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The Lesser Key of Solomon

S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley


This edition of the Lesser Key of Solomon is based on manuscripts from the British Museum, edited by two prominent occultists. Although Mathers took lead on the body of the text, Crowley's literary fingerprints are all over this book, such as the polite sniping at A.E. Waite, the Preliminary Invocation, and the essay The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic, which is classic Crowley.

This is a considerably cleaned up and modernized version of the Lesser Key, which is obviously intended to be used as a working document for serious magicians, rather than a rigorous transcription of the source manuscripts. However, the information presented here dovetails with the other Goetic grimoires and this version is considered one of the best of this literature.

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Title Page
Preliminary Invocation


The Initiated Interpretation Of Ceremonial Magic
Preliminary Definition Of Magic
Classified List of the 72 Chief Spirits
The Magical Circle
The Magical Triangle Of Solomon
The Hexagram Of Solomon
The Pentagram Of Solomon
The Magic Ring Or Disc Of Solomon
The Vessel Of Brass
The Secret Seal Of Solomon
The Other Magical Requisites
The Adoration At The Bath
The Conjuration To Call Forth Any Of The Aforesaid Spirits
The Second Conjuration
The Constraint
The Invocation Of The King
The General Curse, Called The Spirits' Chain, Against All Spirits That Rebel
The Conjuration Of The Fire
The Greater Curse
The Address Unto The Spirit Upon His Coming
The Welcome Unto The Spirit
The License To Depart

Explanation Of Certain Names Used In This Book Lemegeton

Explanation Of Certain Names Used In This Book Lemegeton
The Explanation Of The Two Triangles In The Parchment
An Explanation Of Solomon's Triangle


Atte Ye Bathes Of Art
Atte Ye Induynge Of Ye Holy Vestures
Ye Fyrste Conjouratioun
Ye Secounde Conjouratioun
Ye Constraynte
Ye Potent Invocatioun Of Hys Kynge
Ye Generall Curse Yclept Ye Spirits' Chayne, Against All Spirits Yt Rebelle
Ye Conjouratioun Of Ye Fyre
Ye Greter Curse
Ye Addresse Unto Ye Spirit On Hys Coming
Ye Welcome Unto Ye Spirit Dygnytie
Ye License To Ye Spirit Yt He Maye Depart