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This translation of the FIRST BOOK of the "Lemegeton" which is now for the first time made accessible to students of TALISMANIC MAGIC was done, after careful collation and edition, from numerous Ancient Manuscripts in Hebrew, Latin, and French, by G. H. Fra. D.D.C.F., by the order of the Secret Chief of the Rosicrucian Order1 The G. H. Fra., having succumbed unhappily to the assaults of the Four Great Princes (acting notably under Martial influences), it seemed expedient that the work should be brought to its conclusion by another hand. The investigation of a competent Skryer into the house of our unhappy Fra., confirmed this divination; neither our Fra. nor his Hermetic Mul. were there seen; but only the terrible shapes of the evil Adepts S.V.A. 2 and H., whose original bodies having

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been sequestered by Justice, were no longer of use to them. On this we stayed no longer Our Hand; but withdrawing Ourselves, and consulting the Rota, and the Books M. and Q. did decide to ask Mr. Aleister Crowley, a poet, and skilled student of Magical Lore, and an expert Kabbalist, to complete openly that which had been begun in secret. 1 This is that which is written: "His Bishoprick let another take." And again: "Oculi Tetragammaton." This is also that which is said: "Nomen Secundum refertur ad Gebhurah; qui est Rex Bittul atque Corruptio Achurajim Patris et Matris hoc indigitatur."

And so saying we wish you well.

Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Jesu Morimur.
Per S.S. Reviviscimus

Given forth from our Mountain of A.,

this day of C.C. 1903 A. D.


3:1 Mr. A. E. Waite writes ("Real History Of The Rosicrucians," p. 426): "I beg leave to warn my readers that all persons who proclaim themselves to be Rosicrucians are simply members of pseudo-fraternities, and that there is that difference between their assertion and the fact of the case in which the essence of a lie consists!" It is within the Editor's personal knowledge that Mr. Waite was (and still is probably) a member of a society claiming to be the R.C. fraternity As Mr. Waite constantly hints in his writing that he is in touch with initiated centres, I think the syllogism, whose premises are given above, is fair, if not quite formal.--ED.

3:2 It was owing to our Fra. receiving this S.V.A. as his Superior, and giving up the Arcana of our Fraternity into so unhallowed a power, that We decided no longer to leave Our dignity and authority in the hands of one who could be thus easily imposed upon. (For by a childish and easy magical trick did S.V.A. persuade D.D.C.F. of that lie.)

4:1 He that is appointed to complete in secret that which had been begun openly is R.R., and to be heard of at the care of the Editor.

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