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"To the apples we salt we return!" Remember that strange phrase from "The Saucers Speak!"

Space intelligences said that this was one of their old prophecy legends, but what could it mean? It sounds as though space people salted away some apples and were now returning to them. But what about the word "apple"; what did it represent?

For many months now, evidence has been accumulating at a rapid rate that there are many people on Earth that don't really belong here! This doesn't mean that they came here aboard a Flying Saucer, disembarked, put on a tweed suit, polished up their English language and moved into the house next door. It does mean, however, that there is a special class or order of beings in the Universe that are different from the rest because of the fact that they wander from one world to another, and from one system to another. They are the "chimney sweeps" of Creation. It is their specific job to go to the "trash cans" of the Universe and give aid to their fellow man on those backward worlds.

If these Wanderers didn't arrive here by spaceship, how did they get here? They volunteered to come to Earth and go through the reincarnational cycle here. In otherwords, they were born here! They have birth certificates, they went to school,

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had the childhood diseases, drank soda pop at the corner drug store and made eyes at each other in school, or threw "spit balls" at teacher. In brief, they were exactly the same as all the other people on Earth, except for one thing: they didn't belong here! They occupy physical vehicles and are born to parents of their own choice who they feel will best give them the advantages and training they need to fulfill their missions on Earth.

It was this special order of beings that arrived with the Son of Thought Incarnate when He came to Earth for the first time to begin his instruction. It is said that 144,000 souls or Lesser Avatars arrived with the Elder Brother, Son of Thought Incarnate. Here we see the use of the mystic numeral 12. Much will be said about this later.

There were several statements made in "The Saucers Speak!" that are significant in connection with these "Wanderers" or "Apples". "Seeds may be planted but they can rot and never reach maturity." This means that the people of outer space knew what was going to develop on Earth. They "planted" some of their own people here; "salted" them away like "apples". But every seed that is planted or "salted away" does not grow and reach maturity; it may rot in the ground because of many conditions. Therefore, some of the "Wanderers" now on Earth do not know who they are--they are lost in the ways of the Earth, and on physical death will return to their own worlds. They will be none the worse for their experience, except that their

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mission will not be accomplished.

Space intelligences knew that a certain percentage of the "apples" would fall by the way, therefore enough of them incarnated into Earth bodies to make up for this inevitable deficiency. It should be stated here that during the "Great Influx" of the late 1800's, many offspring were born to space visitors who had mated with Earth women. The descendants of these offspring are living today, but they are not part of the class known as The Wanderers.

Space friends also said: "Many of our people are in your world now. There are nearly ten million of them, with six of those million in the United States itself." This statement refers to the "apples". Space people, actually born on other planets, do get out of Saucers and go into cities and towns for various purposes. They never remain long, for they make the survey they are working on and immediately leave. Truman Bethurum points this out in his book, "Aboard A Flying Saucer". At certain times Aura Rhanes was seen by several people in places of business and on city streets.

So there are several million people in the world that have nothing to do with this world as far as learning anything from it that they haven't already acquired. They either passed through many lives on the Earth planet itself, or they learned the same lesson on another world similar to our Earth. At any rate, they are far ahead of the average Earth man or woman. Why do they come back? The answer is,

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because they want to help; they feel that there is something far more beautiful for man on Earth to attain. They are the reason we have progressed more in the last fifty years than we did in the previous ten thousand years! Many of our great and famous historical personages were "apples". Those specifically mentioned were Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla, and others. Of course, many more fit into this category.

The Wanderers go through a normal childhood, not realizing who they are. If they are not among those "seeds that rotted" they someday remember who they are, where they are from, and what they are here for. Many "apples" had memory veils lifted about 1947, the year when Kenneth Arnold brought the Flying Saucer to the attention of the world. Space intelligences figured that we wouldn't develop atomic power until sometime in the 1960's. But World War II with its demands that an atomic bomb be made, speeded up the advancement of science and therefore the entire space program working itself out on Earth. The Saucers then appeared openly and also began the great task of "waking up" their own people occupying Earth bodies and going about their daily business unaware of the entire matter. Many received "the beam" in 1947!

They were right when they said: "We walk the streets . . ." Another time they facetiously said: "To the slop we throw out we never return!" By that they meant that they were not interested in those individual souls who couldn't make the grade on

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their respective worlds and thereby were the "slop" or "refuse" of that world. They never will return to the "waste" material of Creation that isn't interested in Truth and progression through the loving of your fellow man.

Again they said: "Certain seeds have been placed on Saros (Earth). To the apples we salt we return!"

Many ancient legends and manuscripts tell about these "Wanderers". For instance, in "Lessons In Gnani Yoga" by Yogi Ramacharaka, we read: "In fact there are in the world today, individual souls which have reached similar stages on other planets, and who are spending their rest period here amidst the comparatively lower Earth conditions, striving to lift up the Earth souls to greater heights."

The fact that some of the space visitors coming to Earth at this time once lived on the Earth itself was vividly shown when George Adamski spoke to the Venusian near Desert Center, California, on November 20, 1952. On page 204 of "Flying Saucers Have Landed," Adamski said: "Then pointing to himself, he (the Venusian), indicated that once he lived here on this Earth: then pointing up into space . . . but now he is living out there."

