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In the discussion of The Grand Man of the Universe, we have shown the similarity, or oneness of all Creation from Microcosm to Macrocosm.

When we previously mentioned an electromagnetic field or vortex, we were referring to the Fourth Great Primary Force, or the Resonating Electromagnetic Field (RMF) which present day science knows nothing about although they suspect its existence.

The Four Forces are: Static-Magnetic Field (SM), as in a bar magnet; Electro-Static Field (ES), as in a charged capacitor; Electro-Magnetic Wave (EM), as radio waves, light, heat, etc.; Resonating Electromagnetic Field (RMF), like that of all celestial bodies (operating in a vortex), space craft propulsion field, the basis of life, the elemental life.

Throughout space are positive and negative parallel light lines of force running between each other at right angles and consisting of charged particles vibrating at varying rates producing a rhythmic wave effect of bands. These lines of force also vary in the number of particles they contain in a given distance, that is, they vary in their density. When negative and positive lines or bands ( equal to the diameter of the particle to be) with equal densities and vibrations cross, a vortex is set up which condenses the positive particles and these become substance 

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as nuclei . . . either a proton (atomic nucleus), or a comet (early evolutionary form of a planet), or a sun (nucleus of a solar system). The negative particles are condensed as the Resonating Electro-magnetic Field (vortex) of an atom, a planet, or a sun.

When the positive particles have condensed sufficiently, and the surrounding negative vortex has gained sufficient strength, the insulating force of pure light between and around the positive and negative forces is reduced and polarity is set up from the flux motion of the positive and negative. A strong vortex is indicated by flattened poles (oblateness) and equatorial bulging in the particle. If the vortex breaks the substance disappears as it returns into the solution of the light lines of force, known as the ether or space. (The vortex of the planet Lucifer, the planet now known as the asteroid belt, broke through hydrogen experimentation.) When the particle is sufficiently polarized, rotation results from the constant application of the positive and negative light forces to the vortex.

A comet travels in the currents of the sun's vortex (RMF) until its own vortex (RMF) breaks (The Andromedes, or Bielid meteors move in the path of the lost Biela's comet which disintegrated and was last seen in 1852) or it becomes sufficiently powerful to attain an orbit of its own, in which case it becomes a planet.

Now let us consider three bodies which operate in a Resonating Electro-magnetic Field of Force: (1) The Sun (acting as a nucleus): One-hundred

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years ago, in 1854, the eminent astronomer Sir William Herschel suggested that the Sun may be inhabited and that the inhabitants may no more suffer from intense heat than those who live in the tropical regions of Earth! He believed the Sun to be a cool body, not a hot, flaming gas ball.

Since it has been shown that the satellite planets are magnetic in nature, it is only right to assume that the governing body that rules those planets is also magnetic in nature. So, we might say that the Sun is the magnetic "brain" or ganglion of our entire Solar System. Its forces are the directing intelligence of all the functions of our System. It is from this great central, nuclear body that the planets draw their magnetic energy so that they, too, may generate forces.

The Sun's vortex is very intense as would be expected of such a huge body, and it must extend to the very outer limits of the System. Its atmosphere has three main layers: the chromosphere; the reversing layer; and the photosphere. Completely enveloping these layers is the corona. When photographed in hydrogen light the Sun displays its magnetic structure very well. Such a photograph shows a grainy effect very similar to that produced when iron filings are sprinkled in a magnetic field.

Scientists today state that the Sun is a gigantic atomic furnace radiating a tremendous amount of heat to the satellite planets each second. The temperature at its surface is said to be thousands of degrees and the internal temperature is supposedly

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in the millions of degrees. However, it is unexplainable how super-heated gasses can act magnetically. For, it is an elementary fact of physics that a substance loses its magnetism when heated! Since astronomers have definitely recorded magnetic effects upon the Sun, we have a direct conflict between the Sun's true nature and the suggested temperature. This conflict only indicates that the Sun is not the super-heated mass of gases that scientists think it is, but rather, a cool body as Herschel said it was.

