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IF they then immediately appear, it is well; if not, let the Master uncover the consecrated Pentacles which he should have made to constrain and command the Spirits, and which he should wear fastened round his neck, holding the Medals (or Pentacles) in his left hand, and the consecrated Knife in his right; and encouraging his Companions, he shall say with a loud voice:--


Here be the Symbols of Secret things, the standards, the ensigns, and the banners, of God the Conqueror; and the arms of the Almighty One, to compel the Aerial Potencies. I command ye absolutely by their power and virtue that ye come near unto us, into our presence, from whatsoever part of the world ye may be in, and that ye delay not to obey us in all things wherein we shall command ye by the virtue of God the Mighty One. Come ye promptly, and delay not to appear, and answer us with humility.

If they appear at this time, show them the Pentacles, and receive them with kindness, gentleness, and courtesy; reason and speak with them, question them, and ask from them all things which thou hast proposed to demand.

But if, on the contrary, they do not yet make their appearance, holding the consecrated Knife in the right hand, and the Pentacles being uncovered by the removal of their consecrated covering, strike and beat the air with the Knife as if wishing to commence a combat, comfort and exhort thy Companions, and then in a loud and stern voice repeat the following Conjuration:--


Here again I conjure ye and most urgently command ye; I force, constrain, and exhort ye to the utmost, by the most mighty and powerful

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[paragraph continues] Name of God EL, strong and wonderful, and by God the just and Upright, I exorcise ye and command ye that ye in no way delay, but that ye come immediately and upon the instant hither before us, without noise, deformity, or hideousness, but with all manner of gentleness and mildness.

I exorcise ye anew, and powerfully conjure ye, commanding ye with strength and violence by Him Who spake and it was done; and by all these names: EL SHADDAI, ELOHIM, ELOHI, TZABAOTH, ELIM, ASHER EHEIEH, YAH, TETRAGRAMMATON, SHADDAI, which signify God the High and Almighty, the God of Israel, through Whom undertaking all our operations we shall prosper in all the works of our hands, seeing that the Lord is now, always, and for ever with us, in our heart and in our lips; and by His Holy Names, and by the virtue of the Sovereign God, we shall accomplish all our work.

Come ye at once without any hideousness or deformity before us, come ye without monstrous appearance, in a gracious form or figure. Come ye, for we exorcise ye with the utmost vehemence by the Name of IAH and ON, which Adam spake and heard; by the Name EL, which Noah heard, and saved himself with all his family from the Deluge; by the Name IOD, which Noah heard, and knew God the Almighty One; by the Name AGLA which Jacob heard, and saw the Ladder which touched Heaven, and the Angels who ascended and descended upon it, whence he called that place the House of God and the Gate of Heaven; and by the Name ELOHIM, and in the Name ELOHIM, which Moses named, invoked, and heard in Horeb the Mount of God, and he was found worthy to hear Him speak from the Burning Bush; and by the Name AIN SOPH, which Aaron heard, and was at once made eloquent, wise, and learned; and by the Name TZABAOTH, which Moses named and invoked, and all the ponds and rivers were covered with blood throughout the land of Egypt; 1 and by the Name IOD, which Moses named and invoked, and striking upon the dust of the earth both men and beasts were struck with disease; 2 and by the Name, and in the Name PRIMEUMATON which Moses named and invoked, and there fell a great and severe hail throughout all the land of Egypt, destroying the vines, the trees, and the woods which were in that country; and by the Name IAPHAR, which Moses heard and invoked, and immediately a great pestilence began to appear through all the land of Egypt, striking and slaying the asses, the oxen, and the sheep of the Egyptians, so that they all died; and by the Name ABADDON which Moses invoked and sprinkled the dust towards heaven, and immediately there fell so great rain upon the men, cattle, and flocks, that they all died

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throughout the land of Egypt; and by the Name ELION which Moses invoked, and there fell so great hail as had never been seen from the beginning of the world unto that time, so that all men, and herds, and everything that was in the fields perished and died throughout all the land of Egypt. And by the Name ADONAI, which Moses having invoked, there came so great a quantity of locusts which appeared in the land of Egypt, that they devoured and swallowed up all that the hail had spared; and by the Name of PATHEON, 1 which having invoked, there arose so thick, so awful, and so terrible darkness throughout the land of Egypt, during the space of three days and three nights, that almost all who were left alive died; and by the Name YESOD, and in the Name YESOD, which Moses invoked, and at midnight all the first-born, both of men and of animals, died; and by the Name Of YESHIMON, which Moses named and invoked, and the Red Sea divided itself and separated in two; and by the Name HESION, which Moses invoked, and all the army of Pharaoh was drowned in the waters; and by the Name ANABONA, which Moses having heard upon Mount Sinai, he was found worthy to receive and obtain the tables of stone written with the finger of God the Creator; and by the Name ERYGION, which Joshua having invoked when he fought against the Moabites, he defeated them and gained the victory; and by the Name HOA, and in the Name HOA, which David invoked, and he was delivered from the hand of Goliath; and by the Name YOD, which Solomon having named and invoked, he was found worthy to ask for and to obtain in sleep the Ineffable Wisdom of God; and by the Name YIAI, which Solomon having named and invoked, he was found worthy to have power over all the Demons, Potencies, Powers, and Virtues of the Air.