Therefore, those souls who incarnated here over and over again, finally learning the lesson the Earth world offered, went on to higher, more majestic realms. Some have returned to us in Saucers, others were born amongst us! Not all of the "apples" come from our own Solar System; many come from

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far-distant systems and galaxies. These volunteers have vowed that they will continue to appear on Earth until the situation here is cleared up, and Earthman takes his true place beside his brothers in the Cosmos!

As I said above, many of these universal servants know who they are. Others will have memory restored to them as time goes on and our Solar System goes deeper and deeper into Aquarius. They will rise to the occasion to help their brothers overhead in the Saucers accomplish their mission here.

How can we identify or recognize a "Wanderer"? It is not easily done. However, these space friends who work and live with us daily, are identified by their brothers in the sky by certain body markings. These marks may take the form of scar tissue that has been present on the body from birth and thereby not acquired by any natural means, and they may take the form of unusual types of stigmata (not the religious type). The arrangement and type of marks will determine the individual's place of origin and other pertinent facts. These marks are not really necessary in order for them to be recognized by the Saucer occupants, because they know who is who by other methods. However, the marks serve more as a "key of remembrance" to the individuals they are located on. By thinking of these strange scars, the "apple" is automatically put into the right frame of mind and vibrations for lifting of a memory veil. The more they dwell on how the marks were received, the more they remember.

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As said before, many great men of history, known as adepts, leaders and reformers belonged to other worlds. Even now they serve in every field of endeavor: they are scientists, inventors, writers, ministers, students, teachers, electronic engineers, speakers and farmers! They have infiltrated everywhere and only wait for the day of The Telling to make themselves known.

These "Wanderers" are truly "Wayfarers" when they take up life on Earth. For they very seldom stick to one job for long periods of time. Some are inclined to be "nervous" or highly sensitive types. This is because of the lower vibratory rate on Earth. Many of them have intestinal disorders and stomach trouble. They move from one job to another, and many of them are found in communications, transportation, and scientific fields. The infiltration of the writing and radio profession has been on a colossal scale.

Remember in "The Coming Of The Saucers", by Arnold and Palmer, where Arnold said: "I knew him the moment I saw him. He had tried to talk to me once in the lobby. He was a rather small man, sandy-haired, and physically handicapped, apparently from some childhood disease. He looked healthy and sound." The man Arnold is speaking of was Paul Lance, reporter for the Tacoma Times . . . and he died shortly after he met Arnold. At another time, Arnold said: "There we met . . . I think we were both a little surprised to find that . . . was also physically handicapped, due apparently to some

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childhood disease, although he looked robust and healthy."

Kenneth Arnold became quite concerned over the fact that he was dealing with an unusual number of handicapped people! What did it mean, if anything? It can only be stated here that some of the "apples" are cripples in some sense of the word. This is because they do not function properly on the Earth planet even though they come from more advanced worlds. Could this be the answer to Arnold's problem?

Rolf Telano, well known to B.S.R.A. readers, must have been thinking of "Wanderers" when he wrote: "The messages received on radio are actually point-to-point messages intended for certain persons on this planet who are working with the operators of the flying discs . . . mostly their own people whom they have put here to live among the people of this planet, and act as observers. A telephone directory check would be useless because they are not known among the Earthlings by the same name as in the message. In most cases, the name mentioned is the actual name of the person, but it is often a name which would sound strange to the people here, so they assume one which will not arouse so much curiosity. The particular band was chosen because it is not as much used as others, and it is thus less likely that others would hear the messages. As an extra precaution, they are also usually coded. The 'CW' is not actually such, but merely a tape recorded message which happens to sound like it. The

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transmission is on a rather wide band (in frequency), but on a quite narrow band as to direction, being beamed directly to the person whom they wish to contact. If a radio set happened to be directly on the beam, it would be quite likely to pick up the message even if it was turned off, as it is possible for the voice coil of the speaker to pick it up by induction. Ordinarily, however, the set is working on the fringe of the beam, and must be turned on and tuned somewhere near the right frequency."

Some have said that the coil of the speaker could pick up the code by induction, but there would have to be a cold solder joint somewhere in the circuit to act as a rectifier.

When writing the above, Telano had reference to the strange message picked up by the Iowa research group that was mentioned in "The Saucers Speak!" This message was received on 405 kc, and said, in part ". . . contact Alesandro Stockvet of Chicago." When the group checked the telephone directory in Chicago, no such person was found listed.

Telano could be referring to "Wanderers" and also regular Saucer occupants now engaged in activities on the surface of the Earth. However, as mentioned before, most of the space people on Earth are "apples".

Certain individuals have received messages from the space intelligences that were similar to the following: "Do not think of us as gods, for in a sense you are greater than we . . . and we must serve you as it was promised since time immemorial." By this,

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the Saucer occupants mean that The Wanderers were a special order of beings who did nothing but wander from planet to planet and stay until the particular world they were on was lifted up into higher understanding. If the message was directed to an "apple" on the Earth, we can see why the space people would say: "In a sense you are greater than we." Actually, there is no high nor low, but The Wanderers or "Apples" would be greater in the sense that they had previously served other worlds before coming to Earth. The Saucer men recognize these "Wanderers" because they aided them before they came to Earth to help. In other words, "apples" lifted up other planets to their present majestic state of progression where all war, greed, lust and falsity is non-existent. They passed through Mars, Venus, and other spheres before volunteering for the Earth mission. And the mission to Earth began not just one or two lifetimes back, but it all started in the Miocene Epoch millions of years ago! The Universal "chimney-sweeps" will not go on to other degraded worlds until the planet Earth returns to the Interplanetary Brotherhood, established in Love, Truth, and peace.

