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Hopi Ceremonial Dancers
Hopi Ceremonial Dancers

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"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." (Genesis 1:1-2).

In the beginning, the Earth was a comet. After it had gathered enough cosmic debris it became a planet, a new world. For untold ages this satellite of the Sun was a molten mass of fire. Meteorites from outer space bombarded the whirling sphere, great clouds arose. Finally, the great blanket of clouds condensed and it rained incessantly; the "cooling off" process had begun. Life first appeared on Earth when it was still boiling and seething with chemical turbulence in the air and in the hot seas. Some time during this period a synthesis occurred, and there was the first movement of life in some unknown spot of the Earth's vast seas. A microscopic glob of transparent jelly, flagellate. These multiplied and spread through the seas, where evolution was to start and eventually produce the indigenous life forms of the planet Earth. New types of half-plant, half-animal creatures began to inhabit the waters of the Earth. Hard parts, protective shells, plates and skins appeared and the continuous fossil record began.

The Earth planet, now cooled and teeming with

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mineral, vegetable, and animal life, was ready at last to receive human life. On another planetary system spiritual life migrated through interstellar space and began to struggle independently with the problems of Earth planet environment. At that moment the Word was made Flesh and Man in his present form . . . WAS!

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them." (Genesis 6:1-7).

So we come to the place where man appears on the planet Earth. The human race in its present pattern has been upon this planet anywhere between

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seventeen million and ten million years. For centuries scientists have pondered the question: "How did life in the human form make its advent upon Earth?" The famous Missing Link between the Anthropoid Apes and Man will never be found because the link is a spiritual and not an organic link. A great migration of souls known as the "Sons of God" arrived on Earth when the evolution of its indigenous life was progressing and incarnated in certain animal forms. This caused the basic difference between the human and other mammal forms. The primate species went on living and breeding as a true species, giving us the monkeys, apes, and gorillas of today. But the ape-forms that were borrowed for incarnation by the spirit-souls arriving from outer space, apparently supplied the original expressions of the human. These forms continued to breed and develop, and gradually sublimated the ape-forms into the races of man as society now recognizes them.

The scientist of today can be an atheist or a devout man, for he can fit the evolutionary theory into his own concepts nicely. He can either believe that God brought certain chemical substances together when the first single-celled life appeared in our warm seas, or he can believe that the happening was purely accidental.

Evolution is a fact, but does not, however, as so many assume, teach that man is descended from an ape or monkey. Modern evolutionists teach only that man and the apes had a common ancestor of

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whose characteristics they know little, and who may have approached in structure and appearance the modern man more than the modern ape. Neither does evolution pretend to explain the origin of life, or to prove that the development of man has been entirely mechanical or accidental. Evolution is simply a theory that every known plant or animal, whether living of extinct, developed out of a previous form. This theory is now accepted universally by all scientists in every country of the world, and only the reasons for, and the methods of transmission of the successive modifications are questioned.

Science has proven by the Earth's record, written undisputedly in her rock formations, that the evolution of indigenous earth-life is a true fact. Fossil bearing formations literally tell the Earth's auto-biography. This indigenous earth-life, developed from the single-celled organisms into a highly evolved ape-form over millions of years. The "Sons of God" made wives of the ape creatures and the progeny was antediluvian man, or prehistoric-primitive man. The physical attributes belonged to the anthropoid apes and the spiritual attributes belonged to the migration which came from the planets of the star-sun Sirius. Science is only wrong when it takes certain fossil remains and tries to fit them into the category of the "missing link." As said before, this link is a spiritual link, not an organic link.

The Migrants arrived on Earth during the middle division of the Tertiary Period. This is known as the Miocene Epoch. In the strata of this epoch are

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found "Eoliths" or "Dawn Stones" (flints). They are roughly shaped, and some authorities claim they were fashioned by primitive human beings. Others say that the Miocene flints are of natural origin. The "Dawn Stones" were undoubtedly used by the offspring of the "Sons of God" and the "daughters of men".

The Migrants made the Earth planet their abode in order to gain experience on the physical plane. The Sirian planets centralized Thought Incarnate so to speak and man was sent to Earth, a prisoner of pain for education. Man's heart was heavenly in divine creation, his body was physically handicapped by weight, but he acquired proficiency in altering his body. Man could create by thought and he created monsters and abominations.

