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Will everyone be contacted by space visitors? This question is often asked, as well as: "Why are some people contacted by the Saucer occupants and others not?"

These are good questions and deserve serious attention. Certain individuals are acting as Agents for space visitors, and may well have volunteered for this duty before taking up their present incarnation!

However, these Agents are not Wanderers. The latter belong to other worlds, whereas the Agents belong to Earth. The Wanderers bring the message of their people--the space people; the Agents carry the message of their people--the Earth people.

People of other worlds live among us and work among us unknown, but certain inhabitants of Earth are being contacted by Saucers--therefore, what is their mission? I remember what a radio operator who made contact via radiotelegraphy said: "Why should spacemen be interested in me; I'm a nobody, why don't they contact our great scientists and government heads?" I answered him by saying: "How do you know the so-called great haven't been contacted?"

This radio operator forgets that the space intelligences know more about him than he knows about

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himself. They have access to his complete record. And that means they know his attainments, his failures, his desires, his love and hate, his tenderness and cruelty. They know what they can and cannot expect of him. The individuals we call "great" in our present civilization may not be "great" at all in the light of their eternal record.

Space friends have said that high military rank; material wealth; talent; good-looks; social prestige, etc. are not prerequisites to being contacted by them. Some individuals who are considered by society to be "sinners" are not seen in that light at all by space visitors. "Sins" are offenses of social dictation and what may be a "sin" today may not be considered a "sin" tomorrow. If space visitors were here to contact only those who were "pure of heart" or those who diligently went to vespers or followed one-hundred percent the dictates of the church, they wouldn't find many people ready!

They say that the important thing is that we desire Light itself; and as we stand in that Light, drawing it to us, we attract these space friends. They will contact those who choose them only; and The Agents will be used to bridge the gap between the two divisions of outer space and the Earth. If one is more desirous of helping suffering humanity than of worldly fame or gain, then one is a good candidate for space intelligence contact.

It matters not if a man gets up from the lowest depths of human degradation and decides to follow the Great Path to Truth. He may not be as advanced

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as other souls, but that first step is the important step! He has decided to put on the Mantle of Seeking, and although he will suffer and die many times for the lesson, he does not hesitate in his decision--he has made that first step!

The space people who represent a higher authority have very well made plans and eventually every man, woman and child will have an opportunity to meet the visitors.

If we went to another planet we would first monitor the radio broadcasts if the people had advanced that far, and we would learn the language and code systems. Later, if we deemed it wise, we would contact individuals of that planet who were concerned with communications. A close friend of mine who is in the field of radio broadcasting, and at the present time employed by a well-known western radio station, wrote to me recently. Here is a significant part of his letter:

"I am doing a shift Saturday afternoons and nights, and Sunday mornings. I naturally open up and I am alone in the studio until about eleven in the morning. Well, last Sunday, I signed on at eight o'clock. After identification, with good mornings, etc., I logged a program called "Music For Sunday" from 8:05 a.m. After my opening theme on a 78 RPM disk, a short introduction, I faded out the theme and on another turn-table faded in a 12” 33⅓ RPM of Mantovani's Victor Herbert Concert. I still had my head-phones on because I was busy logging meter readings, etc.

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"At about 8:15 a.m., over the music, faintly, I heard the following: 'All is well, all is well, all is well . . . soon, soon, soon, brother, brother . . . all is well, all is well.' Needless to say, I was at first startled. I left the control room and started searching the entire studio to see if there was an open mike or if there was somebody around, checked to see if one of the several radios around the station was feeding back some other program, even went to the door to see if my car radio was playing. Everything checked out, and I returned to the control room and listened to the head-phones and again, faintly, I heard: "All is well . . . brother, brother, soon.'

