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One of the enigmas of The Saucers Speak! was found in the following statement made by space visitors: "Evil planetary men, who abound, will attempt contact with evil men of Saras for destruction! The good men of Saras must unite with the good men of the Universe." Again, they said: "We must tell you about Orion. Many there wish to conquer the Universe. We are here to warn you of this also. The Orion solar systems are much like Saras. The principles of good (positive) and evil (negative) are Universal. We must tell you that Orion is coming soon to Saras in a square star body. Orion systems want to destroy--remember, Orion is evil (negative)."

To discover what space intelligences meant by use of the word "Orion" we must go to the Bible and to ancient records. In Job 38: 31-32, we read: "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades (Cimah, or the seven stars), or loose the bands of Orion (Kesil)? Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth (the twelve signs) in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?"

Here is the implication that the Pleiades sends forth vibrations of peace and love, and that Orion, because of opposite or negative vibrations has been bound. Chapter 38 of Job came to Job through the "Voice from the Whirlwind".

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"Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south." (Job 9:9). There is an interesting cross-reference here to Genesis 1:16: "And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also." The lesser light was for the rule of night or darkness, and the greater light was for the rule of the day or light.

"Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name: That strengtheneth the spoiled against the strong, so that the spoiled shall come against the fortress." (Amos 5:8-9).

In Amos, the same implication is found. At some time in the past Orion attempted to interfere with the Seven Stars (Pleiades) and was bound--but is now attempting to interfere on Earth. It appears that Orion tried to destroy the Pleiades at one time; they were in the "shadow of death" and Universal Law bound Orion. But Orion was only forbidden access to the Seven Stars of the Pleiades; his evil influence could still emanate to other sections of the Universe.

"The spoiled (Pleiades) were strengthened against the strong (Orion)". Orion in Hebrew is Kesil and means "strong." Then the spoiled (Pleiades) came against the fortress of the strong (Orion).

Another interpretation of Job 38:31 is: "Canst

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thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands (drawing together) of Orion?" Moshekoth, translated as "bands" means "drawings together". This refers to Orion's "drawing together" other planets into its own Confederation of Evil.

The constellation Orion takes its name from a giant hunter of Greek mythology. His sword hangs from his belt, and it is the middle star of the three in line in Orion's sword which appears a little too large and hazy to be simply a star--it is a nebula.

To understand the nature of the Orion nebula, the following general information is given:

Nebulae, as distinguished from ordinary star clusters, fall into two classes having entirely different characteristics, namely, the galactic nebulae and the extragalactic nebulae. Galactic nebulae are found within the galactic system and also in the exterior systems. Two types of nebulosity are found in the galactic system, the diffuse nebulae and the planetary nebulae.

Diffuse nebulae are of irregular form, and often of large angular dimensions. Some of them, like the Great Nebula in Orion, are faintly luminous. This great nebula is the brightest of the bright diffuse nebulae. The galactic nebulae are concentrated toward our own Milky Way Galaxy, unless they are members of other systems; they are clouds of gas and dust in the star fields.

Extragalactic nebulae are systems exterior to our own. These nebulae seem to avoid the region of the Milky Way, because they are generally obscured

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in these directions by the dark nebulae of our system, which congregate there.

The Great Nebula in Andromeda is an extragalactic spiral galaxy, whereas the Great Nebula in Orion is a vast, gaseous, galactic nebula--greenish and of irregular form.

Therefore, the nebula of Orion is within our own Galaxy and is a diffuse nebula. Since it is younger than Andromeda it is still in a gaseous state, whereas the latter is a spiral nebula. The fact that the planet Hatonn belongs to one of the star-suns of the galactic system of Andromeda indicates the greater age of this galaxy. The Universal Temple of Records is also located on Hatonn and only a world of great spiritual advancement could be so honored.

The negative space intelligences from Orion are not coming directly from the nebula itself, but are coming from planets of star-suns in the vicinity of Orion. The word "Orion" is used by space visitors to indicate the general area from which the evil influences originate.

Further confirmation of the Bible interpretation is found in mythology. Orion is the Mighty Hunter, the strong one. His aspect is so imposing in the sky, that in all peoples' legends he represents something great or giant.