Man, therefore, came from races of angels mixed with beasts, and he is now engaged in separating the brute from the angel. He has a mission on Earth for he is this planet's keeper and essentially has lessons in flesh to learn. Man must know pain, suffering, and sorrow so he can become a fit subject for higher planes.

Man finally put thought into practice, and created abominations. When he first arrived on Earth he had no body as we think of a body, so he looked upon beast and bird and chose the physical vehicle most likely to give him attributes producing qualities of spirit. The various cat forms were attractive to The Migrants, but the ape form was the form most suitable for their Earth environment and experience.

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[paragraph continues] The ape form gave them a more flexible and better controlled hand with the all important opposable thumb. Without the thumb man couldn't have produced a civilization. The cat form was discarded.

In "Star Guests" the Elder Brother tells us: "Mankind was not always as ye see him walking the earth at present; mankind was possessed of physical features making him hideous unto God. Mankind had queer members, too potent of evil to be long tolerated. Mankind had features of the Beast. He was of eagle-head and lion body. Great was his brutishness." This reminds us of the griffin, a mythical creature, half animal (lion) and half bird (eagle). It was used to represent the two natures in Christ, divine and human. But its earlier meaning symbolized the period of the Great Abomination when man was literally half eagle and half lion. There are countless references in mythology and history to this abomination period and some of these will be mentioned later.

The Elder Brother continues: "From the evil which he did when he had come to earth and found earth-forms upon it, was man cleansed by fire and flood. He came through vast ordeals which shaped his physiognomy as ye do see it now. He had strange claws and stranger tissues. He was of the Brute and yet not of it. From the depths of degradation to which he had sunk he arose with skull of ape; he walked upright on two legs; he became the prey of beasts instead of hunter. He made for himself

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habitations in trees and prowled by night seeking food. Deep, deep was his ignorance. Little more than beast was he indeed, with almost no spark of divinity left to him."

The abomination was so vast that forms were fusing together into monsters having no purpose but self-destruction. Men and animals were growing interchangeable of spirit and structure. Man was beastly and beast was manlike. Spirit knew not itself, whether it were divine or whether it were experiment of Thought Incarnate. They had so interchanged that they could no longer be accepted by the Host on the Sirian planets as divine. All physical forms had to be cleansed. "Pure beast must be preserved as beast; pure angel-man must be preserved as angel-man. Therefore, a vast catastrophe was decided upon. Ice from polar seas was melted and released upon continents of monsters." The Elder Brother tells us: "No longer could life make physical vehicles by thought. Forms existing in purity were preserved. Monsters and anomalies were destroyed. No longer could they propagate. Pure species were saved and pronounced sterile unto all but themselves."

By being pronounced "sterile unto all but themselves" means, of course, that they could only breed their own species and kind. That is why today man can only mate with other human beings. No longer can the half-man and half-animal creatures be produced. The only reference to them today is in ancient legends.

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The griffin has already been mentioned. It was the Gryps or Gryphus of Greek mythology. A monster with the head and wings of an eagle, the body of a lion, and sometimes the tail of a serpent. The most familiar and least complicated of the composite beings known as bird-man creatures are the medieval angels and demons, the fairies, the Greek Keres (represented as tiny human figures with butterfly wings).

Many representations of Egyptian gods embody combinations of human and bird anatomy, for they say the gods were first birds and animals and only gradually evolved into men. Perhaps the most complicated and fearsome of these creatures is the Gorgon, which had serpent hair, the hideous face of a woman, the wings of a bird, and the body of a lioness with bronze claws. The most frightful of these was Medusa.

The important feature of the Hindu Garuda bird is that it is one of the few combinations with the head of a bird. Other features vary considerably with locale (it is known in India, Indochina, China, Japan, and many other places).

The Egyptian soul was sometimes depicted as a bird with a human head, as was also the Greek Harpy, which befouled everything it touched. The Sirens were similar in form, but had beautiful voices and lured men to their downfall. The Welsh Washer of the Ford is a spectral female in black with the wings of a bat. The Furies are another of these combinations.

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The Sphinx is a combination of man-bird-beast, that is, the head and chest of a man, wings of a bird, and the body of an animal. In Egypt sphinxes were always male, and had the body of a lion. The Greek female sphinx also had a lioness' body. The Babylonian shedu, the Hebrew shedim, and the Sumerian clad were similar to the Egyptian, and male. They had the bodies of bulls, neatly curled beards, and often wore hats. The female counter-part of the sedu was called lamina or lamassu and could fly. The Syrian female sphinx had wings and resembled the Egyptian.

