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Title Page
List of Plates
Preliminary Discourse
Introduction (from Add. MSS. 10862)
Introduction from Landsdowne MSS. 1203

Book I

Chapter I. Concerning the Divine Love Which Ought To Precede the Acquisition of This Knowledge
Chapter II. Of the Days, And Hours, And of the Virtues of the Planets
Chapter III. Concerning the Arts
Chapter IV. The Confession To Be Made By the Exorcist
Chapter V Prayers And Conjurations
Chapter VI. Stronger And More Potent Conjuration
Chapter VII. An Extremely Powerful Conjuration
Chapter VIII. Concerning the Medals Or Pentacles, And the Manner of Constructing Them
Chapter IX. Of the Experiment Concerning Things Stolen, And How It Should Be Performed
Chapter X. Of the Experiment of Invisibility, And How It Should Be Performed
Chapter XI. To Hinder A Sportsman From Killing Any Game
Chapter XII. How To Make the Magic Garters
Chapter XIII. How To Make the Magic Carpet Proper For Interrogating the Intelligences, So As To Obtain An Answer Regarding Whatsoever Matter One May Wish To Learn
Chapter XIV. How To Render Thyself Master of A Treasure Possessed By the Spirits
Chapter XV. Of the Experiment of Seeking Favour And Love
Chapter XVI. How Operations of Mockery, Invisibility, And Deceit Should Be Prepared
Chapter XVII. How Extraordinary Experiments And Operations Should Be Prepared
Chapter XVIII. Concerning the Holy Pentacles Or Medals


The Order of the Pentacles
Plate II
Plate III
Plate IV
Plate V.
Plate VI
Plate VII
Plate VIII
Plate IX
Plate X
Plate XI
Plate XII

Book II

Prefatory Note
Chapter I.
Chapter II. In What Manner the Master of the Art Should Keep, Rule, And Govern Himself
Chapter III.
Chapter IV. Concerning the Fasting, Care, And Things To Be Observed
Chapter V. Concerning the Baths, And How They Are To Be Arranged
Chapter VI. Of the Garments And Shoes of the Art
Chapter VII. Of Places Wherein We May Conveniently Execute the Experiments And Operations of the Art
Chapter VIII. Of the Knife, Sword, Sickle, Poniard, Dagger, Lance, Wand, Staff, And Other Instruments of Magical Art
Chapter IX. Of the Formation of the Circle
Chapter X. Concerning Incense, Suffumigations, Perfumes, Odours, And Similar Things Which Are Used In Magical Arts
Chapter XI. Of the Water, And of the Hyssop
Chapter XII. Of the Light, And of the Fire
Chapter XIII. Concerning the Precepts of the Art
Chapter XIV. Of the Pen, Ink, And Colours
Chapter XV. Of the Pen of the Swallow And of the Crow
Chapter XVI. Of the Blood of the Bat, Pigeon, And Other Animals
Chapter XVII. Of Virgin Parchment, Or Virgin Paper, And How It Should Be Prepared
Chapter XVIII. Of Wax And Virgin Earth
Chapter XIX. Concerning the Needle And Other Iron Instruments
Chapter XX. Concerning the Silken Cloth
Chapter XXI. Concerning Characters, And the Consecration of the Magical Book
Chapter XXII. Concerning Sacrifices To the Spirits, And How They Should Be Made


Ancient Fragment of the Key of Solomon
The Qabalistical Invocation of Solomon
Plate XV. The Mystical Alphabets