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I stir thee up, O thou fire, in him who is thy Creator and of all creatures. Torment, burn, destroy the spirit N. always whose end cannot be, I judge thee in judgment and in extreme justice, O spirit N., because thou art he that obeyeth not my power and obeyeth not that law which the Lord God made, and obeyeth not the Mighty Sounds and the Living Breath which I invoke, which I send: Come forth, I, who am the Servant of the game Most High governor Lord God powerful, Iehovohe, I who am exalted in power and am mighty in his power above ye, O thou who comest not giving obedience and faith to him that liveth and triumpheth. Therefore I say the judgment: I curse thee and destroy the name N. and the seal N., which I have placed in this dwelling of poison, and I burn thee in fire whose end cannot be; and I cast thee down unto the seas of torment, out of which thou shalt not rise until thou come to my eyes: visit me in peace: be friendly before the circle in the △ in the 24th of a moment in the likeness of a man not unto the terror of the sons of men the creatures or all things on the face of the earth. Obey my power

p. 78

like reasoning creatures; obey the living breath, the law which I speak.

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