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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

p. 192

No. 38.—Li T‘ieh-kwai the Immortal leaning on his Staff.—To cure pains of the loins and back.

Place the hands to the back and stand firm, take the staff to buttress the loins, let the left side lean on the staff, revolve the air 108 times, divide into 3 mouthfuls and swallow, afterwards kneel, swing from aide to side as if sweeping the ground. Do it on the right side in like manner.

This Figure is elsewhere called—The Immortal leaning on a Stick.—For the cure of lumbago.

Take 18 mouthfuls 3 times, and move alternately the lags as if sweeping the floor.

p. 193

The Tang-kwei Method of picking out Pain.

Prescription.—Take of ch‘iang-hwo, liquorice, hwang-ch‘in (digested in wine), yin-ch‘in (#), Artemisia sp., roasted in wipe, of each 5 mace; k‘u-shên (#) root of Sophora flavescens or gustifolia, ko-kên (#), Pachyrhisus angulatus, ts‘ang-shu, of each 2 mace; fang-fêng, kwei-shên (clarified), chih-mu (washed in wine), ginseng, shêng-ma (#), Astilbe chinensis, fu-ling, tse-hsieh, chu-ling, of each 3 mace. Dose 8 mace, made into a decoction with water, and no special time for taking it.

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