In Greek mythology it was the vainglorious giant hunter Orion who boasted that no animal could be his match. His bragging excited the ire of Juno, who sent a scorpion to sting him mortally on his foot. In the sky, Orion is supposed to counter the

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attack of Taurus, the Bull (Venus). Also, according to the Greeks, the Pleiades were the Seven Daughters of the titan Atlas who were changed to doves when pursued by the giant Orion and finally were placed in the heavens. Before him (Orion) flee the Pleiades or the Singing Stars.

To the ancient Egyptians in the V Dynasty, the constellation of Orion was Sahu, hunting through the heavens for gods and men to rip apart and boil for food. The Hebrews knew it as Kesil, the Foolish or Self-Confident, or as Gibbor, the Giant, identified with Nimrod and tied to the heavens for impiety.

In the modern Arabic Orion is al-Babadur, the Strong, and al-Shuja, the Snake. In China the constellation is now Shen, to mix. Among the Buriats of Siberia Orion represents three wapiti being chased by the demon-hunter, Erlik-Khan, overlord of the underworld, and his three dogs. One of the wapiti has been wounded and is bleeding (red Betelgeuse). When the hunt ends, the world will cease to be.

A Peruvian story says this constellation is a criminal held in the heavens by two condors. In North Africa, the stars in Orion emerge from a muddy well, and Rigel, the last star to rise above the horizon, is the foot in the mud. To the Greeks, in addition to being the Mighty Hunter, Orion was called the Giant, the Warrior, the Cock's Foot, and the Double Ax.

From the time of Ovid and Hyginus, we have the story of how Orion was named. Hyrieus, Orion's

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father, had been childless, but he was a good man. One day he was visited by three strangers who were Zeus, Poseidon, and Hermes, in disguise, and he showed them unstinting hospitality. Granted a boon, he asked for a son, whereupon the three gods took an ox-hide and urinated on it. Hyrieus buried the hide according to instructions and, at the end of ten lunar months, Orion, or Urion after the fluid that made him, was born from the Earth.

The stranger-gods, the hero born of the liquid of the gods, the supernatural birth from the Earth: these are more serious matters than this almost flippant Roman myth makes them. Zeus was the sky god and could be symbolic of many planets in space, including the Earth. Poseidon was the god of the sea and is symbolic of Atlantis (Poseid) and Lemuria (Pan). Hermes was the winged god and messenger of other gods. The fact that the gods urinated in order to create Urion (later called Orion) shows that the waste of Earth and other planets (Zeus), and of Atlantis and Lemuria (Poseidon), and of angelic orders (Hermes), was used to populate originally the Orion worlds.

The "waste" were those souls who no longer could advance in these other areas. Remember, space friends have said: "To the slop we throw out we never return." The "slop" or "waste" was discharged or secreted into the Orion area--and the arriving souls had to begin the lessons of life over again. Only through countless experiences under the Orion vibrations could they discover the

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[paragraph continues] Great Path. It is these souls we are dealing with when we speak of The Intruders.

The hide with the urine on it was buried in the ground. This means that the "waste" representing souls of the cast out ones was placed on Orion worlds--from this "waste" came forth the inhabited planets of the star-suns in the vicinity of the Orion nebula. These souls migrated to Orion, but in contrast with The Migrants who arrived on Earth, their abomination period was before the migration, and not after it.

In other versions of the Orion story, he is a son of Poseidon. This would indicate also that individuals from Atlantis (Poseid) migrated to Orion. It is believed that the good people escaped from Atlantis by spacecraft and went to the planet Mars while the evil destroyers lost their physical equipment in the sinking of the Lost Continent and migrated to Orion in spiritual form.

Myths of Orion's death vary. Does his death signify his being "bound"? He was bold enough to challenge Artemis to a contest in throwing the discus; or he tried to rape one of her maidens and so was slain by an arrow of the goddess. Or, she caused a scorpion to sting him, which is why Orion's constellation sets as Scorpio rises into the sky.

Since Artemis, in Greek religion, was known as a virgin goddess of nature, does this mean that Orion challenged nature? It is possible, for the discus is an ancient symbol of interplanetary Saucers. Perhaps Orion, like the doomed Lucifer, tried to exalt

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his throne above all others. Instead of hydrogen power utilized by Lucifer, Orion tried to subdue the Universe with spacecraft (discus), but in this contest nature (Artemis) won out. Or he tried to subdue (rape) one of nature's attributes (Artemis' maiden) and so was bound (slain) by a power or active (arrow) of nature (Artemis). Does this mean that Orion also tried to be the all-powerful one through the mastery of the "terrible wind"?