The following message was received in the central part of the United States by a "Wanderer". It illustrates the point we have made above. Its point of origin was from space intelligences.

"Wake up! Do not underestimate yourself. Do not say that something is not true just because you alone thought it. Know this about yourself . . .

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when you think purely on your own plane (thought), there is no room for error as there is none being a part of who you are! Son of Light, we are coming soon to Earth in great numbers. Upon our arrival we will scatter over the face of the planet and instruct the immature souls concerning the most perfect application of the Love principle. Truly, in reality, this is all we do. We keep away and shut out all selfish interests and egotistical desires: in this we find our true purpose to the rest of God's great creation. We have so perfected the Love principle that we need not adopt the policy of loving our enemies and blessing those that curse us for there are no enemies and there is no one that curses. Truly here is where the spirit of God can move freely and give unto us unimaginable blessings. This, too, is one of our great missions here, since it is only when Love reigns supreme that it is possible for God to give you more than he has. This is not because God is unwilling to give unto you, it is because in your ignorance you refuse to receive that which is already given unto you. Upon our arrival be ready to receive and welcome us; not that we are demanding, but in order to fulfill our mission here it is necessary for us to mingle as much as possible with you who know us. You can aid us with certain information we desire. We mingle with you and people like you purposely because although you look human, yet are you divine, even more so than we by far! You remember meeting a stranger the other day, yet he was not a stranger

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at all, but one of us whom you met while working in our realm to build us up as you are even now building up the Earth. When we come to cooperate wholeheartedly, be not fearful of telling the world of our coming; for the world must know to be prepared. The time is therefore short, as we have said before. Work well and preach the truth until we come! And we will come, as we promised you before you took up the mantle of this mission". This message was signed simply: "A friend from Venus".

This Venusian friend was obviously addressing his remarks to a "Wanderer". He recognized the Earth worker because he had passed through his world Venus before coming to Earth. As stated before, the "Wanderers" began their mission on Earth millions of years ago when they originally came with the Great Avatar or Son of Thought Incarnate. However, the original number of 144,000 has been added to over many generations and highly advanced beings on other planets joined the ranks of The Wanderers.

Some might ask: "Why don't the occupants of the Saucers do the job of lifting up humanity on Earth?" Actually, they couldn't do the job alone. First of all, in order to get by for very long in present day society an individual has to have papers and records proving his birth, age, place of residence, driver's license, draft board classification, etc. Secondly, people of the Earth wouldn't want to be "lifted up" or taught by "foreigners" from outer space. But, if space people are among them as their own

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kind, they will be raised automatically into higher states of progression. Only if the "apples" volunteer for such a mission can it be accomplished.

Saucer occupants and "Wanderers" in our own Solar System belong to an order known as Knights of the Solar Cross. The literal solar cross is a luminous appearance consisting of a light-pillar combined with a segment of the parhelic circle, forming a cross with the sun at the center. A similar phenomenon about the moon is called a lunar cross.

Solar Cross, used here, however, means something entirely different. The swastika symbolizing the Four Great Primary Forces is the true Solar Cross, for without these forces our Sun and Solar System could not operate--in fact, they wouldn't even exist, and neither would anything else in Creation exist.

A Knight Errant was a wandering knight who, in the Middle Ages went forth in search of adventures fitted to exhibit his skill, prowess, or chivalry toward women; he belonged to wandering knighthood. Therefore, The Wanderers are Knights Errant of the Solar Cross as they go to the various planets of our Solar System. They operate through the authority and powers of the Four Great Forces to point men everywhere to the Great Path.

As said before, it doesn't matter whether the helpers came here in Saucers, or whether they were born here as "apples"--they all belong to the Solar Cross Order. The symbol of this Order shows the present twelve planets enveloped in their Resonating

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[paragraph continues] Electro-Magnetic Fields. The planet of the fifth orbit to space intelligences is the Earth, and its field is shown shaded and dark. This is because the Earth is now the only world in our Solar System that does not belong to the Interplanetary Brotherhood. The twelve planets surround the swastika and super-imposed over this is a face-like shield with a single eye in the center of the forehead. This symbolizes

Plate XIII
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Plate XIII

the fact that Knights of the Solar Cross have a highly developed pineal body or gland, a "third eye" which gives them their astounding telepathic abilities.

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[paragraph continues] They examine all men by this "eye" instead of by normal vision which would only allow for reason and logic instead of truth. (See Plate XIII).

In June, 1953 a well known magazine received the following letter in reference to an article they had printed on life of other worlds.

"I have just read your article that claims the people on other worlds look like huge enlarged editions of your own (airth's) microbes. Ha. Have a surprise in store! I was born on the planet Venus and my mother and father entered life on the planet Uranus. All three of us could walk right by you on the street and you couldn't tell any difference between us and those born on this planet airth. I have now been on this satellite of the Sun ten years, and along with hundreds of thousands of my group from the various galactic regions, have been mingling with you without undue alarm. Your own government is aware of our presence as well as our appearance; and every time another load of us arrive via solar ship, they get jittery . . . . I am a Knight of the Solar Cross."

The editor published this letter in the next issue of the magazine and said: "Hey, Knight . . . ever heard of the Immigration Act?"

The following is a message received in Arizona from one of these Knights who is now surveying our Earth in space craft.

