).

The kung for the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Months is with both hands to grasp the ground, contract the body, bend the spine, raise the body 3 times, to disperse the vicious wind of the lungs and the old injuries that are there collected. Also turn the fist and beat the back with the left and

p. 140

right hands each 3 times, to drive out the enclosed; poisonous air in the thorax; and, after having done this for a long time, shut the eyes, knock the teeth, and rise.

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