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The following works are recommended to those interested in the Saucer phenomena for they are considered authentic and contain excellent source material.

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Keyhoe, Maj. Donald E., The Flying Saucers Are Real, New York, N. Y., 1950.

Keyhoe, Maj. Donald E., Flying Saucers From Outer Space, New York, N. Y., 1953.

Layne, Meade, The Ether Ship Mystery And Its Solution, San Diego, Calif.

Layne, Meade, The Coming of The Guardians, San Diego, Calif., 1954.

Leslie, Desmond and Adamski, George, Flying Saucers Have Landed, London, England, 1953.

Pelly, W. D., Star Guests, Noblesville, Indiana, 1950.

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Williamson, George H. Bailey, Alfred C., The Saucers Speak! Los Angeles, Calif., 1954.