By these, then, and by all the other Names of God Almighty, Holy, Living, and True, we powerfully command ye, ye who by your own sin have been cast down from the Empyreal Heaven, and from before His Throne; by Him Who hath cast ye down unto the most profound of the Abysses of Hell, we command ye boldly and resolutely; and by that terrible Day of the Sovereign judgment of God, on which all the dry bones in the earth will arise to hear and listen unto the Word of God with their Body, and will present themselves before the face of God Almighty; and by that Last Fire which shall consume all things; by the (Crystal) Sea which is known unto us, which is before the Face of God; by the indicible and ineffable virtue, force, and power of the Creator Himself, by His Almighty power, and by the Light and Flame which emanate from His Countenance, and which are before His Face; by the Angelical Powers which are in the Heavens, and by the most great Wisdom of

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[paragraph continues] Almighty God; by the Seal of David, by the Ring and Seal of Solomon, which was revealed unto him by the Most High and Sovereign Creator; and by the Nine Medals or Pentacles, which we have among our Symbols, which proceed and come from Heaven, and are among the Mysteries of Mysteries or Secrets of Secrets, which you can also behold in my hand, consecrated and exorcised with the due and requisite Ceremonies. By these, then, and by all the Secrets which the Almighty encloseth in the Treasures of the Sovereign and Highest Wisdom, by His hand, and by His marvellous power; I conjure, force, and exorcise ye that ye come without delay to perform in our presence that which we shall command ye.

I conjure ye anew by that most Holy Name which the whole Universe fears, respects, and reveres, which is written by these letters and characters, IOD, HE, VAU, HE; and by the last and terrible judgment; by the Seat of BALDACHIA; 1 and by this Holy Name, YIAI, which Moses invoked, and there followed that great judgment of God, when Dathan and Abiram were swallowed up in the centre of the earth. Otherwise, if ye contravene and resist us by your disobedience unto the virtue and power of this Name YIAI, we curse ye even unto the Depth of the Great Abyss, into the which we shall cast, hurl, and bind ye, if ye show yourselves rebellious against the Secret of Secrets, and against the Mystery of Mysteries. AMEN, AMEN. FIAT, FIAT.

This Conjuration thou shalt say and perform, turning thyself unto the East, and if they appear not, thou shalt repeat it unto the Spirits, turning unto the South, the West, and the North, in succession, when thou wilt have repeated it four times. And if they appear not even then, thou shalt make the Sign of TAU 2 upon the foreheads of thy companions, and thou shalt say:--


Behold anew the Symbol and the Name of a Sovereign and Conquering God, through which all the Universe fears, trembles, and shudders, and through the most mysterious words of the Secret Mysteries and by their Virtue, Strength, and Power.

I conjure ye anew, I constrain and command ye with the utmost vehemence and power, by that most potent and powerful Name of God, EL, strong and wonderful, by Him Who spake and it was done; and by the Name IAH, which Moses heard, and spoke with God; and by the Name AGLA, which Joseph invoked, and was delivered out of the hands of his brethren; and by the Name VAU, which Abraham heard, and knew God the Almighty One; and by the Name of Four Letters, TETRAGRAMMATON,

p. 33

which Joshua named and invoked, and he was rendered worthy and found deserving to lead the Army of Israel into the Promised Land; and by the Name ANABONA, by which God formed Man and the whole Universe; and by the Name ARPHETON, 1 and in the Name ARPHETON, by which the Angels who are destined to that end will summon the Universe, in visible body and form, and will assemble (all people) together by the sound of the Trumpet at that terrible and awful Day of judgment, when the memory of the wicked and ungodly shall perish; and by the Name ADONAI, by which God will judge all human flesh, at Whose voice all men, both good and evil, will rise again, and all men and Angels will assemble in the air before the Lord, Who will judge and condemn the wicked; and by the Name ONEIPHETON, 2 by which God will summon the dead, and raise them up again unto life; and by the Name ELOHIM, and in the Name ELOHIM, by which God will disturb and excite tempests throughout all the seas, so that they will cast out the fish therefrom, and in one day the third part of men about the sea and the rivers shall die; and by the Name ELOHI, 3 and in the Name ELOHI, by which God will dry up the sea and the rivers, so that men can go on foot through their channels; and by the Name ON, and in the Name ON, by which God will restore and replace the sea, the rivers, the streams, and the brooks, in their previous state; and by the Name MESSIACH, 4 and in the Name MESSIACH, by which God will make all animals combat together, so that they shall die in a single day; and by the Name ARIEL, by which God will destroy in a single day all buildings, so that there shall not be left one stone upon another; and by the Name IAHT, 5 by which God will cast one stone upon another, so that all people and nations will fly from the sea-shore, and will say unto them cover us and hide us; and by the Name EMANUEL, by which God will perform wonders, and the winged creatures and birds of the air shall contend with one another; and by the Name ANAEL, 6 and in the Name ANAEL, by which God will cast down the mountains and fill up the valleys, so that the surface of the earth shall be level in all parts; and by the Name ZEDEREZA, 7 and in the Name ZEDEREZA, by which God will cause the Sun and Moon to be darkened, and the Stars of heaven to fall; and by the Name SEPHERIEL, 8 by which God will come to Universal judgment,

