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ALL things employed for writing, etc., in this Art, should be prepared in the following manner.

Thou shalt take a male gosling, from which thou shalt pluck the third feather of the right wing, and in plucking it thou shalt say:--

ADRAI, HAHLII, TAMAH, TILONAS, ATHAMAS, ZIANOR, ADONAI, banish from this pen all deceit and error, so that it may be of virtue and efficacy to write all that I desire. Amen.

After this thou shalt sharpen it with the penknife of the Art, perfume it, sprinkle it, and place it aside in a silken cloth.

Thou shalt have an Inkstand made of earth or any convenient matter, and in the day and hour of Mercury thou shalt engrave thereon with the Burin of Art these Names:--Yod, He, Vau, He, Metatron, Iah Iah Iah, Qadosch, Elohim Tzabaoth (see Figure 85); and in putting the ink therein thou shalt say:--

I exorcise thee, O Creature of Ink, by ANAIRETON, by SIMULATOR, and by the Name ADONAI, and by the Name of Him through Whom all things were made, that thou be unto me an aid and succour in all things which I wish to perform by thine aid.

As it sometimes happeneth that it is necessary to write with some noble colour, it is well to have a new and clean box wherein to keep them. The principal colours will be Yellow or Gold, Red, Celestial or Azure Blue, Green, and Brown; and any other colours that may be requisite. Thou shalt exorcise, perfume, and sprinkle them in the usual manner.

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