Scorpio is the Flying Eagle, and as already shown, is connected with Ezekiel's vision, St. John's Revelation, and the Tracks On The Desert. Is it any wonder that Orion sets as Scorpio rises into the sky?

Still another myth says that Artemis loved him so that she forgot her duties. Once, as Orion was swimming or wading far out in the sea, Apollo shone so strongly about him that he was a dark blur on the water. Then Apollo challenged Artemis to hit the vague mark. The unerring huntress immediately slew, unwittingly, the giant.

Does this mean that because of the experimentation of the Orion peoples, nature was perverted or "forgot her duties"? Apollo, symbolic of spacemen of the positive forces, "shone so strongly" about Orion that he was a "dark blur". Did the good forces (Apollo) gain complete control over the misused natural forces and thereby cause Orion to be slain (bound)?

The ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia and India knew that Orion's early rising portended storms. Even today, this section of Creation is a stormy section--one

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that seeks to conquer, to subdue.

The Babylonian Talmud states: "If it were not for the heat of Orion the world could not exist because of the cold of the Pleiades; and if it were not for the cold of the Pleiades the world could not exist because of the heat of Orion."

This means that without positive and negative polarity there could be no creation. Without the evil (negative) Orion, the good (positive) Pleiades, would have no incentive to progress. 'The negative forces keep the positive forces in continuous spiral movement, otherwise there would be no advancement in the Cosmos. In fact, there would be no Cosmos!

Space intelligences have said: "Orion is the Great Hunter of the Universe. It is gorgeous in the skies and men of Venus know it very, very well. It is somewhat erratic, and like a Great Hunter it is always after its prey--especially Taurus the Bull. Orion is surrounded by small round ball bodies (Type 2 "fireballs"?); these are always in action between the Sun of our Solar System and Orion. No one on Earth has seen them yet. There are fighting worlds in Orion. They are always ready for action and looking for trouble. Orion disturbs other planets and keeps them from operating in the correct manner. Also, Orion is not too highly evolved scientifically because they use the old-style craft. However, they are masters at projection. Orion interferes and holds back. People of Orion are not our kind of people, they do not belong to

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our Confederation. They interrupt and are unruly. At present time there is a small group of people on Earth working for Orion. These people are sometimes small in stature with strange, oriental type eyes. Their faces are thin and they possess weak bodies. They come among you to disperse all things not in keeping with their own ideas; they upset our plans. They run amuck and we avoid them. They prey on the unsuspecting; they are talkative; they astound intellects with their words of magnificence. While their wisdom may have merit, it is materialistic, and not of pure aspiration toward the Father. We have our own men who watch over these pirates of Creation. They have their own Council and the Orion Confederation; but they know little through their own ingenuity for they are the Universal parasites! Disturbers, negative elements; soon they will be eradicated. Watch out for controlled persons in your midst. Our men will spot them and you will be informed of them. They come often in disguise, but men of the Confederation are never deceived. We know them! The Orion people are The Intruders in your world and they come from planets belonging to countless star-suns engulfed by the nebula of Orion. If the Orion men fail in their mission of disturbance, they return not to Orion, but to Sirius. This is their cycle of return. They must learn the Great Path--they will learn, but in the meantime, we will not have them disturb our preparations and plans for the Earth planet. We try to help them and suggest work to aid them,

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but they are a stubborn race. They cannot enter your atmosphere usually by spacecraft, but they can and do reach the Earth world by projecting their intelligence into weak Earthly bodies which they completely control for short periods of time in order to perform their disturbances. Watch for them; their numbers increase as the "sorrows" of Earth increase. They will persist, but they will not succeed--but we will succeed, for our mission is of the Father's authority and His will shall prevail. Worry not about these Orion influences; they cannot harm those who serve the Infinite Father. Pity them, love them, pray for them, for they know not what they do!"

The strange disappearance of two men on November 11, 1953, once again touched off the controversial issue of whether or not human beings are being snatched off the Earth by weird interplanetary flying machines. Many feared that the inexplicable levitations into the sky by invisible and unknown forces, sometimes accompanied by electrical or magnetic phenomena which science is powerless to explain, were caused by the visiting Flying Saucers.