There is much evidence to prove that the Sun it, indeed, a cool body. The process of determining the Sun's temperature is very complex and involves the radiation laws of physics. Fundamentally, here is how such temperatures are determined: the radiation of the body per square centimeter per second, times the body's effective temperature quadrupled, equals the rate of radiation quadrupled times the body's luminosity divided by its diameter squared. In solving for the Sun, one comes up with an average of 5900 absolute degrees. The mathematics involved is agreeable, but astronomers base their calculations on these two assumptions:

First, they assume the Sun is a perfect radiating body; second, and most important, they assume that the Sun is radiating heat! This is because they believe that heat on Earth, as well as heat on other planetary bodies, comes directly from the Sun. People feel the heat when they stand in sunlight, so they say the Sun must be a burning mass radiating that heat. That is like saying a radio transmitter

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radiates sound waves because when we turn on our radios, we hear sound. But we know that such a transmitter radiates radio waves, and that these waves are turned into sound inside the radio!

In 1543, a great comet came closer to the Sun than any previous comet had and this was repeated by another comet in 1882. They actually entered the Sun's corona which supposedly has a temperature of one-million degrees absolute. These comets traveled over one-million kilometers through this blazing corona and emerged unscathed and with no change in velocity or direction. If the Sun is radiating heat, why weren't these comets instantly disintegrated upon entering a tremendous heat of one-million absolute degrees? Surely nothing could survive such a treatment!

Astronomers have told us that the planet Mercury is devoid of life because it is only thirty-six million miles from the Sun. They have told us that if Mercury was any closer, it would have turned into "nothingness" long ago. How then did the two comets survive without at least showing some effects of their journey through the Sun's corona? We must conclude that the answer is that the Sun does not radiate heat, as such! Therefore, it cannot be any kind of a super-hot body.

The prominences supply us with some more proof of the above conclusion. These prominences are said to be hydrogen gas explosions and first appear in the Sun's photosphere. There are many theories, but as yet astronomers have been puzzled over their

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origin. The behavior of these so-called "hydrogen clouds of gas" contradicts one of the oldest, and supposedly, most stable law of physics . . . the law of gravity of Newton.

Some prominences travel at the unbelievable speed of 450 m.p.s. and reach an altitude of one-million miles; that's one-hundred ninety-one thousand miles more than the Sun's diameter. To add to the oddity of this phenomenon, is the fact that these prominences rise to fantastic heights, and then just "hang" in mid-air, unsupported, in complete defiance of Newton's law of gravity! Others appear to "materialize" from nowhere, and hang motionless. Surely the Sun with all its tremendous mass and "pulling" power could bring these prominences down again if they were composed of hydrogen gas. Astronomers say they are composed of such gas because the spectroscope has labeled them such. But the spectroscope is very inaccurate because between the Sun's atmosphere and this instrument, the atmosphere of the Earth intervenes, and the upper atmosphere of our planet contains almost pure hydrogen. This could be the hydrogen that astronomers say is on the Sun.

Sunspots and prominences have puzzled scientists for years, yet they are part of the same phenomenon. Sunspots and prominences are manifestations of the Sun's auroral activity as viewed from different angles. They have never photographed the solar prominences except at the edge of the Sun. Prominences take the form, or appear as sunspots when seen on

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the face of the Sun. The shape and particulars of the prominences cannot be observed unless the light of the Sun is blotted out. These prominences are not super-heated hydrogen gas because their very behavior proves otherwise! They behave as forces, not as elements (gas, etc.).

The prominence force of the Sun is similar to the auroral force emanating from the polar vents of the Earth. This auroral force is known as the aurora borealis in the Northern Hemisphere, and the aurora australis in the Southern Hemisphere. The names, "northern" and "southern" lights, are also given to this phenomenon. This Earth force which is continually being sent into the atmosphere, has the exact characteristics of the prominence force of the Sun. Although it is continually emanating from the Earth, it is only seen at certain times when atmospheric conditions are right.

The auroral and prominence forces are identical. Under the thick atmosphere of the Sun are hidden planetary bodies which are emanating aurora forces known on the Sun as prominence forces. The fact that there are planets under the Sun's photosphere is also evident from the fact that in atomic structure the electrons are balanced by an equal number of protons within the nucleus. This makes a balanced system.

The prominence forces manifest in the atmosphere of the hidden, or inner planets, pass through their electro-magnetic field, then manifest once again in the atmosphere of the Sun. Then what

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about the so-called "hanging prominences" which "materialize" from nowhere in the upper atmosphere of the Sun? The solution to this baffling question can be found easily. When the auroral forces of the outer planets (Earth, Mars, etc.) pass through their vortex or electro-magnetic field, they are ultimately drawn into the great Sun body where they manifest. At this stage, astronomers observe the "hanging prominences" which "materialize" from nowhere!

