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THE other magical requisites are: a sceptre, a sword, a mitre, a cap, a long white robe of linen, and other garments for the purpose; 1 also a girdle of lion's skin three inches broad, with all the names written about it which he round the outmost part of the Magical Circle. Also perfumes, and a chafing-dish of charcoal kindled to put the fumes on, to smoke or perfume the place appointed for action; also anointing oil to anoint thy temples and thine eyes with; and fair water to wash thyself in. And in so doing, thou shalt say as David said:


55:1 In many Codices it is written "a sceptre or sword, a mitre or cap." By the "other garments" would be meant not only undergarments, but also mantles of different colours.

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