"In the Light of our Infinite Father, the Creative Spirit, we greet you fellow creatures and brothers of Saros. We who now speak are also of your third

p. 221

density. As you peer through your "big eyes" you can easily see many of us. However, you only see eight of us besides yourself. There are three more of the Father's Mansions with one being beyond the planet you know as Pluto, and the other two between Mercury and the Sun.

"Twelve is an important number and so is Seven. That is why a group to the west at Giant Rock in your State of California speaks of The Council of the Seven Lights. Remember, we have also spoken of The Council-Circle 7x. There were Twelve Apostles who followed the Master, one of the Twelve destroyed himself. There are Twelve Planets now in our Solar System, and one, your planet of Earth, known to other beings of the third density as Saros, is a lost brother (mansion) now on the brink of self-destruction. The Creator's symbolism is always exact and understood only by those who discern His signs.

"The planet known to you as Saturn is the location of the Universal Tribunal of this, our Solar System. We will not go into the nature of our Great Sun Body at this time, but let it be stated here that there are beings on the planetary bodies under the photosphere of the Sun. There is life on your Moon as well as on some other moons belonging to other planets.

"Saturn is the Seat of Justice . . . "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Saturn was your ancient god of Seed-Sowing, and believed to be a king during an ancient Golden Age. Yes, the literal rule of Saturn was enjoyed

p. 222

on Earth during the period of your Golden Age. It was distinguished for peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. The Saturnian Age is mentioned in all Earth history. Saturn was the "sower of seeds" because it was he who gave authority to The Wanderers so that they might go into physical life on the Earth. Saturn has been called by your people, 'The Rising Sun of a New Dispensation', and this is true for he represents form and discipline which, when met and profited by, bring sure and permanent rewards. Remember what your Holy Book tells you: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (Galatians 6:7).

"Long ago, it came to our attention that our Solar System, of which you are a vital part, was quickly moving into another realm of our Father's Creation. We are now a part of the first stages of the fourth density. Beings of this density are now with us and among us. They do not need mechanical contrivances as we of the third density need them. We of the other planets in this System are more advanced than your world, Saros. But we say this in all humility, not wishing to boast. For we are, in a sense, still very crude. Again it is written in your Good Book: "I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit." (Ecclesiastes 1:14). We are not perfect!

"As your 'big eyes' peer into space you see us because we are in your density, but there are degrees

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of advancement and we are ahead of you in that degree. We are now contacting our Saros brothers by means of radiotelegraphy, telepathy, and direct physical manifestations. Our brothers of the fourth density are now contacting Saros brothers almost entirely by telepathy and by projection. Do not think for a moment that the so-called 'Saucers' and related phenomena are just from this or that planet; they come from many, many worlds, systems and galaxies. And they are of different development, yet they are all part of the Creator's plan for Saros. The Interplanetary Confederation now operating around your planet contains fifty-one solar systems which includes several hundred planets (six-hundred and eight according to Van Tassel) controlling some three and a half million spacecraft.

"For centuries and centuries we have watched your ruinous wars, and hoped that someday you would gain the understanding needed to gain your freedom from bondage of your own making. Our hopes have not been realized; instead, our worst fears have been realized. Not fear as you think of it, but only the knowledge of past events. The time has come for Saros to prepare herself for the Groom--she must put off the old, the shabby, and array herself in finery for the Wedding Feast shortly to take place in the fourth density realm. We, as your nearest Neighbors in space, are trying to prepare you adequately for this meeting.

"Our authority is from the Saturn Tribunal headed by Kadar Lacu. This Tribunal and its Kadar

p. 224

acts in the Creator's Light and Love. None of us are perfect as I have said, or we would not be here. There is much we all have to learn. There are worlds millions and even trillions of years 'ahead' of us, and there are many worlds thousands of years 'behind' us. We must not, therefore, be worshipped as gods. It is truly written: "And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded." (Deuteronomy 17:3). "And they shall spread them before the sun, and the moon, and all the host of heaven, whom they have loved, and whom they have served, and after whom they have walked, and whom they have sought, and whom they have worshipped. (Jeremiah 8:2). We are the Host of Heaven, and we must not be worshipped as ancient men have bowed to sun, moon and stars!

"We are here among you. Some of us have always been here, with you, yet apart from you. We have watched you closely and occasionally we guided you whenever the opportunity arose. Our numbers have now been increased tremendously in preparation for another step in the development of your world Saros. You are not aware of this step completely, although it has been hinted at frequently in the accounts of your prophets. We contacted these prophets of yours in time past; but many of them did not know our true nature, therefore they could not always translate clearly the concepts implanted in their minds. Sometimes they were extremely cautious, and to insure the preservation of the information they wished

p. 225

to place upon record in the world, they spoke in metaphors and symbols.

"We have been confused many times with the gods of world-religions. However, we are your fellow creatures as I said before. You will find records of our presence in the mysterious symbols of ancient Egypt, where we made ourselves known in order to accomplish certain ends. One of our principal symbols appears in the religious art of your present civilization and occupies a position of importance upon the great seal of the United States. It has been preserved in certain secret societies founded originally to keep alive the knowledge of our existence and our intentions toward mankind. Another of our symbols is the Circle-Cross and the Swastika. The symbol known to you as the 'Tree of Life' is well-known to us and is important.

