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Space visitors put an intensification of the Cosmic program into effect in the late 1800's. The 1880's and 1890's saw the program manifest itself in strange phenomena and many books; new inventions and theories were suddenly put before the public. The Great Plan for the planet Earth moves along on levels of rises and plateaus. We are at present on a rising level. The 1890's experienced a rise, and the following fifty years was a plateau of leveling off time. The movement began before the nineteenth century, of course, but in a small way. Emanuel Swedenborg, scientist and mystic, brought great new truths to the spiritually hungry world in the 1700's . . . and there were other men, like Wesley and before him Spinoza; however the great mystic, Father Jakob Lorber, was born in 1800; Nikola Tesla, inventor, was born in 1857; Steinmetz, electrical wizard, was born in 1865; Charles Hay Fort, writer and researcher, was born in 1874; Charles Fillmore of Unity, was born in 1854; H. P. Blavatsky brought the great knowledge of Theosophy to the world in the 1800's; H. W. Percival gave the world his knowledge, and later,

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[paragraph continues] Thinking And Destiny; Dr. John B. Newbrough, in 1882, released his monumental work, Oahspe; Camille Flammarion, great French astronomer, was born in 1842; and among many others, P. D. Ouspensky, Lecomte du Nouy, etc.

Thus, in the last half of the nineteenth century, Universal Truth made a valiant attempt to penetrate the mind of Man before the Great Age of Materialism set in with the advent of the colossal Machine Age. Men like Brown Landone, and Flournoy, who wrote From India To The Planet Mars, contributed greatly to this expanding program under the influence of space intelligences. Even John Jacob Astor got in the plan and wrote about the coining electrically governed world and interplanetary travel in 1897.

Besides a Great Influx of Universal Truth coming to the minds of Man, there was a definite pro-grain instituted on the physical plane and on the surface of Earth, itself. Space visitors were actually deposited and left on our world to mix, mate, and marry with us. The new ideas and theories first came out in book form, and this was the prelude to the appearance of spacecraft in the skies of Earth. In our present century, first came the science-fiction tales of space travel, then came the actual space visitation.

In Paris, France, in 1892, Flammarion said: "We dare to hope that the day will come when scientific methods yet unknown to us will give us direct evidence of the existence of the inhabitants of other

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worlds, and at the same time, also, will put us in communication with our brothers in space. What marvels does not the science of the future reserve for our successors, and who would dare to say that Martian humanity and terrestrial (Earth) humanity will not some day enter into communication with each other?" Then in 1896, Flammarion wrote Uranie, and in 1897 things really began to happen. Here's the report as taken directly from the old records:

Chicago Record, Friday, April 2, 1897: "See Great Airship! Kansas City, Missouri people excited . . . mystical black object casting before it red light startled whole city for the last two weeks! At last descended . . . ten-thousand people swear they have no hallucinations! Scoffers and disbelievers claim the people have been seeing the planet Venus or the Evening Star, even though according to the almanac this planet should have set below the horizon at least an hour before! Object appeared very swiftly, then appeared to stop and hover over the city for ten minutes at a time, then after flashing its green-blue and white lights, shot upwards into space . . . light gradually twinkling away and looking like a bright star. Time: 8:15 p. m.

"Everest, Kansas has sighted a strange airship, Competent reporters state that this must be the air-ship that was built in Oakland, California and which broke away at launching time . . . this giant air-ship hovered one half hour at a time and descended at regular intervals very close to the Earth. A giant

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searchlight flooded the whole city with light from this aerial monster which with the velocity of an eagle darted up and away. Power source must have been attached to the light for it dimmed as the ship went up and away. On observer states that there seemed to be a basket or car beneath a great dark object thought to be a gas bag overhead . . . car was shaped like a canoe and had four wings, two on each side, fore and aft . . . light was greenish or blue against the light of a locomotive in the rail yard that was yellowish. Colored lights seemed to be all around the car."

This unusual craft showed up later in Michigan, but before quoting from the record, let's analyze the above report. First of all, the authorities passed off the entire incident by calling the spacecraft the planet Venus. That same thing has happened in our present Saucer saga. They called the object Captain Mantell was chasing Venus, when it couldn't possibly have been that planet. This craft over Kansas City flashed blue-green lights and this color combination is now predominant in Saucer sightings of to-day. The report goes on to state that the power source must have been attached to the light for it dimmed as the ship went up and away. It is known today that the speed of Saucers has a great deal to do with the color changes.

Chicago Record, April 3, 1897: "Flying Machine Now in Michigan! People of Galesburg saw a brilliant white light approach from the SW . . . object appeared large and black with a crackling, sharp

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sound. It hovered close to the Earth. Reporters state that they heard human voices from aloft . . . from the airship! When the ship went off, it seemed to be tipped with flame. (Local comment was that the airship had caught fire!) Time: 10.00 p. m."

