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p. 67


Eheie. Kether.--Almighty God, whose dwelling is in the highest Heavens:

Haioth.--The great King of Heaven, and of all the powers therein:

Methratton.--And of all the holy hosts of Angels and Archangels:

Reschith.--Hear the prayers of Thy servant who putteth his trust in Thee:

Hagalgalim.--Let thy Holy Angels be commanded to assist me at this time and at all times.

Iehovah.--God Almighty, God Omnipotent, hear my prayer:

Hadonat.--Command Thy Holy Angels above the fixed stars:

Ophanim.--To be assisting and aiding Thy servant:

Iophiel.--That I may command all spirits of air, water, fire, earth, and hell:

Masloth.--So that it may tend unto Thy glory and unto the good of man.

Iehovah.--God Almighty, God Omnipotent, hear my prayer:

Elohim.--God with us, God be always present with us.

Binah.--Strengthen us and support us, both now and for ever:

Aralim.--In these our undertakings, which we perform but as instruments in Thy hands:

Zabbathi (should be Shabbathii).--In the hands of Thee, the great God of Sabäoth.

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Hesel (should be Chesed).--Thou great God, governor and creator of the planets, and of the Host of Heaven:

Hasmalim (should be Chashmalim).--Command them by Thine almighty power:

Zelez (should be Zedeq).--To be now present and assisting to us Thy poor servants, both now and for ever.

Elohim Geber (should be Gibor).--Most Almighty and eternal and ever living Lord God:

Seraphim.--Command Thy seraphim:

Camael, Madim.--To attend on us now at this time, to assist us, and to defend us from all perils and dangers.

Eloha.--O Almighty God! be present with us both now and for ever:

Tetragrammaton.--And let thine Almighty power and presence ever guard and protect us now and for ever:

Raphael.--Let thy holy angel Raphael wait upon us at this present and for ever:

Schemes (or Shemesh).--To assist us in these our undertakings.

Iehovah.--God Almighty, God Omnipotent, hear my prayer:

Sabäoth.--Thou great God of Sabäoth:

Netzah (or Netzach).--All-seeing God:

Elohim.--God be present with us, and let thy presence be now and always present with us:

Haniel.--Let thy holy angel Haniel come and minister unto us at this present.

Sabäoth.--O thou great God of Sabäoth, be present with us at this time and for ever:

p. 69

Hodben (should be Hod simply).--Let Thine Almighty power defend us and protect us, both now and for ever:

Michael.--Let Michael, who is, under Thee, general of thy heavenly host:

Cochab.--Come and expel all evil and danger from us both now and for ever.

Sadai.--Thou great God of all wisdom and knowledge:

Jesal (should be Iesod).--Instruct Thy poor and most humble servant:

Cherubim.--By Thy holy cherubim:

Gabriel.--By Thy Holy Angel Gabriel, who is the Author and Messenger of good tidings:

Levanah.--Direct and support us at this present and for ever.

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