"We have left you outstanding landmarks. These were carefully placed in various parts of Saros, but most prominently in Egypt where we established a headquarters at one time. At that time, the foundations of your present civilization were 'laid in the earth' and the most ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the pre-Egyptians, so many thousands of years ago. Since that time the whole art of building in stone has become symbolic, to many of you, of the work in hand--the building of the human race toward its perfection.

"Many of your ancestors knew us in those days as

p. 226

preceptors and as friends. Indeed, many of you knew us then, also. Now, though your own efforts, you have almost reached, in your majority, a new step on the long ladder of liberation. You have constantly been aided by our watchful inspiration, and hindered only by the difficulties natural to your processes of physical and moral development.

"You have lately achieved the means of destroying yourselves. Do not be hasty in your self-congratulation for yours is not the first civilization to have achieved and used such means. The 'lost world' known to you as the Asteroid Belt is spoken of in your records as 'Lucifer, the Shining One'. We called this planet 'Maldek, The Tongue'. We did not interfere when the men of that world experimented with certain and quick disaster. Each man, and hence each world, must learn the lesson and make its own progression. Universal Law prevented us from interfering. When this world was shattered, it caused terrible catastrophe on other worlds, as well as on Saros. You have not recovered to this day.

"We are now interfering more than we should, but we will not stand by and see another waste of creation in our System. There isn't time for another waste. Now that the Great Cycle is ending and we are all entering a new plane, all must be purified. That which is beyond hope will eliminate itself. We say 'eliminate itself' for we will destroy nothing. Those on Saros who believe the Creator punishes or destroys anything are in darkness. You

p. 227

are punished by your own deeds, as your world is now punishing itself for its crimes against Universal Law.

"Yours will not be the first world to be offered the means of preventing that destruction and proceeding in the full glory of its accumulated knowledge, to establish an era of enlightenment on Saros. However, if you do accept the means offered you, and if you do establish such a 'millennium' upon the basis of your present accomplishments, yours will be the first civilization to do so.

"Always before, the knowledge, the techniques, the instruction, have become the possessions of a chosen few; a few who chose themselves by their open-minded and clear-sighted realization of the 'shape of things to come'. They endeavored to pass on their knowledge in the best possible form and by the most enduring means at their command. In a sense, they succeeded, but in another sense their failure equalled their success. Human acceptance is, to a very large extent, measurable by human experience. Succeeding generations, who never knew of our actual presence, translated the teachings of their elders in the terms of their own experience.

"For instance, a cross-sectional drawing, much simplified and stylized by many copyings, of one of our space craft, became the 'Sacred Eye of Horus', and eyes of many other gods. Other symbolical and alchemical 'eyes' are merely representative of our means of transportation. Osiris and Apollo became gods to the people, but they were actually our representatives

p. 228

on Saros: they were men! The 'golden disk' now confused with the solar disk and made a part of religion, and the 'discus' hurled sunward by the Grecian athlete and your athletes are also symbolic of our traveling devices or 'Saucers'.

"The really important fact, however, is that we are here among you! And you, as a world-race will know it before very much longer. The time is almost ripe, but as with all ripening things, the process may not be hurried artificially without danger of damaging the fruit. There is a right time for every action, and the right time for our complete revelation of ourselves to Saros is fast approaching.

"Many of you have seen our 'advance guard' already. You have met us often in the streets of your cities; but you have not noticed us. Some, however, do 'sense' us! When we speed through your skies in the traditional vehicles, you are amazed, and those of you who tell of what you have seen are ac-counted dupes and fools. Actually, you are prophets of your age, seers in the true sense of the word. You in Kansas and Oklahoma, you in Oregon and in California, and Idaho, Indiana, Maine, and Vermont--you who know what you have seen, do not be dismayed by what so-called 'authorities' tell you. Remember, many of them haven't seen what you have! Their faulty opinions are not based on actual experience.

"Can you imagine a material almost transparent to the rays of ordinary light, yet strong enough to endure the stress of extremely rapid flight? Look

p. 229

again at the Great Nebulae, and think of the construction of your own Milky Way Galaxy, and be-hold the Universal examples of what we have found to be the perfect shape for an object which is to travel through what you still fondly refer to as 'empty' space. Our Crystal Bells operate in their own Resonating Electro-Magnetic Field the same as all celestial bodies do. Your own Saros is nothing but a huge space craft. We can travel the so-called 'speed of light' and faster, but actually light does not travel; Light Is! 

"If we chose to remain unseen, we could do so easily and, in fact, we have done so almost without exception for hundreds of yeas. No one sees us unless we want to be seen! You must now become accustomed to our shapes in your skies, for one day soon they will be familiar, friendly, and reassuring sights.

"One of our very ancient prophecy legends says: "To the apples we salt we return." Some of you understand what this means. Long ago we knew what would take place on Saros and we knew that we would have to come down and dwell with you to accomplish certain objectives. Many of us have only recently arrived on your world and were brought here by space craft from our respective homes in this System and other systems. Our Confederation is large, but unfortunately, there are those of other worlds who are not here in the name of the Infinite Father. They are intruders!

"Many of us came centuries ago, and especially

p. 230

during the last part of your nineteenth century. Some of you are our direct descendants. Some of you were incarnated back into Saros from other planets and only recently have you begun to realize who you are and what your true purpose is. You are one with us and must prepare to meet the work ahead of us all. You are the 'apples' we 'salted away' until we had need of them. That time is now here. We have returned! However, all the 'seeds' have not matured; some have rotted. Therefore, some of you because of certain conditions will never know who you are. We are all space beings since all life is spiritual in essence and inhabits space. We are all the Creator's children; we are brothers and sisters.

