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The Pillars of Orion

Other Tongues--Other Flesh

by George Hunt Williamson


George Hunt Williamson was a pioneering UFO researcher who developed many of the themes of modern UFOology. Williamson invented the concept of 'walk-ins,' who he called 'The Wanderers.' Walk-ins are normal humans who are actually (unknown to themselves) reincarnated 'Space Brothers.' Williamson also worked with George Adamski, another UFO pioneer. One of the centerpieces of this book is a labored interpretation of symbols in footprints left when Venusians had a close encounter with Adamski in the California desert.

Williamson has a somewhat opaque and very inflated resume. While his official bibliography lists numerous academic credentials and honors, Williamson actually dropped out of college, purchased some of his degrees from a diploma mill and invented the rest. He also claims to be an expert on Southwestern Native Americans, which is strange, because I've never seen any papers by him on that topic. Despite the attempt to reinvent himself as a bona fide scientist, Williamson repeatedly disparages the scientific method in this book, calling scientists 'The Guessers.'

Even murkier is his association with the Nazi William Dudley Pelley, whom he worked for briefly in the early 1950s. That said, it is difficult to spot any explicit trace of extreme right-wing politics in this book. Williamson believed that most of the aliens visiting Earth look like humans (or are humans), are benign, and preach a telepathic message of peace and brotherhood. In this book at least, the amoral, almond-eyed 'grey' aliens who conduct hostile abduction of humans for medical experimentation and mutilate livestock are nowhere to be found.

This book fell into the public domain in the US, because it was not renewed at the US copyright office in a timely fashion as required by law at the time. It is not currently in the public domain in any other country. For an independent report on the copyright registration and renewal status of this book, see this PDF file.

Title Page

Book I. God Provided--Man Divided

Chapter 1. The Great Influx
Chapter 2. The Grand Man
Chapter 3. Magnetism: The Universal 'I Am'

Book II: Other Tongues

Chapter 1. The Solex-Mal
Chapter 2. Tracks on the Desert
Chapter 3: Maldek and Malona

Book III. Other Flesh

Chapter 1. The Migrants
Chapter 2. The Wanderers
Chapter 3. The Prophets
Chapter 4. The Harvesters
Chapter 5. The Agents
Chapter 6. The Intruders
Chapter 7. The Guessers
Chapter 8. The Remnant