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p. 115



THERE are several steel instruments necessary in various Operations, as a Needle to prick or to sew; a Burin, or instrument wherewith to engrave, etc.

Thou shalt make such instruments in the day and hour of Jupiter, and when it is finished thou shalt say:--

I conjure thee, O Instrument of Steel, by God the Father Almighty, by the Virtue of the Heavens, of the Stars, and of the Angels who preside over them; by the virtue of stones, herbs, and animals; by the virtue of hail, snow, and wind; that thou receivest such virtue that thou mayest obtain without deceit the end which I desire in all things wherein I shall use thee; through God the Creator of the Ages, and Emperor of the Angels. Amen.

Afterwards repeat Psalms iii.; ix.; xxxi.; xlii.; lx.; li.; cxxx.

Perfume it with the perfumes of the Art, and sprinkle it with exorcised water, wrap it in silk and say:--

DANI, ZUMECH, AGALMATUROD, GADIEL, PANI, CANELOAS, MEROD, GAMIDOI, BALDOI, METRATOR, Angels most holy, be present for a guard unto this instrument.

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