Chicago Record, April 6, 1897: "Airship Now Into Illinois! Seen first at 8:00 p. m. in NW . . . . large red light. Suggestions of balloon are refuted because airship flew at tremendous speed into a high wind."

Chicago Record, April 7, 1897: "Airship seen many times last few weeks. Large numbers of people first hand witnesses. One time, a motorman of a trolley actually stopped his vehicle so he and passengers could look at the wonderful sight . . . just ahead of his trolley, the ship seemed about six-hundred feet up and about one-hundred feet long. The motorman, Mr. Newville, says it was ellipsoid with large projections fore and aft. There was a bright headlight in front and a red light in the rear."

From Hastings, Nebraska, came the report that the "airship" had been seen in Grand Island, Oxford, York and Kearney. Scoffers claimed these people had seen Venus, yet all the reporters were people of substance and not given to reporting spurious stories. This all happened in 1897, but we could date it 1956 and it would be right up to date. To-day, officialdom tries to explain much of it away as "natural" phenomena. Airplanes hadn't been invented in 1897 so they explained it away as balloons or Venus . . . today they say it's balloons, Venus, or

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airplanes . . . two-thousand years ago they might have called it "Apollo", or "chariots of fire", or "wheels within wheels".

Chicago Record, April 9, 1897: "Airship Seen In Iowa! Between West Liberty and Cedar Rapids appeared a bright light . . . giant airship . . . steel body. When leaving it appeared to be a large star weaving about and stars do not weave around the heavens!"

Chicago Record, April 10, 1897: "Airship Sighted Over Chicago And Evanston! People are tripping over themselves these days trying to get the best look at this green and white-lighted giant air-ship that has had the people all over the mid-west in a dither. Some people think the end of the world is near . . . Scientific minds have explained the whole thing away by now. The mystery will surely be cleared up in a few days. Mr. Carr, an aeronaut, has built an experimental balloon and is financed by a New York theatrical wig manufacturing company . . . Mr. Carr states his machine works marvelously, but cannot go against the wind . . . power is storage battery with propeller! Professor Hough of Northwestern University and head astronomer of the observatory stated when asked to train his telescope on the object: 'I am busy with sights on Jupiter and it would be too troublesome to change to look at this new thing.' The next day, Hough said: 'The thousands of people that are reporting this so-called strange airship are in reality looking at Alpha Orionis in the Constellation Orion!"

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This great scientist was too "busy with sights on Jupiter . . . it would be too troublesome . . ." Too troublesome to view for the first time a ship from another world! Although he refused to look at the object he seemed to know exactly what thousands of other people were seeing! How would he know since he only had the advantage of total ignorance?

Chicago Record, April 12, 1897: "Giant Airship Continues Over Chicago And Environs! People all over the city are in an uproar, and while everyone is viewing this grand sight on the south side, two amateur photographers who are news dealers in Rogers Park, looked out and saw the airship. Their photo shows the north Western Railway station and above it the purported airship! The photographers are Walter McCann and G. A. Overocker. This airship was seen to come in over the lake and traverse the whole city for several days."

The same report with an Omaha date line of April 11th says: "A gentleman brags he has mystery airship problem solved. He is an inventor and desires that he be allowed thirty-five acres to demonstrate his airship for the Trans-Mississippi Exposition. The gentleman didn't sign his name, but the reporter hopes the dilemma will be settled by his promises."

The same report again, with a Fort Dodge, Iowa date line of April 11th says: "Old German residents say that this very same type airship came over Germany thirty years before and the people were scared to death . . . said the devil's army was approaching

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and these were his vehicles!"

The same report again, with a Milwaukee, Wisconsin date line of April 11th says: "The residents of Milwaukee cannot be talked out of what they are seeing . . . thousands report the authenticity of a giant, beautiful airship with colored lights . . . the police records are full of the story for they have been called to answer what it is!"

Chicago Record, April 13, 1897: "Airship Called A Hoax! Several notable citizens are known to have caused airship scene . . . remains of paper and wood device in wreckage is in their yard. (No names given of the 'notables')."

The device mentioned was supposed to have been in the wreckage, but another column in the same paper said: "Airship seen in Rock Island, Illinois and Elkhart, Indiana!" How could it have been seen if it was wrecked?

Chicago Tribune, April 12, 1897: "One chap knows all about the airship. He says: 'These thousands of people didn't see a steel hull because this is the airship my friend has built in California and is on its way here to Chicago. Although, I must say, he sure has made good time for he isn't due until next week and the hull is paper, not steel. My friend, O. Chanute is on board too and I will introduce all of you to him when he arrives!' This chap is the Secretary of the Chicago Aironautical Society, Max L. Harmar."

