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O thou great powerful governor Amaimon, who reigneth exalted in the power of the only El above all spirits in the kingdoms of the East, (South, West, North), I invoke and move thee in the name of the true God, and in God whom thou worshippest: and in the, seal of thy creation: and in the mighty names of God, Iehevohe Tetragrammaton, who cast thee down from Heaven, thou and the spirits of darkness, and in all the names of the mighty God who is the creator of Heaven and earth, and the dwelling of darkness, and all things and in their power and brightness; and in the name Primeumaton who reigns over the palaces of Heaven. Bring forth, I say, the spirit N.; bring him forth in the 24th of a moment let his dwelling be, empty until he visits us in peace, speaking the secrets of truth; until he obey my power and his creation in the power of God, El, who is the Creator and doth dispose of all things, heaven, firmament, earth, and the dwelling of darkness.

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