"All of our people now on your planet are working toward the new order of things shortly to en-gulf your world. We are Knights of the Solar Cross. De you understand this? If you do fail, as other worlds have failed, then we will know what to do. The Council-Circle 7 has completed its work here, and matters have now been turned over to the Universal Tribunal. You will soon notice even stranger changes begin to take place in your world: unbelievable changes to you.

"Recognize us for what we are; we are here! We are a Confederation of many peoples working in Eternal Light. Our love and light to all of you. May our Infinite Father guide you always. For my brothers, I am, 'One Who Serves'."

This message speaks of the Twelve Planets. Besides

p. 231

the nine we know of, there is one beyond Pluto, which was spoken of as Patras in "The Saucers Speak!" Could Patras refer to the Greek petra, rock or petros, stone? Perhaps this planet is a small world and Patras in the Solex Mal may be "The Rock". Then there are two more planets unknown to most scientists between Mercury and the Sun.

In 1859 M. Lescarbault, a village physician of Orgeres, France, saw a small dark planet-like body pass across the sun's disc. This planet was called by anticipation, Vulcan. However, its existence still remains unconfirmed by science. M. Porro and M. Wolf of Zurich reported seeing Vulcan in transit in 1876. Since Vulcan was seen passing across the disk of the Sun it can be assumed that such a planet really exists. However, most astronomers refuse to accept its existence. They say it is a hypothetical intra-Mercurial planet. The French astronomer Le Verrier said Vulcan did exist because this would account for certain unexplained perturbations of Mercury. In 1846, J. G. Galle, the German astronomer, discovered the planet Neptune, following the calculations of Le Verrier. If Le Verrier was correct about the existence of Neptune, could he not be correct about Vulcan? He had calculated the exact position of Neptune in the sky. The perturbations mentioned means the deviation was caused by the attraction of some other body other than that round which Mercury moves. The perturbations of Mercury are caused by Vulcan. Besides, it has been seen in transit across the Sun's disk too often to

p. 232

be ignored.

Between Vulcan and the Sun there is still another planet of which little is known at this time. Information received by Van Tassel confirms the existence of Vulcan and this other world closest of all planets to the Sun.

All the planets in our Solar System are inhabited and are working in the Interplanetary Confederation. There is only one planet that is uneasy about the Earth. In "The Saucers Speak!" the following was received: "Uranus doesn't believe in too much contact with the Earth planet." Uranus had to be won over in the Universal Tribunal for she felt that little could be accomplished through Earth contact. This has been confirmed in a startling manner recently by a physicist in Canada who has had contact several times with a craft from Uranus. The occupants said they were not too interested in the Earth, but they did hope that man on Saros would rise out of stupidity and take his place with the other men of Creation.

The numeral 12 is very important in symbolism. A few of the important parts of the Scale of Twelve follow:

12 symbols of the Pillars in Neptune's Temple were related to the

12 Laws (Atlantis).

12 Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. The writing is similar to the Solex-Mal and has engraved characters in the ancient Atlantean language.

p. 233

12 Labors of Hercules: 12 Great Gods.

12 Signs of the Zodiac.

12 Months.

12 Faculties; 12 great Qualities and Virtues;

12 Gems in the Breastplate of the high priest.

12 Tribes of Israel; 12 Rods of the 12 Princes of Israel.

12 Phalanges of the fingers.

12 Lesser Prophets.

12 Apostles.

12 Patriarchs.

12 Gates (Revelation 21:12).

12 Angels (Revelation 21:12); 12 Legions of Angels (St. Matthew 26:53).

12 Foundations (Revelation 21:14).

12 Bullocks (Ezra 8:35).

12 He goats (Ezra 8:35).

12 Pointed Star; 12 Fruits (Revelation 22:2).

12 Sons of Jacob.

In ancient symbolism the Twelve Sons of Jacob were represented as twelve stars surrounding two circles. These circles stood for Jacob and his wife. (Jacob had several wives, but the circle stands for the mother of each son). In this connection, there is something very interesting to be found in Genesis 37:9: "And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me."

Now this dream literally meant that some day Joseph's father (Jacob) and his mother and his eleven

p. 234

brothers would bow to him. Joseph's brothers sold his as a slave, and later they did bow down to him in Egypt. In Genesis 37:10, we read: "And he told it to his father, and to his brethren: and his father rebuked him, and said unto him, What is this dream that thou hast dreamed? Shall I and thy mother and thy brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth?"

Joseph's dream likened his father, mother and brothers to the sun, moon, and eleven stars. Why eleven stars? In his day there were altogether thirteen planets in our Solar System. Since Joseph was on the Earth he would not count that a star, and besides the Earth did not belong to the Interplanetary Brotherhood. That would leave twelve stars or planets, But Maldek, not yet destroyed (its total destruction taking place at the time of the Exodus) did not belong to the Brotherhood either. Therefore, there were actually eleven stars or planets in our System that would have recognition at the Universal Tribunal. Somehow, the ancients knew this.

A sun disk, balanced upon a four-legged stand was found at Sippar before the canopied throne of Shamash, the sun god. It is recorded in a tablet of Nebopaliddin, King of Babylonia about 880 B. C. (See Plate XIV). This disk shows the central Sun with the Four Great Primary Forces, and it shows twelve wavy lines extending out or radiating from the Sun. This means there are twelve planets in the Solar System. Since this dates from 880 B. C. it would not show the planet Maldek or thirteen planets

p. 235

since Maldek ceased to exist around 1500 B. C. This sun disk is similar to the Ishtal-Maxin in the Solex-Mal. (See illustration on page 72).