Another puzzle that has confronted astronomers, is that some sunspots appear to have polarity, and that some prominences are pulled mysteriously toward certain sunspots. Prominences and sunspots have already been shown to be manifestations of the auroral activity of the hidden or inner planets under the Sun's photosphere. There are twelve inner planets and twelve outer planets.

Astronomers ask why sunspots arise at the more or less irregular intervals of eleven years, and why do first spots of a new series appear in high latitudes, and why is there a slow progression of the spots toward the solar equator as the sunspot cycle advances, and why is there a change in polarity of sunspots in alternate cycles? The answers to these questions will give an accurate and complete theory of sunspots, and the answers lie in the fact that the inner or hidden planets create these conditions by their periods of rotation and revolution.

Heat and light are effects of the positive rays of the Sun. Heat is felt on the Earth because the Sun's

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positive rays intersect with its negative atmosphere and crust causing a friction or change in the quality of motion of the particles given off as heat radiation in consequence of this friction. The effect of the Sun's rays on the Earth's atmosphere is also responsible for the phenomenon of visible light which results from a different kind of motion of the particles.

The eyes are only sensitive to positive light rays reflected from negative substance, thus light is an interaction of negative and positive forces. The Sun does not send us heat and light, although it is responsible for its manifestation on Earth; the Sun sends only positive lines of force which interact with the negative crust and atmosphere of the Earth to produce the phenomena of the electro-magnetic spectrum which includes heat and light.

Science has explored the upper atmosphere of the Earth and found that sixty miles above the Earth artificial light is needed, and ninety miles above the Earth it is dark as "pitch". The higher we go the colder it gets, so we see even by logic that heat and light do not come from the Sun. Only lines of force come from the great sun body.

Since distance and nearness to the Sun have nothing to do with whether a planet is "boiling" or "frigid", we can immediately see that all planets in our Solar System have nearly the same climate. The Earth does not enjoy perfect climate because it is unbalanced magnetically.

What has been learned from space visitors about our Sun is not really anything new, but only a return

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to the ageless wisdom possessed by the Earth's most ancient races. These students of the long ago said that the true color of the Sun was blue, and it is interesting to note that the musical note of blue is Sol, a name for the Sun, itself!

(2) The planet Earth (acting as an electron): As already stated, a comet is an early evolutionary form of a planet. But the behavior of a vortex in the formation of a particle such as the Earth has already been discussed.

H. T. Statson, research associate, M.I.T., says: "The source and nature of the earth's magnetism is still one of the great mysteries of science." It is still a great mystery because the Fourth Great Primary Force (RMF) is not understood; when it is understood a key will be found to many of the present day problems of science.

We cannot think of the orbit of the Earth as being merely a circle or ellipse, because it is a spiral also. This is because the Sun is moving through space at many miles a second. The Earth's orbit could only be an ellipse or circle if the Sun were standing still. Remember, the Earth is carried along within the solar vortex (RMF), in addition to following its own orbit.

The Earth's auroral force emanates from the polar vents at both north and south poles. The positive light lines of force leave at the north polar vent, and the negative light lines of force leave at the south polar vent. The bending of these light lines of force when they leave the polar vents manifests as the

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aurora under proper atmospheric conditions, and they follow the general form of the RMF.

Reports state that recent polar expeditions have discovered the actual vents or openings that lead into the interior of the Earth at the North and South Poles. Ancient tradition asserts the existence of a fountain of life in the bowels of the Earth and in the North Pole. It is the "blood" of the Earth, the electro-magnetic current, which circulates through all the arteries; and which is said to be found stored in the "navel" of the Earth.

Tschermak noted the resemblance of structure between meteorites and volcanic products. This is because both meteorites and matter or "bombs" ejected by volcanoes are created in a vortex. The "bombs" ejected from volcanoes do not come from the bowels of the Earth, but are actually created within the volcanic vortex which is a sub-vortex of the Earth's RMF.