Space friends are true friends! They are not subjecting captured men to vivisection or horrible death in monstrous spacecraft chambers of horror. With the power at their command they wouldn't be wasting their time with a mere handful of earthians. What then, are they doing? Certain people are disappearing; of that there is no doubt. Some are levitated into the sky, even in the presence of witnesses.

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[paragraph continues] Others never return from plane rides, and the wreckage is never found. Commercial and military planes crash and no bodies are discovered. What happens to the missing occupants?

On November 18, 1953, the Los Angeles Mirror reported that two missing electricians may have been kidnapped by interplanetary invaders in a Flying Saucer. The two Saucer enthusiasts were Karl Hunrath and Wilbur J. Wilkinson. They had taken off in a rented airplane from Gardena Airport on November 11th with a three-hour gas supply. Despite widespread search, no trace of the plane or its occupants has been seen. The rumor that the plane was found dismantled on the top of a California mountain with no sign of the two men is unfounded. Officials claim that nothing has turned up in the case as yet.

Wilkinson's wife told reporters that Karl Hunrath was an avid believer in Flying Saucers. She also told them that the two men believed the end of the world was nearing and that strange little men from the planet Mars or "Masar" were ready to invade us. Mrs. Wilkinson evidently misunderstood much of what Hunrath and her husband were doing and saying. First of all, the world is not going to end, and the "little men" are not from Mars or "Masar" but are from our own satellite, the Moon. The space visitors have proven this already by their actions.

Hunrath claimed to know the whereabouts of a Flying Saucer that had recently landed. Wilkinson's

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den was lined with Flying Saucer pictures, weird signs and formulas, which Mrs. Wilkinson said were supposed to be the new interplanetary language. "Of course, I don't quite go for all the Flying Saucer talk, but Karl convinced Wilbur they actually existed," said Mrs. Wilkinson. She then said, "Karl had tape recordings of conversations with men from other planets who landed here in Saucers." She showed reporters messages tacked on the wall of the den which were supposedly received by radio from the interplanetary visitors. One was from Regga of the planet Masar."

Karl Hunrath called up several of his acquaintances in Los Angeles the day before his disappearance. He informed them that he was going to take a trip. He said: "Others have left the Earth to go to other planets, so do not be surprised if I leave soon." The Flying Saucer pictures in the den had been taken by George Adamski, and the "weird signs and formulas" were received by our group working in Northern Arizona, starting in early August, 1952. The tape recordings that Hunrath had were taken during receptions of the Arizona research group.

In Clips, Quotes and Comments, B-10, May 15, 1954, a bi-weekly release of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, correspondence of Mr. Harold T. Wilkins is quoted. Mr. Wilkins wrote: "It happens that I have spent years of research into petroglyphs and prehistoric symbols, in Central, South, and North America, and my tentative conclusions

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were that some of the Wilkinson glyphs suggested or resembled, not Maya or Aztec symbols, but forms found in the North Brazilian jungles, the Matto Grosso, and one in the unknown prehistoric civilization in La Plata Island, off Ecuador; another in California; and the ancient water sign of cataclysm. Also, another recalled the Mu-an sign of coition or the double uterus. How can the question be resolved when even the Los Angeles postal authorities do not know where Hunrath's family has gone? I know not how came Karl Hunrath or Wilbur Wilkinson to have all this very peculiar and recondite knowledge which cannot be picked up in a day, or even in a year . . ."

The symbols are not reworked Aztec figures, and Hunrath received them from our group for study purposes. That is why they were found in his and Wilkinson's den. These symbols are given in this book under The Solex-Mal, in the section called: Other Tongues. Much of this symbolism is characteristic of the ancient scroll writing of the Atlanteans and of the ancient pictographic writing of Lemuria. Atlantis and Mu used modified forms of the original Solex-Mal. Symbols of this type exist in South America, especially in the Matto Grosso because the ruins of great antiquity there were originally colonies of the Lost Continents. Colonel Fawcett, the famous English explorer died while attempting to locate these fabulous lost cities of the ancient "white" Indians of Brazil.

The Wilkinsons have three children and moved

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to Los Angeles from Racine, Wisconsin on June 28, 1953. Hunrath had been in correspondence with Wilbur and convinced him that he should come to the west coast because of important Saucer developments. Wilkinson was then employed by Hoffman Radio Corp., where he was quickly promoted to head of the inspection department.