"I thought maybe I was crazy, so I called several friends on the phone that I knew were listening to their radios and asked them if they had heard anything unusual along with the music. They all said, 'No!' Then I quickly grabbed the tape recorder and set it up in another studio, checked to make sure I had it hooked up O.K., and recorded the following: 'I am ------ ----------, today is Sunday, January 24, 1954, I am at the studio on duty, Radio Station ----------. During the program (see our log) I heard a voice over my head-phone-set at approximately 8:15 a.m. and again at 8:21 a.m. It did not go over the air to other listeners. I checked all possible sources for feed backs and there were none; no other person within one-half mile of me. I will attempt to record the voice I just heard after station break and the start of the next, a recorded,

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"I then went back to the control room and made the station break, introduced and announced a fifteen-minute newscast, and at 8:45 a.m. started another fifteen-minute transcription which was a musical program. With an extension running from the control board, I took the head-phones to the other studio where I had the recorder set up. Then I listened to the program with the head-phones. At 8:50 a.m. I could hear the voice very faintly again and I brought the head-phones directly to the mike on the recorder and kept it there until 8:57 a.m.

"The rest of the morning I heard no more voices over the head-set. At my first opportunity, I played back the tape that I had made--and I got the whole thing! But, a half hour later when I went to play it again--only my voice was heard! The other voice simply didn't come through; and get this: Neither did the music! 

"Now . . . before I left the studio at 1:30 p.m., I made a tape of commentary on world events to be played over the air at 3:00 p.m. the same day. It's a fifteen-minute commentary, mostly features that come over the AP teletype, which I edit and announce. On this tape, I talked for about five minutes on world affairs and then I related my experiences of that morning with the voices; this took up the next three minutes. Then I finished if off with Washington news.

"After making this tape, I took it to our auditioning studio and played it back for a check--and it

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was all there. However, and get this, when the tape came on the air at 3:00 p.m., my glorious voice came out with the world affairs, then there was about three minutes of absolute silence, followed by my Washington news! The rest of the gang saved that tape for me and I played it again the next morning. It was complete excepting my full account of Sunday morning's experience with the voices. Three minutes and twenty seconds of total silence in the middle of that tape!

"At first, I thought it might be some electronic error, that I was maybe picking up some 'ham' or something else; but after that series of strange happenings, I am of the firm belief that it was no 'ham' nor was it coincidence! What do you think?"

This young man is very interested in the Saucer phenomena. He and his good wife, only a few months ago, were "social climbers"; they thought the main goal in life was to own a "Cad", a diamond as big as an ice-cube, and eat caviar and hob-nob with the "best people". Lately, they have changed their minds. They realize that to help their fellowman means more than those material items. They have earnestly desired to have contact in some way with space intelligences. The answer to my friend's question, "What do you think?" is obvious.

The Agents are found in all walks of life and in all age groups. Sometimes they can be detected by the strange, far-away, glassy look in their eyes. Sometimes a muscle in their neck "throbs" or "jumps" spasmodically. This indicates that the individual is

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"under control" by space intelligences and at that time will be issued telepathic instructions. Some may say that this "control" takes away the free will of a man. However, this is not the case, since The Agents had free will before they volunteered for this duty. Once having volunteered, they set the course of their future; they were willing to be used as an instrument, and used they are. It is their duty to introduce certain people to each other, to be at certain lectures or meetings, to ask leading questions, to gather small groups around them, to give needed addresses, books, reports, etc. to those requiring them, etc.

The Agents are contacted through car radios, FM-radio, "ham" sets, AM-radio, portable radios, and, of course, by telepathy. And some are contacted by visual observation of spacecraft. Space friends have said: "Show us when you are ready to venture." An Agent merely has to show his desire to venture daringly into the New Order of things and his duties will begin at once!

Sanctilean University is speaking of Agents in The Impending Golden Age, when it says: "Many persons who regret the evil conditions now prevailing throughout the world, and their inability to do anything about them, have been placed in physical embodiment at this time as selected Students of Life."

The Agents serve the needy when they cry out; the poor also; and those who have no helper. They serve, for they are the helpers of the fatherless.

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[paragraph continues] Their prayer is: "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." (Hebrews 4:16).

The prayer of the people of Earth should be that of David the Psalmist: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help." The help is from the sky and from the Earth.

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