Hurricanes, known also as cyclones and typhoons, are the most dangerous storms on Earth. Their vortex may cover half a million square miles. Sometimes a hurricane generates a number of tornadoes on its fringes. Hurricanes sometimes spend energy equivalent to that of several thousand atomic bombs per second. Therefore, we can see the tremendous power of a vortex. The heavy rains carried by a hurricane are concentrated in great spiraling lines which run inward, showing again the Universal spiral form. Tornadoes, whirlpools, etc., are sub-vortices within the Earth's vortex.

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Plate I
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Plate I


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Plate I shows two views of the RMF of a nuclear particle. Fig. 1 shows a side view of the RMF surrounding a nuclear particle. Fig. 2 shows the same RMF viewed from above, and looking down toward the polar vent area.

In these illustrations the nuclear particle is shown as a black sphere. This sphere can represent an electron, an atomic nucleus, a Saucer, a moon, a planet, a sun, the nuclear area of a galaxy, or the nuclear area of a supergalaxy, in their respective Resonating Electro-magnetic Fields.

The shape of galaxies (spiral nebulae) as observed through the telescope is the perfect shape of an RMF. This shape is seen throughout the Creation from Microcosm to Macrocosm, and the form is Universal. Other examples would be the form of Saturn with its rings; and the shape of several types of spacecraft (Saucers). Celestial bodies and Saucers take the shape of their respective RMF, that's why there is so much similarity.

Spiral nebulae when appearing edgewise look like Fig. 1, and when they appear more nearly circular, because their equatorial planes are perpendicular to the line of sight, they look like Fig. 2.

(3) A Saucer (acting in an artificial and controlled RMF): The statement has been made that a Saucer can enter the Earth's vortex (RMF) because it has an RMF itself, therefore, a rocket ship cannot penetrate the cleavage layer of the Earth's RMF and is disintegrated because it does not operate in such an RMF. The rocket craft has a magnetic field to

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be sure, or else if couldn't exist, but it does not have a resonating force field about it.

Since Resonating Electro-magnetic Fields are found throughout the Omniverse, they are interacting and only a Saucer or spacecraft with an artificial and controlled RMF can travel in an interstellar manner.

Meteorites do not have RMF, and therefore, some will say they cannot penetrate the Earth's field or vortex. First of all, many meteorites and tektites are formed within the RMF of the Earth itself by a process of gathering together at a vortex center of primal matter present everywhere in so-called space. When these meteorites and tektites get large enough, like raindrops, they fall by the inward force of the vortex (scientists would say "gravity" and Einstein in his Unified Field Theory says "magnetism").

The Earth was originally created in this manner, and cosmic debris was gathered toward its vortex center until it was big enough and had a field intensive enough to go from the comet to the orbiting planet phase. The Earth is still gathering material daily and adding to its mass by the formation of meteorites within its own RMF. These meteorites drop to the surface of the planet.

The stone meteorites are created within the Earth's vortex, as are the tektites. These tektites do not come from the Moon as has been suggested. The iron meteorites are created by vortical action within the solar vortex (RMF).

An object that doesn't have an RMF will be disintegrated

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when it enters a vortex in proportion not only to the intensity of the RMF, but also in proportion to its energy which depends on mass and velocity. Thus, a dense, fast-moving object would not be disintegrated to pure energy, while a less dense, slow body would be if given the same expo-sure time in the same field.

For example, Capt. Mantell's plane was torn to pieces when it came in contact with the RMF of the Saucer, whereas it would have disintegrated into pure energy if it had attempted to enter the Earth's RMF.

Another example is found when we consider the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. These asteroids are fragments of a planet once known as Lucifer. The question arises: "How could the fragments from this destroyed planet have entered the Earth's vortex since they did not have an RMF themselves?" The reason is that the asteroid fragments, or any other fragments beyond our planet's RMF, can enter the Earth's field . . . but they disintegrate by so doing. The law is NOT: "Nothing can enter the field unless it also has an RMF" . . . but the law IS: "Anything can enter the field, but it will be disintegrated in proportion to its energy (mass times velocity squared) and the intensity of the field (RMF) it is entering.

First, a fine dust came from exploded Lucifer and struck the Earth turning everything red, then a fine sand came, then coarser sand, then gravel, then meteorites destroyed villages. When Lucifer was

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destroyed, and its vortex broke, the smallest particles had the greatest velocity, therefore, the larger fragments came last. For more information on Lucifer-Maldek see Maldek and Malona in this book in the section called: Other Tongues.