Wilbur, who was thirty-eight, had his den and home full of all sorts of electronic equipment, radios, turn-tables, and tape recorders. Mrs. Wilkinson told reporters that her husband wasn't too interested in Saucers except when Hunrath was around. She said, "Karl was the one who talked us into coming to California because he said he could actually show a Saucer to Wilbur." She later told them: "I just can't help but think that Flying Saucers really had something to do with their disappearance."

I knew Karl Hunrath personally, but I never met Wilkinson. It was in the Winter of 1952 that I first met Karl at George Adamski's on Mt. Palomar. He claimed he had just arrived from the east where he had been working at Oster Mfg. Co. in Wisconsin. During the next few months he visited many Saucer researchers including: Frank Scully, Gene Dorsey, George Van Tassel, Gerald Heard, Mr. "R" of radio contact fame, and he was my house guest in Prescott, Arizona for a week. It was during his stay in my home that I gave him copies of our findings.

He was a strange man who would change his mind and ideas from one moment to the next. You

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couldn't help but like him, but at times a feeling would come over you that made you wish there were a million miles between yourself and Mr. Hunrath. Everyone who came in contact with him had the same experience. Was he controlled by Orion forces?

He visited Saucer researchers as a friend, then systematically began to spread rumors about them and their work which had no basis in fact. He came to California unknown and soon was stirring up dissension wherever he went. Was it his purpose to cause trouble in the "hot-bed" of controversy existing among the California Saucer enthusiasts? Was it part of a plan formulated by negative forces? Why was Hunrath a brilliant scientist one moment and a not too bright electrician the next?

Theories as to the present whereabouts of Hunrath and Wilkinson are plentiful. Some believe that he has gone to Mars or some other planetary "haven"--and there are many of Karl's "followers" in Los Angeles who will tell you that this is positively so! Several experienced pilots believe Karl cracked-up on the side of Big Bear--a rugged, mountainous area of California. The plane didn't carry much fuel, and Big Bear is deceiving to those who have not flown over it before. Hunrath hadn't flown in a long time, and he had never flown near Big Bear before. The down-draft and illusive qualities of the mountain could have doomed the small plane. However, the wreckage should have been discovered when the snow melted in the Summer of 1954.

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Some people think the two men went to Mexico, but they didn't have enough fuel for the trip. It has also been reported that Karl is in England and will reappear shortly, and also that he has been seen recently in Los Angeles with his hair dyed! He has been called a spaceman, a man possessed of evil spirits, an angel, a member of the F.B.I., and a Russian spy. What he really was no one knows--but we can guess.

What really happened to the two missing then and where are they now? It is not believed that space visitors had anything to do with their disappearance. Karl and Wilbur are not on Mars or any other extraterrestrial body; they are on Earth whether dead or alive. Here is an ad that appeared in the personal section of the Los Angeles Times on April 13, 1954. "Worried telepathists: This does it for you. Please prove my well being by writing of contacts you may recall." Karl, Box R-240, L. A. Times.

Biometrically, Hunrath does not show up as "unusual", but what samples were tested? Handwriting, etc. of Hunrath when he was himself, or when he was under control? This would make a vast difference in biometer results.

Before Hunrath arrived in California he had become acquainted with another so-called "genius" from Ohio. This man called Karl one night saying he had just returned from Japan where he had been working with Dr. Nagata on electromagnetic experiments. He asked Karl if he could come up to

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see him since he had heard that Karl was interested in magnetic research. The man came and he stayed four days and nights! When he left, Karl had become an avid Saucer enthusiast. Karl said he thought the man was a "spaceman" because he answered his questions before they were asked and displayed telepathic powers. This man also is very brilliant at times, and then again, at other times, he apparently can't even add two and two! This same man had an article printed in an Ohio newspaper stating that the Saucers were from Saturn and were here to invade and conquer the Earth! This is the pattern of The Intruder--to disrupt, cause dissension, strife, trouble, interfere!

In Florida there is a minister who claims the world is about to end, but he will sell any interested party a piece of land in the vicinity of Orion for a few dollars. How does he expect to get the buyers from the doomed Earth to Orion? And if the Earth is going to end, why does he want to accumulate the ready cash? Again, the word "Orion" gives him away. He is under negative control!