The same strange sightings were made at Sisterville, Virginia. In 1897 and other years, there were

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amazing observances in Texas. The same old story, isn't it? Thousands of people in America observed this gigantic space ship . . . authorities called it Venus or Alpha Orionis, or a balloon. A balloon that couldn't go against the wind, yet the "airship" did just that. Notice where the report says: "Scientific minds have explained the whole thing away by now." That's exactly what they have been trying to do since 1947 in the present saga. Also, the idea that these are the "devil's" vehicles is thrown in as of the present. Not once a mention of their true nature!

The 1897 episode is very important: many space people were landed on Earth at that time. The Wright Brothers brought in the Air Age a few miles away at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in the same era. (It is strange or is it?) that these brothers finally flew their controversial aircraft only a few years removed and a few short miles from the location where the giant, lighted "airship" of 1897 had made one of its final appearances?

After 1897 man progressed more in the coming half-century than he had in the previous ten-thousand years. Our progression is due, in part, to intellects coming here from outer space. Great men helped push men's progress ahead hundreds of years in terms of advancement. Where it had taken thousands of years to elapse between the discovery of the wheel and the bow, the greatest discoveries the world had ever seen followed each other in rapid succession. The telephone, electric lights, the radio,

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wireless, the automobile, the airplane, etc.

What actually took place in the 1800's was the first large public demonstration of spacecraft in the modern, industrial age. After the Industrial Revolution there had to be an influx of certain Universal truths in order to create a semblance between highly advanced technical skill and undeveloped spiritually. The space ships or "airships" of the nineteenth century were the physical manifestation of that Great Influx!

Communication with extraterrestrial intelligences also began at the same time. The father of wireless, Marconi, in 1921 believed he had intercepted messages from Mars or some point in outer space. The theory that the waves were produced by electrical disturbances was disproved by the regularity of the impulses.

Marconi conducted highly secret experiments before 1921 and knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was in direct contact with beings of other worlds! A woman in California writes: "During World War II was teaching in Scotland. In 1918, headquarters of the Y.W.C.A. in London wrote offering me the position of head of their branch office in Chelmsford near London. The main station of the Marconi World-Wide Wireless was also there. Many men from Britain died in World War I and it was my job to look out for many young girls away from home. I took room and board with a couple somewhat older than I. The husband was a very intelligent person and had a responsible position

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with the Marconi Wireless Company. One day, he asked me if I would like to go through the Marconi Station. I was delighted to go. During my tour through the laboratories I was startled and almost petrified when we arrived in front of a huge, ten-foot square, transparent case inside of which seemed to be a flaming mass . . . flames revolving like a wheel! I asked my friend what this was and he said that they had been receiving wireless messages somewhere outside of Earth! I asked him to be more specific. And he said: 'My dear girl, we have stations all over the Earth, but certain code is not coming from any of them! We are receiving signals from intelligent beings on other inhabited worlds!' My friend then told me that Marconi at that moment was in Australia conducting experiment and trying to discover more about this momentous happening. They believed the signals were coming from the planet Mars. I have never mentioned this experience before, and I believe Marconi kept his work secret because he knew what the world would say."

The lady who had the above experience lives in Santa Barbara, California and is a respectable citizen of that city.

Later in the 1920's and 1930's more strange messages were received throughout the world as radio was developed. And radiotelegraphic messages from Saucers are being received today! The first radio contact with space visitors was reported by our research group in Arizona in 1952, and now contact is being made in Ohio, Iowa, Canada, California,

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[paragraph continues] Detroit, Michigan, and other places. The contact is in both code and voice.

Space intelligences have said: "God provided--Man divided. Man has taken this true thing and added to it his own ring."

After the period of The Great Influx, science went a long way toward abolishing age-old theological dogma, but it went too far to the extreme and man became bathed in the new glories of the materialistic scientific world. Man on Earth had always de-lighted in dividing everything; there are continents, nations, states and commonwealths, counties and townships, cities and villages, wards and blocks, churches, cults, sects and isms, races and creeds, classes and clubs, societies and shrines, cathedrals and temples. But the Infinite Father is ONE!

Earth has been divided up so that instead of man being a brother to his fellowman, he has set up artificial lines to separate and segregate others different than himself. Man made boundaries, man made creeds and ideals, man made religious groups, man made doctrine and dogma, man made, man made. There is nothing wrong with religion, it's what man has done to and with it that's so pitiful. Science is the twin-sister of religion . . . truth cannot contradict truth, and there is no religion higher than Truth. The worship of the Creator and the study of His laws, causes and effects; of nature and the great powers waiting for discovery within her bosom . . . all these should be massed into ONE. Hence, science and religion are one, just as everything

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in the Omniverse is ONE!

When Van Tassel said: "We must present to science, the religion of science; and to religion, the science of religion," he gave the key for understanding between the two great fields of human endeavor.

