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Hearken to me, O ye Heavens! O thou Spirit N. because thou art the disobedient one who is wicked and appearest not, speaking the secrets of truth according to the, living breath; I, exalted in the power of God, the All powerful, the center of the circle, powerful God who liveth, whose end cannot be., Iehevohe Tetragrammaton,, the only creator of heaven, earth, and dwelling of darkness and, all that is in their palaces; who disposeth in secret wisdom of all things in darkness and light: Curse thee and cast thee down and destroy thy seat, joy and power, and I bind thee in the depths of Abaddon, to remain until the day of judgment whose end cannot be, I say, unto the seas of fire and sulphur which I have prepared for the wicked spirits that obey not; the sons of iniquity.

Let the company of heaven curse thee!

Let the sun, moon, all the stars curse thee!

Let the light and all the Holy Ones of Heaven curse thee unto the burning flame that liveth for ever, and unto the torment unspeakable!

And even as thy name and seal, which I have put in this dwelling of poison, shall be in torment among creatures of sulphur and bitter sting, burning in fire of earth, in them Iehevohe and exalted in power in these three names, Tetragrammaton Anaphaxeton, Primeumaton, I cast thee down, O wicked spirit N. unto the seas of fire and sulphur which are prepared for the wicked spirits that obey not, the sons of iniquity, to remain until the day of judgment; let the Mercies of God forget thee; let the face of God forget the face of N. who

p. 79

will not see light: let God forget, I say that shall be the balance of justice over the sons of living breath and death and the world, by fire.

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