In The Saucers Speak! a Wyoming evangelist is quoted as saying that God's throne and God, himself, are located in the Orion nebula. Once again, the word tells the story. He preaches that the Flying Saucers are piloted by fork-tailed devils--another Intruder! 

In Michigan a group of sincere researchers came in contact with a young man born in 1935 who claimed to be from another planet. He said he was

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born on Earth, but incarnated here from elsewhere. He was small in stature and possessed a weak, thin body. He drew intricate details of strange machines for scientists and claimed the information came from his mentor, a certain Kagmon from outer space. The machines utilized crystals, cosmic rays, and light was supposed to be changed into energy by the Kagmonian Process.

This young man had a brilliant mind--a little too brilliant for one of his years. At other times he was moody, sullen, and crude. Once again, the pattern of The Intruders is revealed. An astrologer who read his chart, said: "He has a very remarkable pattern, I might even say more complex than any I have seen in quite some time." Biometrically, this subject's devices are shown to be incomplete, and there remains much to be worked out.

This young man was in his glory when he could subjugate others to his whims and fancies. Once he said: "We have no emotion for earthlings." An intuitive psychic mentally received the word, "infringement" three times when she first met this man. This is only one of many cases of "Orion control" over Earth beings.

The space friends have said that they would keep out all the negative forces, but they also said a "square star-body" was coming to Earth. As time goes on, the anti-Christ or negative forces will become more powerful. This is a sure sign of the Second Corning. At the present time, only projected intelligence into weak Earth minds is permitted.

p. 397

[paragraph continues] And even this would not be so if the victim refused to be used and put under "control".

The "square star-body" has been observed in recent months! On November 7, 1953, a man in Ohio was out in his greenhouse when suddenly he heard a strange "whirling" sound. At the same time the greenhouse lights dimmed. He ran outside and saw a thirty-foot long barrel-shaped object rush overhead and apparently land in the woods back of his house.

The man called for a state patrolman and they both saw the object through the trees as it had landed in a clearing. They went into the house to call for more help and when they returned, the strange craft was gone. Later, the man found that his wrist watch was magnetized and he had to replace all of the greenhouse lights.

The next day he walked to the clearing where the craft had landed and discovered several small footprints in the Earth. Other witnesses, also saw the footprints. The unusual thing about them was the fact that the right footprint was longer than the left!

Scientists from Washington, D. C. looked over the site shortly after the landing took place. The story was on radio, but minus the details, of course. Whether the object was barrel-shaped or not is not known, but it left a square impression on the ground! This same man claims he was taken to another world later in this craft, and his wife says he disappeared for a short while recently. He is a

p. 398

heavy drinker and, therefore, an excellent subject for Orion control. Maybe he did go to another planet--but which one?

When this man says he wants nothing more to do with his space visitors, does it mean his rational mind at times fights the control?

On Wednesday, May 5, 1954, at 9:30 p.m., Herbert Flick of Phoenix, Arizona saw what looked like a "flying boxcar" go over the valley. Flick said the object was square, with a light on each corner. "It went toward the South Mountains at a high rate of speed," he said, "then abruptly turned, came back and passed over me." He estimated the object was a least at an altitude of two-thousand five-hundred feet. He watched it for about eight minutes, then it disappeared, heading east. At one time he noticed the square craft neared him, slowed down, and circled as if observing something.

Mr. Flick says the object he saw was very large, it appeared to be piloted, and was black. It must have been traveling at about four-hundred fifty miles per hour. The object was not a radiosonde suspended from a balloon, nor was it an airplane or helicopter.

On June 19, 1954, a weird light so bright it was difficult to look at, moved slowly across the sky over Port Huron, Michigan. Selfridge Air Force Base officials and police had no explanation for the glow, which witnesses said looked square, and sometimes, barrel-shaped. The object passed high in the sky and moved very slowly. It appeared at

p. 399

[paragraph continues] 5:00 a.m., and disappeared to the west at 6:30 a.m. The brightness of the light was compared by police to the glow of an acetylene torch. Hundreds of residents viewed the craft, and police phone lines were busy for hours handling calls from worried citizens.

A man and his wife in Iowa saw a square, brilliant object pass overhead from west to east. They claim it was very high and was moving slowly.