The large silver star which was placed in the floor of the Grotto of the Church of the Holy Nativity, in

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[paragraph continues] Bethlehem, in the nineteenth century, at the sup-posed spot on which Jesus was born, has twelve points. Tradition associates the number twelve with closeness of relationship between the divine and the human. Formerly, the Feast of Epiphany was known as "Twelfthtide", or "Twelfth Day", because it falls

p. 236

on the twelfth day after Christmas.

The Golden Candelabra with seven lamps of ancient times is very important because of its obvious connection with the Council of Seven Lights (Van Tassel) and the Council-Circle 7.

"And thou shalt make the seven lamps thereof: and they shall light the lamps thereof, that they may give light over against it." (Exodus 25:37).

"Speak unto Aaron, and say unto him, When thou lightest the lamps, the seven lamps shall give light over against the candlestick." (Numbers 8:2).

"And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle." (Revelation 1:12-13).

"The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches." (Revelation 1:20).

Therefore, for the Scale of Seven we have: 7 Spirits of God; 7 Souls (Egyptian); 7 Seals; 7 Logi; 7 Creative Lords; 7 Creators or Fabricators (Jewish Elohim); 7 Golden Candlesticks; 7 Builders or Governors (Egyptian); 7 Rays; 7 Lamps; 7 Lamps of Fire; 7 Colors of Spectrum; 7 Sounds; 7 Rishis; 7 Stars; 7 Notes of Musical Scale; 7 Zones; 7 Continents; 7 Suns; 7 Angels; 7 Eyes of the Lord; 7 Daughters of Atlas (Pleiades); 7 Laws; 7 Churches; p. 237 7 Worlds; 7 Primordial Mysteries; 7 Principles; 7 Wheels; 7 Days of the week; 7 Old Books (From Noah's Ark); 7 Brazen Columns of Ham and Cheiron.

When Kadar Lacu, Head of the Universal Tribunal on Saturn contacted us in Northern Arizona, he always identified himself with a certain symbol: Van Tassel at Giant Rock has also received this Circle-Cross. Anciently, it was known as the "Astronomical Cross of Egypt". Or it was called the "Mundane Cross". It is supposed to represent "accomplished creation". The ancients said it was of the fundamental divine interplanetary language, and it has the numerical value of three. To them it meant an individual creation, such as a planet, a solar system, or a galaxy. Since Lacu is Kadar (Head) of the tribunal for this Solar System, he would naturally use the Circle-Cross as his symbol.

Ponnar is an important personage from the planet Hatonn in the galactic system of Andromeda. The symbol he always uses is: This symbol of "eternity" is very old and is found on several of the Tarot Cards.

The symbol of the Tree of Life or the Tree and the Serpent is one of the Earth's most ancient representations. Remember in "The White Sands Incident", by Dan Fry, where Dan noticed a simple design imprinted in the material of the seat in the Saucer? Alan said: "Oh, I see you have noticed the

p. 238

symbol and recognized its significance." "Yes," Dan said, "anyone who has ever read to any extent would recognize the symbol of the tree and the serpent. It is found in the original inscriptions and legends of every race on earth. It has always seemed to me to be a peculiarly earthly symbol and it was startling to see it appear from the depths of space or from whatever planet you call home."

Alan answered Dan by saying: "These are things which I had hoped to put off until our next contact. There is so much to tell and so little time. Our ancestors came originally from this earth. They had built a great empire and a mighty science upon the continent which your legends call 'Mu' or 'Lemuria'."

Mu was symbolized as a tree--the Tree of Life. The unadorned serpent is Khan the symbol of Khanab, "The Great Waters", the ocean. Mu was surrounded by water, even as the tree is surrounded by

p. 239

the serpent. There were indigenous life forms on other worlds, but several research groups have received information that during the catastrophes that struck both Lemuria and Atlantis, groups of people were evacuated from the Earth and taken to other planets. Especially Mars and Venus.

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God." (Revelation 2:7).

"In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." (Revelation 22:2).

"Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city." (Revelation 22:14).

Swedenborg says that by "the tree of life" is signified a man who lives from God, or God living in man; and as love and faith, wisdom and charity, or good and truth, make the life of God in a man, these are signified by the Tree of Life, and derivatively also the eternal life of man is signified. The Babylonians had a symbol of the Tree of Life, as did the Greeks for they spoke of "the wide spreading tree of Jove". The Egyptians had the "pillar of degrees", apparently a conventionalized palm tree in which they showed three levels or degrees. The Teuton mythology knows the tree Yggdrasil which grows by the well of Urd, the well of wisdom. Its branches

p. 240


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p. 241

reach into heaven, it roots into hela, the caverns of darkness.

Early in 1952, a strange young man appeared in California. He lectured on the coming of the space people to earth. He always spoke to small groups of students or clubs. There was nothing unusual about him except that he wore a lapel button on which was a distinctive symbol. (See Plate XV). Here we see the familiar swastika of the Four Forces and a serpent twined about a wand or rod. This is similar to the caduceus, a magic herald's wand, a sacred rod having power over wealth, prosperity, happiness, and dreams, carried by the messengers of the Greek gods, especially by Hermes. The caduceus was a sign of the settlement of quarrels, carried by heralds and ambassadors. This symbol is also used for Apollo.