To many people today, science is the modern savior or "messiah". They look to scientists and their discoveries for the answer to all of mankind's ills. Recently reports said that soon we could live forever through the latest discoveries in biological science. "What fools these mortals be", indeed! We already possess immortal life!

Thousands of spiritually hungry people have come to realize that the facts unearthed by science have not thus far been adequate to satisfy the needs of humanity, and many today are searching for something . . . orthodox theology has failed also to satisfy their deep longings, and orthodox science presents only cold, bare materialism to them. There are, of course, many scientists and theologians who are sincere, honest men, working tirelessly to aid men on this planet. But, at the same time, we must remember that all scientists are not "men of science", and all theologians are not "men of God".

Men are most reluctant to give up their secure, comfortable positions and pet theories. Desmond Leslie once said: "I'm convinced that the orthodox scientists of today are the counterpart of the orthodox theologians of the Middle Ages." Be that as it may, orthodoxy is the same thing wherever it is found, and it doesn't matter by what name you prefer

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to call it. Once in a great while a man comes along, or a woman, and although usually despised by their contemporaries, they manage somehow, by supreme effort, to haul all the rest of lagging humanity behind them and what we call worldly advancement or progression takes place.

In Of Flight And Life Charles A. Lindbergh says: "To me in youth science was more important than either man or God. I worshipped science. I was awed by its knowledge. Its advances had surpassed man's wildest dreams. In its learning seemed to lie the key to all mysteries of life.

"It took many years for me to discover that science, with all its brilliance, lights only a middle chapter of creation. I saw the science I worshipped, and the aircraft I loved, destroying the civilization I expected them to serve, and which I thought as permanent as the earth itself.

"Now I realize that to survive, one must look beyond the speed and power of aircraft, beyond the material strength of science. And, though God cannot be seen as tangibly as I had demanded as a child, His presence can be sensed in every sight and act and incident. Now I know that when man loses this sense, he misses the true quality of life, the beauty of earth, its seasons and its skies; the brotherhood of men; the joy of wife and children. He loses the infinite strength without which no people can survive, the element which war cannot defeat or peace corrupt.

"Now I understand that spiritual truth is more

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essential to a nation than the mortar in its cities' walls. For when the actions of a people are unguided by these truths, it is only a matter of time before the walls themselves collapse.

"The most urgent mission of our time is to understand these truths, and to apply them to our way of modern life. We must draw strength from the almost forgotten virtues of simplicity, humility, contemplation, prayer. It requires a dedication beyond science, beyond self, but the rewards are great and it is our only hope!"

All theology and science will not be done away with in the New Age. But under the incoming "Golden Dawn" Man will acquire a greater concept of Creation, free of ancient ritualism and the carried-over pagan ideas. Likewise, man will enjoy more radiant health due to the habit of right living and right thinking. Every man will be a scientist, even as space visitors are true scientists: utilizing the Forces of the Universe in the ever upward, spiraling climb toward divinity and the Father.

The Elder Brother, Jesus, said: "Know ye not that ye are Gods?" Man will wake up to this fact, and will leave the pupa of ignorance, superstition, dogma, orthodoxy, etc., to emerge as a "Son of God", claiming his rightful place in the divine scheme of things. Man is a co-creator with the Father, but he fails to recognize this great truth.

The great scientists of Columbus' time were no less great because they believed Columbus to be a

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fanatic for thinking the Earth was round. The mistakes of yesterday or today only point the way to the greater truth of tomorrow; with each new discovery we gain a greater comprehension of the whole.

Everything changes, but change itself. Let that change come; the Earth has been waiting a long, long time! Four thousand years ago, Job asked: "If a man die, shall he live again?" This question has been repeated in vain by every generation of men who have since inhabited the Earth. Now, space intelligences bring proof of life everlasting, and eternal progression.

In Conquest Of Fear, Basil King gives us a view of the future world when he says: "Taking Jesus as our standard we shall work out, I venture to think, to the following points of progress:

"The control of matter in furnishing ourselves with food and drink by means more direct than at present employed, as He turned water into wine and fed the multitudes with the loaves and fishes.

"The control of matter by putting away from ourselves, by methods more sure and less roundabout than those of today, sickness, blindness, infirmity and deformity.

"The control of matter by regulating our atmospheric conditions as He stilled the tempest.

"The control of matter by restoring to this phase of existence those who have passed out of it before their time, or who can ill be spared from it, as He 'raised' three young people from 'the dead' and Peter and Paul followed His example.

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"The control of matter in putting it off and on at will, as He in His death and resurrection.

"The control of matter in passing altogether out of it, as He in what we call His Ascension into Heaven.

Yes, it is true that "God Provided--Man Divided", but man on Earth must go back to the whole which the Creator made manifest unto His creation. Remember the words of Paul: "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called." (I Timothy 6:20).

The Truth alone shall make man free, and as Bacon said: 'Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority."

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