Oahspe speaks of "arrow ships" and "fire ships" and "crescent ships". It also mentions Orion ships in 49.18: "Thus Ah’shong, well skilled in the course and behavior of worlds, gathered together his millions of angels, trained in arduous enterprise and furtherance of Jehovih's will. Quickly they framed and equipped an Orian (Orion) port-au-gon, and illuminated it with fire-lights and bolts. A half a million miles, even on the outskirts of Anakaron, and they stood close above the earth, almost so near that the sweeping moon would touch the down-hanging curtains of etherean fire. And here they halted, that both mortals and angels belonging to the earth might behold and fear . . ."

The "Serpent People" of ancient legend are believed to have been Orion intelligences projected earthward. Is the fabulous "Rainbow City" under the Antarctic regions a central location for such projections? "Serpent People", "Anti-Christs", or Intruders--they all represent the same thing: negative polarity.

In ancient times man ran away from demons,

p. 400

devils, witches and monsters; today he still runs away from that which he calls the unknown. Many people remember the H. G. Wells' book, War Of The Worlds, or the masterpiece by another Welles named Orson about an invasion from Mars that frightened a good many radio listeners a little over a decade ago. However, there is no reason to be frightened about space "kidnapers", for the levitations are not always due to Saucer phenomena. Some of the disappearances have to do with other dimensions of time. When the Saucers pick up some-one from the Earth they are only picking up their own!

Farmers have been working in their fields, when suddenly they start to go straight up into the air. The only thing ever seen in connection with such levitation is a blinding flash of light that appears directly overhead and moves away swiftly.

On Glastenbury Mountain, near Bennington, Vermont, five persons vanished without a trace. Near Schaffausen, Germany, four men disappeared in a single day. Three of the levitations were witnessed by others, and all missing persons ascended straight up with great rapidity.

At Pillitsfer, Livonia, there were eight human ascensions in two hours. Near Perhawar, India, there were six ascensions, all witnessed by large groups of people, over a period of six months.

One of the most astounding levitations was that of the sixty-ton coastal schooner Maida in the Bay of Bengal several years ago. The ship was almost

p. 401

completely lifted out of the water, held there for a minute, and then allowed to fall back into the water with a great splash. There were many witnesses to this happening, and the day was clear and calm.

Every year there are literally thousands and thousands of human disappearances, and each year thousands remain unsolved. No trace of them is ever found. Many people who disappear, such as criminals, wanderers, dissatisfied husbands, etc., are recognized later even though they may be living under different names in far-away places. The bodies of murder victims are usually always found. So, thousands of human beings are going somewhere.

Recently, someone said: "The purpose of the kidnapping is to obtain human specimens for laboratory experimentation; the final object being the conquest of the Earth and the subjugation or destruction of all humanity."

If the Saucer people are intelligent enough to come to us across the great space frontier I doubt very much if it would take hundreds of years to make their surveys. Levitations have been going on for centuries. It has been argued that the kidnappings are necessary because conditions are quite different on other worlds and therefore space visitors must study our atmosphere, our germ life, and, of course, they must study us.

It would not take very long to accomplish such a task, and besides, the Saucer intelligences have said that living conditions are not very much different on other worlds than on our own. True, there are

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differences, just as there are on our own Earth; but they are not as great as present-day science believes. When we think of laboratory analysis we think of our own standards according to our understanding at this time. Vivisection is not necessary for study according to space visitors. They have greater developments for the study of everything; they do not destroy the created beings of the Infinite Father. They never kill! Even the thought of killing is abhorrent to them.

Therefore, the Orion forces are not kidnapping people from Earth. Their only power is through "projected intelligence" and their square star-bodies may be observed more and more in the future, but they can do no harm to those who refuse to be influenced by them. Levitations and other disappearances are due to time factors and space friends picking up their own people to take them home again.

Recently, astronomers discovered that two stars were born in the Orion Nebula. These young stellar twins are symbolic omens of things to come from that section of Cosmos; but the Infinite Father is with us and Orion shall be "bound" again as he was in the past.

We need not concern ourselves with The Intruders, "for they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty." (Revelation 16:14).

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Isaiah 41:29 says: "Behold, they are all vanity; their works are nothing: their molten images are wind and confusion." These are The Intruders! 

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