Some researchers say that Saucers operate in a static field, but this is not the case. No interplanetary craft could travel as it does in a static field. Only utilization of the Fourth Force, or RMF will enable any kind of a craft to go from one world to another.

Saucers and all spacecraft contain their own atmosphere around them like a celestial body. They can go under water and the RMF will keep the liquid from touching the craft. Refer once again to Plate I: In Fig. 1, the black sphere can represent a Saucer in its RMF. The perfect shape of a spaceship is a globe or ball, and planets that have only recently succeeded in developing interplanetary craft use such devices. Celestial bodies are round and globe-like for the same reason. As a planet advances scientifically its technicians are able to intensify the RMF, and the Saucer takes on the shape of its on field. That is why very flat, discus-shaped Saucers have been seen and also, globes have been observed. The more highly advanced the world, the flatter the craft. Eventually, no craft is needed to travel the interstellar distances, and beings are projected" to other worlds by thought alone! The reason Saucers sometimes have blinking lights on the top and bottom of their craft is because these

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are the polar vent areas of the ship, just like the polar vent area of Earth which emit the auroral force. Crossed lines of force exist at the vents, therefore observers see blinking of pulsating lights of various colors. North-South and East-West propulsion operates on different force. Also, a different force is used if the Saucer goes up or down.

The human being has a very complex field with a maze of vortices. Therefore a Saucer pilot can leave the RMF of his craft by two methods. First of all, as the Saucer lowers Earthward, its RMF is reduced and drawn into the rim of the craft. Otherwise, its own field would keep it off the ground. If the ship is to be lowered all the way to Earth, then the RMF must be completely drawn into the rim area. This action enables any occupant of the Saucer to emerge unharmed. Secondly, if advanced enough, a Saucer pilot can control his own field composed of numerous vortices and thereby go through another RMF of low intensity. When Christ walked on the water and performed other so-called miracles, he utilized such knowledge.

If the reader will refer to photographs of the crescent-shaped arrow-craft or mastercraft in The Coming Of The Saucers, by Arnold and Palmer, the craft's flowing center can be observed. This center is the polar vent area where lines of force are crossing. In the same book, mention was made of the Saucer that exploded over Maury Island. Sometimes the craft are not constructed perfectly, and their own RMF begins to tear them apart. The angle

p. 65

of incidence of a Saucer determines whether it has a high or low intensity field. Likewise, the more the poles are flattened on a planet, the more intense is its RMF.

From the Delawarr Laboratories, Oxford, England, comes the following information: "We have been able to materialize energy particles in a controlled magnetic field and would agree that the materialization of 'saucers' at certain positions in the earth's magnetic field is entirely possible." (B.S.R.A., CQC-B-7, April 1, 1954).

Many ask: "How are Saucers constructed? They don't exhibit rivets, bolts, screws . . . their surfaces are extraordinarily smooth and their openings don't show when closed!" Needless to say, a Saucer is not "built" as we on Earth construct anything. First of all, an electro-magnetic field is set up, and within this field, a technician constructs sections of a Saucer by his own powers of thought! This is similar to the vortex within the volcano creating the ejected "bombs"; or the Earth's vortex, itself, originally creating the Earth. After the various small sections are completed, they are joined by pins that are hidden from view. Therefore, no obvious joining-together shows from the exterior of the craft. People of other planets do not hammer and pound, cut and saw; they utilize their own creative abilities (such as we all possess) to construct their craft and many other objects. Their clothes have no seams, and this is also because they are "woven" in an entirely different manner than ours!

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In The Secret Of The Ages, Robert Collier says: "All about you is energy . . . electronic energy . . . exactly like that which makes up the solid objects you possess. The only difference is that the loose energy round about is unappropriated. It is still virgin gold . . . undiscovered, unclaimed. You can think it into anything you wish . . . into gold or dross, into health or sickness, into strength or weakness, into success or failure. Which shall it be? 'There is nothing either good or bad,' said Shakespeare, 'but thinking makes it so.' The understanding of that law will enable you to control every other law that exists. In it is to be found the panacea for all ills, the satisfaction of all want, all desire. It is Creative Mind's own provision for man's freedom. And now man is beginning to get a glimpse of the final freedom that shall be his from all material causes when he shall acquire the complete understanding that mind is the only cause and that effects are what he sees. There is no intelligence in matter . . . whether it be stone or iron, wood or flesh. Matter is Vital Force crystallized into the pattern we have given it. Mind is the only intelligence . . . it alone is eternal . . . it alone is supreme in the Universe. Therefore, all Vital Force is good. It is only our patterns that are at fault."

