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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

p. 161

No. 8.—The Immortal Maiden Ts’ao (#) looking at the Figure of the Ultimate Principle of Being (#).—To cure inflammation, pain and swelling of the eyes.

p. 162

Fix the tongue on the palate, direct the eyes to the vertex and nose [alternately], cause the fire of the heart to descend to and enter the yung-chuen (acupuncture aperture in the centre of the sole of the foot), draw up the kidney water (semen) to the kw’ên-lun. In performing it, do it 3 times each time; set it on fire in 36 mouthfuls.

The Bright Eye Flowing Air Potion.

Prescription.—Tang-kwei (#), Ligusticum acutilobum, pai-shao (#), Pæonia albiflora, shêng-ti (#) Rehmannia glutinosa, lung-tan-ts‘ao (#), Gentiana scabra, ch‘ai-hu (#), Bupleurum falcatum, hwang-lien (#), rhizome of Coptis teeth, chih-tse (#), Gardenia florida, tan-p’i (#), root bark of Pæonia montan;—of each 1 mace. Take of rhubarb boiled in wine, dried and again boiled and dried 3 × 7 times, 2 mace; and make a decoction and drink.

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