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like a Prince newly crowned entering in triumph into his capital city, girded with a zone of gold, and preceded by Angels, and at His aspect all climes and parts of the Universe shall be troubled and astonished, and a fire shall go forth before Him, and flames and storms shall surround Him; and by the Name Tau, 1 by which God brought the Deluge, and the waters prevailed above the mountains, and fifteen cubits above their summits; and by the Name RUACHIAH, 2 by which God having purged the Ages, He will make His Holy Spirit to descend upon the Universe, and will cast ye, ye rebellious Spirits, and unclean beings, into the Depths of the Lake of the Abyss, in misery, filth, and mire, and will place ye in impure and foul dungeons bound with eternal chains of fire.

By these Names then, and by all the other Holy Names of God before Whom no man can stand and live, and which Names the armies of the Demons fear, tremble at, and shudder; we conjure ye, we potently exorcise and command ye, conjuring ye in addition by the terrible and tremendous PATHS 3 of GOD and by His Holy habitation wherein He reigneth and commandeth unto the eternal Ages. Amen.

By the virtue of all these aforesaid, we command ye that ye remain not in any place wherein ye are, but to come hither promptly without delay to do that which we shall enjoin ye. But if ye be still contumacious, we, by the Authority of a Sovereign and Potent God, deprive ye of all quality, condition, degree, and place which ye now enjoy, and precipitate ye into and relegate ye unto the Kingdom of Fire and of Sulphur, to be there eternally tormented. Come ye then from all parts of the earth, wheresoever ye may be, and behold the Symbols and Names of that Triumphant Sovereign Whom all creatures obey, otherwise we shall bind ye and conduct ye in spite of yourselves, into our presence bound with chains of fire, because those effects which proceed and issue from our Science and operation, are ardent with a fire which shall consume and burn ye eternally, for by these the whole Universe trembleth, the earth is moved, the stones thereof rush together, all creatures obey, and the rebellious Spirits are tormented by the power of the Sovereign Creator.

Then it is certain that they will come, even if they be bound with chains of fire, unless prevented by affairs of the very greatest importance, but in this latter case they will send ambassadors and messengers by whom thou shalt easily and surely learn what occupies the Spirits and what they are about. But if they appear not yet in answer to the above Conjuration, and are still disobedient, then let the Master of the Art or Exorciser arise and exhort his Companions to be of good cheer and not to despair of the

p. 35

ultimate success of the operation; let him strike the air with the Consecrated Knife towards the Four Quarters of the Universe; and then let him kneel in the midst of the Circle, and the Companions also in their several places, and let them say consecutively with him in a low voice, turning in the direction of the East, the following


I conjure and pray ye, O ye Angels of God, and ye Celestial Spirits, to come unto mine aid; come and behold the Signs of Heaven, and be my witness before the Sovereign Lord, of the disobedience of these evil and fallen Spirits who were at one time your companions.

This being done, let the Master arise, and constrain and force them by a stronger conjuration, in manner following.


29:1 This Conjuration is almost identical with one given in the 'Lemegeton,' or Lesser Key, a different work, also attributed to Solomon.

30:1 Some MSS. add, 'et furent purifiés.'

30:2 Some MSS. substitute, 'les hommes furent reduits en cendre, comme aussi les bœufs, betail, et troupeaux des Egyptiens.'

31:1 This is often written PATHTUMON in similar Conjurations, but the MSS. before me agree in giving this form.

32:1 Sometimes, but as I think erroneously, written Bas-dathea. I imagine the word to mean 'Lord of Life.'

32:2 Or the Cross.

33:1 Also written Hipeton; and I believe sometimes replaced by Anapheneton or Anaphaxeton.

33:2 This word is given variously in the MSS., as Oneypheon, Onayepheton, and Donecepheron, etc.

33:3 Or Elia.

33:4 What is said here refers symbolically to the rooting out of the Evil Spirits, and Shells, from the Universe by King Messiach, which is spoken of in the Qabalah. The Qabalah sometimes expresses the Evil Spirits by the words animals, or beasts, and creeping things.

33:5 The oldest MSS. gives the above form, in the others it is changed into Iaphat, Taphat, and even Japhet. It is probably a corruption of Achad Unity.

33:6 This is also the name of the Angel of Venus.

33:7 So written in the oldest MS., the others give it as Zedeesia, Zedeezia, and Zedezias.

33:8 Meaning 'emanating from God.' It is corrupted into Sephosiel, etc., in the MSS.

34:1 Iaha, in 10862 Add. MSS.

34:2 Meaning Spirit of Iah.

34:3 That is, the hidden and occult grades and links of emanation in the Sephiroth. The later MSS. have put, by a mistake, voix for voies; the oldest Latin MS. gives Semitis.

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