Before leaving Magnetism: The Universal 'I Am' it is only proper to discuss what I believe to be the greatest discovery pertaining to the field of anthropological science. Scientists have long pondered the question of what is culture? What constitutes

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culture? Why culture?

Cosmetology is called the science dealing with the effect of cosmic phenomena on life. If we consider it from the standpoint of magnetism and its effects on humanity and culture, it becomes sort of a science of cultural magnetism.

In The Saucers Speak! a space intelligence said: "On your Earth there are magnetic anomalies. Your scientists wonder why meteorites fall in a pattern in certain locations over the world. They also wonder why great civilizations are found where meteorites are found. The answer is simple. The anomalies attract the meteorites, and these same anomalies amplify Universal influx from outer space. Therefore, you will find better living conditions, finer art and music and so on in the same place you find the meteorites."

In geology, anomaly is a departure from the normal pull of "gravity" as calculated for any particular place on the Earth's surface. Scientists say that when positive, the anomaly indicates very heavy material beneath the surface; when negative, very light material. Examples of such magnetic anomalies are the Oregon Vortex; Mystery Spots at Santa Cruz, San Jose, Guerneville, and Los Gatos, California; Mystery spot at St. Augustine, Florida; and other locations are known to exist in several places in the United States. There are a number of vortices in the Ojai Valley, others in Canada, others in Mexico, etc. Scientists who have investigated the strange anomalies have only concluded that they

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know absolutely nothing about the causes for strange visual effects and other distortions in the various anomalies.

An anomaly has its own vortex which is a sub-vortex of the Earth's RMF. The anomaly acts as a Universal radio because it amplifies everything coming in from outer space. Highly sensitive individuals have strange experiences when they enter an anomaly area. Their ability at reception is increased to a fantastic degree. If man on Earth wants to communicate with other planets he should set-up his equipment in one of these vortices!

One of the interesting phases of the study of meteorites is their distribution over the surface of the Earth. If one would look at a world map that shows the distribution of the iron meteorites, it would be immediately seen that where the meteorites fall there is great civilization or highly civilized peoples. This, as stated before, is because meteorites are attracted to the anomalies, and the anomalies are amplifiers of Universal knowledge constantly permeating all space as the "music of the spheres." Great cultural centers are found over and near such anomalies! The individuals living in such areas are receivers of this Universal knowledge and it manifests itself in great works of art, music, literature, scientific achievement, architecture, philosophy, etc. Depending on what vibration an individual is operating in, he will create in one of these fields.

Here at last is the answer to: Why culture? Careful studies of geological maps in connection with the

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Plate II. Major Fault Lines of the World
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Plate II. Major Fault Lines of the World


p. 71

number of cancer cases in different areas showed Brunler that the radiation (vortical action?) of the Earth must have an important bearing on this disease. Therefore everything man does, thinks, says, creates, etc. is magnetic in nature! Magnetism is truly the Universal 'I Am'.

A study of the major fault lines of Earth also shows that culture follows these lines because magnetic anomalies are found along them as well as volcanoes. Trace the fault lines on the world map of Plate II and see where they cross areas of great cultural advancement. Remember, this does not necessarily mean civilized centers. Native peoples have created many wonderful cultural items that have never been equalled in modern civilization.

The many complex questions arising when origin of certain cultural traits are discussed can be answered by investigation of anomaly areas as they follow the fault zones of Earth. It is interesting to note here that the Seven Shangri-Las or Seven Great Hidden cities mentioned by Brown Landone are found directly over major fault lines of Earth! Any center of cosmic truth preserving the ancient wisdom would have to be located in such an area. Its inhabitants would require the amplifying qualities of the anomaly in order to continue their higher metaphysical research as masters.

Truly, God Provided--Man Divided! For all is magnetic, all is one, all is God!

Spinoza said: "The Universe is ONE. There is no supernatural: all is related, cause and sequence.

p. 71

[paragraph continues] Nothing exists but substance and its modes of motion."

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