The sacred bull-men of Babylonia are extraordinary beings. They were first seen only on rock drawings, and small seals, but later they were used for imposing statuary like the winged bull with a human face from Sargon's palace in Khorsabad.

The so-called "dragon" of Babylon was found on the walls of the Ishtar Gate. It was called the "mighty snake". It had the head and scales of a snake, but the body of an unidentified monster. This creature had lion's paws and eagle's claws.

The Centaurs in Greek mythology were a race of monsters, half man and half horse. The Greeks also had legends of Cercopes: a race of ape-like but human pigmies. The ancient Arcadian Pan was a goat from the waist down, and a man with goat ears and goat horns from the waist up.

References to the strange bird cult of Easter Island are numerous in the native art. A remarkable example is the following representation of the bird

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man holding an egg in his hand. The original was carved upon a block of stone, itself egg-shaped. The egg in the birdman's hand symbolizes the creative

power of thought once enjoyed by man; but since the Great Catastrophe, man no longer can create by thought alone. Those who perished physically in this catastrophe were not dead spiritually but they sloughed off their monstrous features and were known en masse for spirits again, but without physical equipment.

An entire book or books could be written on the subject of man-bird-beast creatures. The Migrants or "Sons of God" arriving from the Sirian planets mated with the "daughters of men" who were the indigenous bestial female earth-forms that were coming to high evolutionary development on this planet. The account of that mating still exists in the so-call myths, legends and folk tales of the people of the world.

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After the Great Catastrophe the Son of Thought Incarnate entered upon the Earth scene. In "Star Guests", he says: "Came I to this planet at the Father's behest. Man was pure ape or pure spirit. He had escaped the Great Catastrophy in areas where his species was clean. He was beastly but cleanly beastly and he knew not the scheme of creating by thought that which pleased his whim. Came I first to earth on a mission. The Father desired that knowledge of good and evil be restrained. Man was to suffer and die as beast, returning to the planets of the star-sun Sirius on physical death of beastly body. But came I to the Father with better plan. The world of men could be cleansed of the beast by my instruction. Over countless generations could man be lifted back slowly to his lost angelic status. Life upon life he could live and perish, and live again. Slowly he could come up through new forms of ape-men until he was indeed a god restored to the Godhead! Not through varied forms but through manifestations of the same form, could he regain unto ennoblement. And the same form meant the ape-form. Thus was reincarnation born as men of earth understand reincarnation today. So man came to remain in possession of ape-body. Man had used the ape-form for thousands of generations, finding it more efficient for his caprice than lion-form. Thus was he manifesting when catastrophe overtook all creation. Therefore, know ye, that ape-forms are pure forms of species but man hath appropriated

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ape-forms and improved upon them until ye do be angel apes yourselves. Man as spirit hath no form that is constant. Man as spirit hath any form which serveth constructive purpose in making Love externalize. But man on the physical plane maintaineth the Ape Form of the Great Catastrophe."

The book, "Star Guests" is published by Soul-craft and much of its material was compiled several decades ago. Yet, that information ties-in perfectly with knowledge now being received from space intelligences. Van Tassel has received nearly identical material in confirmation of this, only instead of being called, "The Great Abomination", he calls it, "The Great Adultery". But it is the same happening.

In Northern Arizona the research group was informed that all the inhabitants of the Earth are space people. This is true for several reasons. First of all, none of us live underground; we have our existence on the surface of Earth; therefore, we are inhabitants of space as well as people on Mars, Venus, or any other world. We are not, however, space craft people, for we have not yet mastered the secret of magnetic propulsion and have not gone to other worlds beside our own.

All people on Earth are true space beings for another very basic and important reason. Our ancestors came here as the "Sons of God", and since true "human" life came from outer space in the first place we are all descended from that migration. Hence, we are true space people. However, all individuals

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on Earth are NOT related in the dim past to the indigenous biologic earth-forms that were the ape mothers and The Migrants who came via the Great Migration and "looked upon the daughters of Earth" and saw that they were fair and chose of them wives.

There is a third class or category of spiritual life that is maintained on Earth. These are the Christ People who arrived to make a cosmic mission of mentoring the "angelic host from Sirius that fell" into the practices of mixing the heavenly and earthly breeds, and winning it back to its original angelic status. This third class is a special Universal order of souls: they are The Wanderers.

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