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Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics, by John Dudgeon, [1895], at

p. 184

No. 31.—Ts’ao Kwo-chieu (#) * taking off his Boots.—To cure pain of the foot, calf of the leg and abdomen.

Stand firmly, place the right as if scaling a wall, let the left hand hang down, direct the right foot in front, and step in vacuo. Revolve the air 16 times. The left ' and right are the same.

p. 185

This exercise is elsewhere called—The Immortals taking off their Shoes.—For the cure of lumbago.

The right foot is directed to be firmly planted on the ground and the other slightly raised on the toes, and 18 breathings to be taken.

The Ch‘iang-hwo Soup for nourishing the exhausted.

Prescription.—Take of ch‘iang-hwo, chw‘an-hiung, ts‘ang-shu, pal-chïh, nan-hsing (#); Arisæma japonicum (?), tang-kwei, shên-ch’ü, of each 1 mace; sha-jên, kwei-chïh, bark of cassia twigs, fang-chi, mu-t’ung, of each 8 candareens. Add 3 slices of ginger, and make a decoction.


184:* One of the Eight Immortals of Tauist fable.

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