The serpent and the staff are symbols of Aesculapius, Roman god of medicine and Asklepios, Greek god of healing. The staff represented this god's wanderings from place to place dispensing cures.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." (Psalms 23:4).

Since Apollo, Hermes, Osiris, and others were undoubtedly nothing but space visitors in ancient times who later were defied by the people, we would expect their symbols to be used yet by modern space visitors. The attributes or actions of Apollo or Hermes as space men were carried over to fit the

p. 242

later gods Apollo, Hermes, etc. The space men came to settle disputes and the caduceus became a sign of "the settlement of quarrels". It was carried by "heralds and ambassadors"--indeed space visitors were heralds of a new wisdom and knowledge and ambassadors of the worlds. The rod or staff represented the god of healing's "wanderings". And, the space visitors were "healers" of man's sufferings; they did wander from "place to place dispensing cures" for the "sorrowful planet Earth. The "rod" and the "staff" did "comfort" the people of the ancient world when it was visited by intelligences of other realms in outer space.

The description that has come down to us of Apollo fits him in his role of spaceman: "He was the god of pure light, the enemy of darkness, healer, preserver. He always declared truth; but the limited mind of man cannot always grasp the meaning of his sayings."

Likewise, the same is true of Osiris: "Osiris, reigning as a king on earth, reclaimed the Egyptians from savagery, gave them laws, and taught them worship. He introduced the cultivation of grains. Eager to communicate his discoveries to all mankind he travelled over the world, diffusing the blessings of civilization and agriculture wherever he went."

The Elder Brother clearly showed his position as Head of the Wandering Host when he said: "Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world." (St. John 8:23).

In Christ's Prayer of Consecration he refers to

p. 243

[paragraph continues] The Wanderers: "I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world. And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe in me through their word; That they all may be one. . . . as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou gayest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou lovedst me before the foundation of the world. O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me. And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them." (St. John 17:14-26).

p. 244

Jesus referred specifically to St. John as a Wanderer when he said: "If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?" (St. John 21:22).

"Then went this saying abroad among the brethren, that the disciple (John) should not die: yet Jesus said not unto him, He shall not die; but, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?" (St. John 21:23).

Jesus didn't mean that John would not die. He meant that as a Wanderer, John would go in and out of life on Earth--he would "tarry" until the great plan had been fulfilled on Earth and man again took his rightful place in the Universe.

The Wanderers are mentioned in many other writings. For instance, in the "Golden Scripts".

"Behold it is of fact that in the higher realms of life there is a system that classifieth spirits into groups, according to their willingness to be of assistance unto others. At the head is the Christ Group, or group of Christ Souls, who have suffered so greatly in other worlds and in other forms that the essence of Self hath become utterly lost." (G. S. 69.2-2).

"They have come to earth from other planets, not earthly born, not knowing always Golgotha of reincarnation." (G. S. 69:6).

"They do manifest in flesh but rarely, and then only for great purposes involving earthly leadership: they go down into flesh when great events portend having as their essence the heart of humanity in jeopardy to itself. These persons have errands to perform of special tenor: they manifest according

p. 245

to plan agreed upon beforehand: they come and go at behest of a leader, usually the wisest and holiest among them. I say beloved, there are those amongst you of this order: they have known of old when labors were required to ennoble the race." (G. S. 69:8-10).

"All the mighty of the earth, verily the truly mighty, are members of this group. Some manifest in flesh today like unto yourselves; far greater, however, is the number gone on into the higher and even higher planes." (G. S. 69:26-27).

"My beloved, hear my words: I am at the head of sacrificial ones: bestowed upon me was the leadership of that group in that I wouldst sacrifice most, going down into flesh times of greatest number, suffering most terribly most of those times. Those who make up the group were created by that Spirit whom men call the Father, for purposes of ministering; therefore ye who do minister most are greatest, and he who is greatest in service is leader." (G. S. 69:31-32).

In the above, the Elder Brother tells us that he is the Head of the Wanderers, and that the Father created them for a special purpose; they belong to a special order.

The disciples were all Wanderers, for Christ says: "Did I not say unto my disciples, Verily I tell you there are those among you who shall not taste of death until I come again? Were not those disciples of the serving ones? Whereof can Mammon say with a certainty that they have ever died? Is it death for

p. 246

consciousness to pass from body unto body? Verily I tell you, they know themselves." (G. S. 69:36-39).

"There are those on planes of earth who have manifested unto me in many ages, not as men and women but as Radiant Ones; they have come and gone in your lives of the present as servants of mine, messengers and ministers in flesh, making you to see the earth after its nature as an abiding place for the children of men." (G. S. 79:15).

"Beloved, be advised: there are in flesh certain entities who are messengers of mine sent by the Host to do you good; they have one thought only, to execute my will." (G. S. 79:24).

"I tell you angels are about you, in and out of the flesh, that ye do meet and talk with them daily, that they do serve you at my behest, that they come back to me with report of your zeal. In that ye serve, ye are served, my beloved!" (G. S. 79:39-40).

Whether we call them the "Goodly Company", the "Sons of Light", the "Lesser Avatars", "Those who serve", "Apples", or The Wanderers, it doesn't matter--they continue to serve in Love and Light.

"Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." (Hebrews 13:1-2).

It is truly written: "Other sheep have I which are not of this fold; them also will I bring."

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